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  1. _yuudachi__poi

    2 times in a ROW? Not an accident.

    Had a Roma in ranked today. Didn't move the entire match until it started getting fired at, similar to what others have said. Luckily we won without it but it is quite annoying.
  2. _yuudachi__poi

    How To Tell When A Match Is Lost Before It Begins

    How to tell when a match is lost before it begins: The enemy has an Enterprise on their team.
  3. _yuudachi__poi

    A List of Things That Will Never Happin in WOWS

    A Repulse class BC in the game. At least make it a premium if you aren't gonna do a dedicated British battlecruiser line ffs.
  4. _yuudachi__poi

    Why is Ranked Sprint 12 so bad?

    Took me 49 battles to finally rank out today. I did it mostly in my Mogami 155 + IFHE, which is incredibly potent against just about any target. Chunking off 5 to 10 thousand a salvo, plus obliterating AA mounts and setting fires really catches people off guard. Most of the time I was able to save my star because of it. The teams are just really bad this time around because a lot of the newish players have a lot of time due to quarantine. Just do your best, that's all you really can do.
  5. _yuudachi__poi

    ZAO's ap is surprisingly decent

    I was the same way when I first started grinding the Russian DD's. It wasn't until I got Tashkent where I realized the AP is very strong, and at close range you can citadel a lot of the cruisers from tiers VIII to X. At any range you are able to fully pen cruisers and a lot of battleships too.
  6. Exact reason I stopped at Tashkent instead of moving on to the Khaba. Tashkent plays very similar, although with 1 less gun turret. The big thing though it that the torps are 8km, so actually useful sometimes, and Tashkent does not eat full pens from BB AP like Khaba does. It's just better in every way besides raw firepower. Oh, did I mention it has more gun range too with a full build? 15.2km range on a DD outclasses quite a few cruisers...
  7. _yuudachi__poi

    Is Fiji still a good ship?

    If you mean for farming citadels in my Sinop, then yes.
  8. _yuudachi__poi

    ranked experience so far

    This is the main reason I am playing my North Carolina in ranked rather than my Mogami or Akizuki. At least NC AA is good enough to ward off the carrier for the most part. And if he doesn't, at least you get lots of ribbons for it lol.
  9. Whenever I see DD's on my team, they all cower in fear and stay away from the objectives. Normally, I would be complaining about blah blah blah. This time, I don't blame them. With the amount of tier VIII radar and CV's, DD's just have to play extremely safe.
  10. _yuudachi__poi

    Peeps really want to play BB. LOL

    Earlier I was trying to get a game in my North Carolina. Had to wait about three minutes before the MM could finally fit me in. Meanwhile, my Akizuki and Mogami got in in like 5 seconds. Kind of shows the current state of the meta...
  11. _yuudachi__poi

    Fire, does it need a overhaul?

    This right here. Lets not forget that a lot of ships rely on fire damage as their "gimmick". Some examples are: Atlanta, Khaba/Tashkent, Colbert, Smolensk, where their HE is strong and is their main damage source against BB's. With a revamp as suggested, it is kind of an indirect nerf to many of these ships. With many of them being premium, I doubt Wargaming would even consider something like this.
  12. _yuudachi__poi

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Turning Mikasa into a tier 2 Massachusetts could be a lot of fun.
  13. _yuudachi__poi

    Countering T10 CV's when you are in a T8 BB?

    Play North Carolina with AA build, even tier 10 CV's cower in fear at my AA. I've shot down almost 100 planes before, it was insane.
  14. I actually find low tiers quite fun. I am in the minority when I say that I actually like the Yubari. Yes, I know, I am special. The guns on that thing make Russian railguns look dumb, and shooting down 30+ planes per battle never gets old. Not to mention low tiers means lots of broadsiding cruisers. But low tiers are far from unplayable.
  15. _yuudachi__poi

    What Premium Ships Did You Get Out of Santa's Gifts?

    Wait, you can get ships from those? Guess my luck just sucks...