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  1. Nobody cares what rank is next to your name. If it is that important to you go earn 13 stars and you will have your rank 1 again. Good players will earn it in 1-2 play sessions.
  2. SweetRollThief

    Daring. Why?

    No, they were not garbage at all. I played up the entire line immediately and had zero issues with them. Just bad players complaining and refusing to learn and adapt to new ship lines, just like the RN DDs right now.
  3. SweetRollThief

    Daring. Why?

    Yeah, don’t skip the Jutland folks. The guns behave differently than the 120mm and you should try the tier 9 before burning free xp. My advice is free xp the upgraded hull on the Jutland then play it. If you like it you will unlock the Daring soon enough (20-30 games with premium, flags, and camos). If you don’t like it theres no need to continue to the Daring. Also, for those reading all the “RN DDs are garbage” posts: pay attention to who is saying these things, many are simply not very good in destroyers. Not trying to be mean but its the truth. This exact same thing happened when german DD were released, near universal outcry about how terrible the entire line was, which was total nonsense of course.
  4. SweetRollThief

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    5.08 according to wows fitting tool so yeah 5.1 in game. I spent the dubs to move him to my gearing. Double strike is way more common in gearing than DM, Wooster, or Monty
  5. SweetRollThief

    Shimakaze has been heavily buffed

    Laughs in legendary mod gearing
  6. SweetRollThief

    Mouse and the CV Rework

    This is accurate. You can fit the entire current CV playerbase into one living room.
  7. The original question is “why are there so many below 50% WR players at tier 10”. One theory I’ve held for awhile now is that player retention in this game is actually higher for bad players. Above average players are more likely to leave the game or take extended breaks from it, but the bad players seem to keep playing. The RNG and terrible teams are more frustrating for good players since they know how to play and how to win. A lot of bad players aren’t bothered by those things because they are oblivious to them. Example: When a unicum BB player gets 5 k damage on a broadside cruiser at 8km he/she gets pissed because they know they got screwed. The 40% player in the same situation just thinks thats normal. Unicums expect results and potatoes are suprised by them. Over time this style of game will drive away competent players at a higher rate than bad players. So the lifespan of a unicum player creates lots of below average players, but the unicum eventually stops playing and the bad players stay. This cycle repeats over and over with the net result: a high concentration of below 50% winnrate players at tier 10.
  8. SweetRollThief

    Playing for "Fun"

    I think we are talking about different things. I don’t want people telling me exactly how to play in game either. But every single time i see the excuse “I play for fun”, its been a clueless player that refused to participate in any way, often running to far off corners of the map or hiding behind a random island. Or maybe yolo rushing in while half the team begs them not to. I guess I don’t agree with people joining an online multiplayer team based game mode then immediately saying “screw you” to the entire team.
  9. SweetRollThief

    Playing for "Fun"

    You aren’t getting it. It’s not about “how to play” at all. I’m not talking about people refusing direct orders from random people. There are players that simply won’t join the team at all. Won’t respond to chat, won’t interact at all, won’t help teammates, nothing. I’m not an expert on the rules but I sorta think this kind of behavior belongs in the category of griefing or match rigging. I know other games issue bans for that sort of behavior. Ultimately it is certainly really poor sportsmanship to flat out refuse to be part of the team. Its not in spirit with the game at all. Do your best, be part of the team. If you try and fail no one is going to curse you out. Ignoring everyone and playing selfish is childish and totally unnecessary.
  10. SweetRollThief

    Playing for "Fun"

    Of course not, especially when phrased that way. You’ve missed the point entirely. “ I play for fun” is a ridiculous statement to make. What these players really should be saying is “I only care about my fun, even if it comes at the expense of yours”.
  11. SweetRollThief

    Playing for "Fun"

    Everyone is playing for fun (ok maybe a few twitch streamers play to make money and actually hate the game but thats not the point). ”I play for fun” is often the retort used by players that refuse to even attempt to play WITH their teammates. Too many people treat this as a single player game. Like it or not, this is a multiplayer game and what you do in game does not happen in a vacuum. A single person can literally ruin the experience for an entire team. If you don’t want that pressure or responsibility WG has given you co op mode. Do whatever you want against bots.
  12. SweetRollThief

    Waiting time in arms race

    They probably should have just done it like Bastion and added it to the random queue rotation of maps/modes.
  13. SweetRollThief

    [-BRS-] Black Ribbon Society

    I miss Supremacy League. Played in the last 2 seasons and it was definitely the high point of my time in Warships. Good luck with recruitment, it’s tough to find good players without a home these days.
  14. SweetRollThief

    new Warspite owner

    LWM just might have written a very detailed guide to this ship. Look it up if you want lots of info. Some basics: its has a cruiser DCP, and an improved repair party (heal). it has 2.0 sigma, accurate for a battleship. I use one of the dunkirk captains with the improved jack of all trades and the flag that reduces cooldown on consumables to get the DCP cooldown as low as possible. I almost never use HE. The AP does really well. I have a lot of premium ships and warspite is one I still play while many others collect dust. Have fun!