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  1. MuricanClassBattleship

    Proposal for Negative Karma limit increase to 200 per player per day

    As others have suggested, giving out rewards to players with high karma such as supercontainers or even a free ship would give incentive to be respectful and play well. On the other hand. I feel there should be a punishment for players with negative karma. This could be a 50% reduction in after battle rewards (credits, XP, FXP, etc), which while it is kind of harsh, those players who are jerks and aren't respectful deserve it in my opinion.
  2. MuricanClassBattleship

    Anyone else get suckered into buying the Ark Royal?

    I didn't need to buy it: got extremely lucky from a super container. Not being a CV player I don't take it out too often. Still, it's fun to have a change of pace from the usual playstyle every now and then.
  3. MuricanClassBattleship

    Not a Shabby Supercontainer

    I got one a while back and got pretty lucky. I ended up getting the USS Texas out of it. While I would have liked something higher tiered, she is still fun to play when in a dual carrier division. That AA is a monster at tier V, basically a big no fly zone for any carrier.
  4. MuricanClassBattleship

    How to Log Into Existing Account Through Steam

    Thank you!
  5. Is there a way for me to use my current account instead of my steam account through the steam client? Did it get changed recently? I did the thing with renaming the steam.dll file and it didn't fix it. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. MuricanClassBattleship

    Game Can't Recieve Updates

    So I just started my freshman year at college and I moved into my dorm and got stuff set up. I sit down to play some warships and....there is an update. No big deal, I'll just download the update and play some other games while I wait. Unfortunately, the launcher is stuck at "checking for updates". My laptop is connected to the University wifi, so it should be fine to play? I can watch youtube, browse the web, and even update other games on steam. The wifi is fast enough, about 100mbps so speed should not be an issue at all. Anyone got a clue whats going on here? I can try downloading update using the mobile hotspot on my phone, to see if that will work. I will keep you guys updated. Thanks.
  7. MuricanClassBattleship

    Gameplay is so slooowww...

    I agree with number 3 on that list. Battleships are fun, but they are typically much slower paced that cruisers or destroyers. Of course, I still play BB's on occasion, but I find if I want some serious action, DD's are the way to go. Some cruisers are like that too, depends on the nation really.
  8. MuricanClassBattleship

    Do You Even Need Manual Secondary Fire Control?

    I feel like changing the skill so that it can be called "improved secondarys" or something like that. Make it so the dispersion is reduced by 40% and the reload is reduced by 5% for all secondarys. Secondarys can still fire on both sides, but improved dispersion and reload would make it stronger. Would make it far more useful for secondary builds, and more viable as a 4 point skill in general.
  9. MuricanClassBattleship

    Submarines convince me otherwise

    Honestly, I feel like subs are a decent way to introduce something new into the game. As with every class, there is going to be a period of balancing to get them right, but in the long run, I feel like it could introduce something new and fresh into the game. I feel like that has been what this game has been needing - something new to help retain players better.
  10. MuricanClassBattleship


    I feel like having subs for the Halloween would be pretty fun as others have said. It if works out, maybe make a separate game mode similar to randoms but including 1 or 2 subs on both sides to mix it up a bit. That way, you don't have to play with subs if you don't want to. I feel like that could be a good way to test them in randoms...without actually testing them in randoms and breaking the game if they are overpowered.
  11. MuricanClassBattleship

    When do you make decision to log off ?

    Usually after the 2nd container. Although if I am heavily grinding a line (like the Soviet DD line lately - just got the Kiev :) ) then I will stay on until the third container usually. Unfortunately lately though, if I get a string of losses right out of the get go, I will just take a break from the game for a couple days. Play some Minecraft maybe to relax a bit, depends on the mood I'm in :)
  12. MuricanClassBattleship

    French Destroyer containers question

    I've only opened like 10 French containers and I got the missions for Jaguar and Guepard and was able to get both of them. Guess I just got really lucky....
  13. MuricanClassBattleship

    Suggestion: Team Deathmatch Game Mode

    I like that idea. That reminds me of something else that could work. I have seen some other games do it before, and it works well. Make it so every 5 minutes in the game the map border shrinks, and if you are beyond it, you take damage. It would alleviate that problem of the fun bombing Shimakaze as they would be forced to get closer to the enemy as the game nears the end. Also would increase the pace of the battle as the timer runs on.
  14. MuricanClassBattleship

    Suggestion: Team Deathmatch Game Mode

    Yes, but in domination and epicenter you can also win by capping. Having a team deathmatch mode eliminates that, so your only way of winning is by focusing and killing enemy ships. Just another idea to broaden the spectrum of game modes we have.
  15. MuricanClassBattleship

    Suggestion: Team Deathmatch Game Mode

    I'm sure this has been brought up quite a lot, but I couldn't find much on it. Why hasn't WG tried adding a "Team Deathmatch" game mode? If you don't know what that is, it is basically whoever kills all the enemy ships first wins. They could make it so whoever has more players left on their team when the timer runs out, wins. I feel like it would be a nice change of pace from the objective modes we currently have. It could work decent with the current maps in the game as well, maybe even more so. It would encourage players to really be aggressive, leading to more exciting games. It's a simple game mode too, so it is fairly easy to implement. What do you guys think?