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    Testing New things to Improve what ever I'm testing for the Rest of the World. Not just game Betas cars trucks Hey Let see if Mikro Likes :p
  1. Waiting for WoWs on console this is taking to long tease console Users Wot with Tog II April 1rst now were wait some more ah well

  2. yawns nothing new but the day I typed this

  3. What's on your mind? What mind it's shot

  4. gone a few weeks and I lost everything in the game

  5. One Has to Have stable Platform to Play Warships and windows 10 is getting there

  6. Sweet Mother of God

  7. All Hands Single all Lines

  8. :P there is a great evil brewing

  9. About to throw every cent I own at this game Look out Hear comes Mikro

  10. Oooo I'm a Master Chief Now isn't that Special