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  1. Ranked Season 9 Survey

    Tale of two seasons for me. I really had fun playing Prinz Eugen for most of my ranked games up through rank 11. Rank 10-6 was not fun at all, so I stopped at 6 and probably wont continue. For me the best part of ranked play is playing same tier matches, no bottom tier shenanigans. That is lost at tier 10 (since they are never bottom tier anyway) Tier 10 is also played at extreme ranges and in general is played very passively which I find boring. DD are also at a tremendous xp disadvantage in this format. I consider tier 10 ranked a failed experiment. There is way more ship variety at tiers 6-8. Hopefully we never see tier 10 ranked again.
  2. Many people are recommending a break from the game. Keep in mind the issues you brought up will still be here when you come back. They might even be worse. If you want to keep playing the game without frustration and rage you must understand and accept what this game is and what it is not. Nearly all the complaints about this game have remained unchanged over the last three years. The core gameplay and development philosophy are not going to change. If the game isn’t meeting your expectations you have to change, the game will not. It took me a long time to accept that fact.
  3. Current Status of High Tier Matches

    3 man stat padding divisions are very common at tier 10. If you play solo tier 10 is always going by a big risk. Just the way it is, I recommend staying at 7 or below. More fun, less blow outs, fewer 3 man WR fishing divisions.
  4. A Discussion About Mods

    Well said, and I agree 100%. However, this ship has sailed. WoWs will never be a competitive game. It is 100% casual now with zero signs of becoming anything else. Very disappointing for me personally as I have played a long time and find myself with nowhere to go really. I am essentially forced to play with casual players even though I would much rather play with other players like me. I think WG has really screwed over the players that have wanted more competitive play. As you stated with the rocket league example, there are ways to design a game so that both casual and competitive players have a place to enjoy the game. This community in general associates “competitive” with words like elitist, exclusive, etc. They don’t understand that rewarding good play and improvement is not the same as punishing casual play.
  5. Thanks for the PSA. I sent in a ticket for an engine boost special mod I accidentally sold. It was denied. Apparently it only works if it was on a premium ship.
  6. I’m struggling to find the ship at tier 10 that I can consistently carry with. I’ve played hindy, gearing, yy, shima, khaba, conq. None of them are even close to the 70%wr i had with Prinz Eugen. If i play DD i get no support and cant save a star cuz DD at ten dont get crazy damage. If i play cruisers or BB all my DD are dead in 3 min. I’ve decided to just play whatever seems like the most fun and then play to win and dont worry about countering the meta too much.
  7. Tier 10 ranked: WHY?

    It’s really not fun. Super passive, boring matches. Very little variety. DDs are all dead in 3 minutes. You are not missing anything enjoyable. Enjoy playing tier 8 randoms with far fewer tier 10s in the queue.
  8. Situation Report - Ranked Battles

    Tier 10 DD play isnt very enjoyable in ranked. You have to play perfectly to survive, its very difficult to carry, and even more difficult to save a star on a loss.
  9. Prinz Eugen now good Ship?

    PE is an excellent ship for ranked. It is essentially a tier 8 hindenburg. I really wish this ranked season was tier 8 all the way up cuz its the most fun ive had in this game in a long time. Its still gonna be rough in randoms going against tier 10s all the time. However, against same tier ships it is amazing, i think it is now the best tier 8 cruiser. More versatile and maneuverable than the atago and significantly more durable. I would recommend buying one just for ranked play if you like cruisers.
  10. To new Asashio owners

    I agree its bad design and ive stated such before. The reaction from the community is absolutely absurd though.
  11. To new Asashio owners

    Pan asian DDs tier 8 : 0.7km detection 4.9 second reaction time tier 9: 0.8 km detection 4.7 second reaction time tier 10: 0.8km detection 4.5 second reaction time Asashio: 0.9km detection 5.2 second reaction time baBBies keep crying about Asashio but these torps are easier to dodge than the pan asian, especially since they were likely launched so far away you could park a broadside yamato in between them and not get hit. after a week or two of confirmation bias everyone will move on to the next pseudo tragedy.
  12. Ranked season, an Encouragement!

    I was referring to warlord, who recommends running the harekaze in ranked without a concealment build. This game is in fragile state. Hoards of new players that need to learn, and this forum is full of nonsense posts like the one at the top of this thread. No wonder the average player in this game has no idea what to do or how to play. They can’t even get accurate or useful info from the games offical forums.
  13. Continue or Quit

    2000 battles. So you have plateaued on your own. That means you need to get on teamspeak or discord with other people that can teach you.
  14. Ranked season, an Encouragement!

    No concealment expert harekaze captain has spoken. Again.
  15. What is your Warships.today description?

    SweetRollThief • enjoys making fun of people in chat • been playing the game too long • often makes good suggestions that are ignored