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  1. Hood IFHE because AP is terrible?

    Hood (and all UK BB) don’t have normal AP. They have very short fuse timer on the AP, which makes it very good against light armor. Dont switch to HE and dont use IFHE. Learn how to use the AP, it does very good and consistent damage if you learn where to aim. Basically aim the AP more like HE. The strength of this AP is lots of normal pens, few over pens. You can do 20k salvos against BB when you aim for upper belt and superstructure. Go in the training room and and shoot a bunch of bots till you learn where to hit them.
  2. This attitude right here is what is killing this game for so many people. What happened to handing out trophies to the winners? To those dedicated and talented enough to prevail over others? EVERYONE wants all rewards turned into participation trophies. How about this: play 1 Co op battle to earn stalingrad flag, then GTFO of clan battles and randoms and ranked and leave it to people who are actually interested in competition, challenging themselves, and are ok with losing to superior opponents who fought fairly. I am so sick of being accused of being an elitist or trying to exclude people simply because I want to play with good players, against other good players. better idea: just sell the dam flint, black, and stalingrad so these cry babies can get the ships and leave the people interested in competing alone.
  3. What happened to Conqueror?

    Its interesting that everyone complained about bow camping BB and then the perfect counter to it came along and now everyone complains about that. Warships circle of life I guess.
  4. Same thing happened with SF-6. People cried “elitism” when we tried to organize based on abilities, etc. The good players got tired of it and left. There is nothing wrong with wanting to play wih people that have similar objectives, motivations, and expectations. Choose the level you want your clan to operate at and adjust roster accordingly. People that dont fit in have plenty of places to go.
  5. Is this a response to me? If so i should clarify: my post was referring to my former clan, which had no recruitment requirements
  6. I was in a large clan with many sub clans. My sub clan was a mix of competitive (SL silver league champions) and casual players. Clan battles wasn’t handled well. Many of the competitive players left and the SL team was dissolved. My advice is follow the example of other clans that adapted well like STW. Seperate out players based on ability, availability, and interest. Mixing unicums with potatos in a competitive game mode is not a good idea.
  7. The problem with CV is the interface. CVs get a eye in the sky magical satellite view of the battle that no other class gets. It allows them to very accurately and reliably drop targets since they can very easily determine target speed and course changes. Imagine a Montana player: instead of using the current aiming reticle they had a top down birds eye view like cvs do. Each of the 4 turrets has its own elipse, just like Dive bombers, each of these 4 target ellipses can be placed independently and they represent the area the shells will land. Imagine how accurately the montana could hit ships, knowing exactly how they are moving and where the shells will land. this should give you an idea of WHY cv are so powerful. They operate from a different point of view than surface ships. This is why CV can fight over the entire battle so easily and no other class can. I posted on this during CLOSED BETA: if you want to balance CV: 1. Remove the top down perspective, CVs will use the mini map for macro plane management 2. Micro: dropping and strafing is done from the third person perspective of the squadron. This will require significantly more skill and will help bring the power of CV more in line with the other classes. 3. Adjust surface ship AA power, including nerf/removal of DFAA since micro of CV will take significantly longer to perfrom. 4. Disregard everything I said since I am not a unicum CV player and therefore my opinion means nothing. ****in my opinion the goal of CV rebalance should be that a unicum CV player influence in battle should be the same as an equally skilled unicum in any other class***
  8. Congrats on making it to finals. @Serious_Business clutch shot on that hindenburg to secure the win.
  9. People will still be playing this game in a year. I am one of those old players that has every ship and has been playing forever. If I were new to the game I would keep playing because one of my favorite parts of this game was progressing up the lines and getting better as a player. I dont play much anymore because I don’t really have anything “to do”. Everything is unlocked. So my advice is enjoy the ride, I know I did.
  10. What happened to Conqueror?

    Not a fun ship to play. WG failed hard with RN Battleship and cruiser lines. Made them way too gimmicky and once the novelty wears off people lose interest and go back to playing ships that are more engaging and interesting to play.
  11. CV balance has been an issue since i started playing in closed beta. The arguments in this thread are as old as the game itself. To be blunt: Nothing is being accomplished here and nothing is being said that has not been said hundreds of times before. Have a nice day :)
  12. Carriers in Clan Battles

    Including CV in tier 10 clan battles has several problems, but they can be addressed. problem 1. Not a lot of tier 10 cv mains. Solution: rental CVs, it worked well with surface ships in season 1 problem 2. “Only clans with unicum CV players will be competitive” solution: this isnt really a problem. Stratification of teams is good, just make sure clans can get stalingrad flag without a unicum cv player. problem 3. “The meta will be stale and CVs will dominate” solution: 9vs9 will help a lot. As someone mentioned the plane reserves are balanced for 12v12 randoms and more ships means more AA and more options. I personally dont think WG can make 7v7 tier 10 cv battles work. They would need to modify the loadouts somehow. Another idea might be to have the CV take up 2 slots, so teams would have to choose between 7 surface ships or 5 surface ships and a CV. Im just throwing out random thoughts on that one. one final thought. Including CV in clan battles and offering rentals could increase CV pop overall, as some people that try them out might end up liking them or discovering they are actually decent with them. Existing CV players will probably improve as well.
  13. Can I shut off badges?

    Aslain mod pack has a mod to disable them. I’m all for innovation and experimenting but this is one idea that never should have made it past testing. This feature will be significantly changed, or removed soon is my guess. And until then most people will just disable them.
  14. Any AA build DD, kidd, grozovoi, aikizuki, c hull benson. your AA range (7.2km) is much greater than air detection range (~3.5km). Useful for “ambushing” planes with DFAA or simply staying undetected when needed. edit: fun fact, in earlier versions of the game secondary battery cause friendly damage, requiring frequent toggling when teammates were in the way.
  15. I’ve bound “x” change target and “p” toggle AA/secondary to my mouse “thumb” buttons on my razer death adder. Try it out if you have a mouse with extra buttons.