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  1. SweetRollThief

    Stat shamed? Shaming? Hide your stats

    Showing Stats: Pros: teammates see you are a good player and will support you. Cons: enemy team will see you are good and focus you, especially a CV if you aren’t in a clan you will get spammed invites every time you play people will still find a way to “stat shame” no matter how good you are. people will dismiss your stats if you try to use them to “win” an argument Since the only pro to showing stats is very unlikely to happen, this was an easy choice for me. As someone who has played most of my games without hiding stats but recently decided to hide them, my opinion is that the game culture would be better overall if stats were hidden by default. The fewer people showing stats the better imo. The only person that needs to see my stats is me. I love tracking my progress and performance but no one else needs to have access to that info. Feel free to judge me based on my performance in game. If I screw up or play selfishly then call me out on it. I don’t think I deserve a pass because I have historically played well above average.
  2. SweetRollThief

    W, Virginia '41 vs Arizonia for operations ?

    The biggest strength of the WV are the 406s at tier 6, so it can overmatch stuff. Not a very useful trait in a game mode that has you shooting lots of lightly armored low tier ships.
  3. SweetRollThief

    A fool and his money

    I’ll never understand posts like this. Why do you care what other people do with their money, and how exactly are YOU the person qualified to decide what is worth their money or not? $100 to some people is nothing at all. If you don’t think its worth, then don’t buy it. And please stop trying to shame the people that are funding the development of this game.
  4. This is the equivalent of sticking your fingers in your ears and chanting “lalalalala, i cant hear you”, when someone says something you dont like.
  5. SweetRollThief

    #Ranked #Salt #Karma

    The bottom 3 players on your team? I say that because I got “reported” by 3 DD on my team that all died within the first 2:45 of the match. They claimed I was camping in the back. I literally went full speed from the start of the match following them towards the buffs. I was in Montana. I think I got to fire my guns twice before all 3 friendly DD were dead.
  6. I normally play DD in ranked but after losing a star in a shima match where I had the only kills (3) including 2 dev strikes, I switched to Montana and haven’t lost a star since. My win rate in shima was much higher but not losing stars is more enjoyable and way less frustrating. If my team is awful and several die early I know I can survive a long time outnumbered and do tons of damage.
  7. SweetRollThief

    What LM/UU's to focus first before they go to RB?

    Some general advice. The first 3 stages (xp, credits, free xp) benefit from premium time, camos, flags, and daily win bonuses. So try to get daily wins on any ships that are in those stages. The final two stages (wins, base xp) don’t get any benefit from anything so save them for when you are low or out of flags, camo, premium time, etc.
  8. SweetRollThief

    Is the GK's legendary mod useless?

    You don’t lose any secondary range by using the legendary mod. You lose 5% reload on secondary guns. The secondary range mod is in slot 3.
  9. SweetRollThief

    would you play WoWS 2?

    WG acquired the studio that made Fractured Space in 2018 or 2019. They seem to really like space battles, and the submarine gameplay is introducing a z axis or 3rd axis gameplay so I expect the next WG IP to be a vehicle based game in space.
  10. SweetRollThief

    Hard choices for coal commanders

    I was thinking of using Cunningham on RN carriers. Seems like a good fit but I am just learning CV so I could be wrong.
  11. SweetRollThief

    Russian Dreamboats

    CCs tend to overreact because its good for business. Calm, thoughtful, even tempered people that withhold judgement until they have all the facts typically don't become popular on twitch or YT
  12. SweetRollThief

    The Players of WoWS

    I somehow manage to be several of these, often in the same match.
  13. SweetRollThief

    Concerns for future of WoWs NA

    Heres a thread from 2017 that I found after a few seconds of searching the forums. There are dozens of threads like this over the years. WoWs isn’t dying, it’s changing, like it always has. Players come and go and the forums continue to recycle the same topics over and over again.
  14. SweetRollThief

    Notser Makes a Good Point Here

    Notser has over 62% win rate SOLO in over 8000 battles, and 63% win rate in ranked. Better than every person that I bothered to check that has negative comments about him in this thread. Disagreement is one thing, but claiming that he doesn’t know the game just makes you look childish.
  15. Have they added any new UU in the last year? I want to make sure I don’t miss out on any missions. Right now the only tier 10s I dont have are Kleber, Kremlin, and Venezia.