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  1. I just wanted to say Torps have Right of Way Always And then you turn pink for doing it.
  2. How are hits determined

    You should actually be pretty happy when you hit. Historically, not do much.
  3. What about...

    planes have a shorter sighting range than surface vessels. Meanwhile in WWII stupid carriers are using them to scout for the force because of greater range speed and normally working radios. proposing a nerf for carriers which already have troubles won't go over well. reduced time in the air instead of loitering for the whole game would increase micro management as well as increase lost planes during battle because of fuel considerations. however, increasingly more accurate AA on loitering planes would definitely address concerns of small surface combatants.
  4. Change all HE to IPHE Then put in an HE x% at skill 4. You can thank me for this suggestion by sending remuneration to "families of ships killed by fire"
  5. I would like to see all naval engagements in the game. We make our own every day, and some enterprising players even film themselves doing it in the training room. But for my money, and knowing that WG can program practically anything into a scenario- I want ironclad scuffles and the battle of Trafalgar (yes, they can even script it with existing hulls).
  6. Vulgarities

    The similarities between OP's comment and the players repositing are so reminiscent of my Facebook page and the for and against gun control discussions that take place there. So: insulate yourself from bad chat - because the game allows it and you're playing the game. Also - just shoot everyone on the red team and don't make a big deal about it. Now: chances of any of the disputants doing these two things instead of complaining and counter complaining until another thread topic comes up?
  7. Carrier fighters and strafing ships

    Change loitering so defender's AA accuracy (damage) increases over time. That adds risk to keeping DDs spotted. For sure, the CV is going to want to disengage when planes start falling due to loss of airframe. And then make the accuracy on the AA fall slowly over time like gas prices after summer. Added benefit for torp bait - subsequent waves will take longer to come along and finish sinking them. Or, subsequent waves could do less damage because fewer airplanes reach attack range. It's a lot different than DFAA which throws a kitchen sink up there - but reduces to near non-lethality after its charge is expended.
  8. I just watched Space Battleship Yamato 2199 power up and fire the wave motion cannon. Gotta say you're probably only going to fire it once, your ship is going to be a target, and you'll cash in 11 TK's when it fires.
  9. The dizziness is caused by looking into the plane (the normal game water effect) and seeing through to the other side (the ocean bottom) other than that - straight up artillery duels and torpedoes
  10. Unless you are playing to win and the friendly ship is at a point in the match where it's survival outweighs yours - situationally protect your ship first. You may want to improve vigilance and rudder shift on your bote also.
  11. Debate topic: Bailing vs. dying

    I play every game like my team is going to win and I'm the star player who gets all the chicks. When my team dies because of <insert a heck of a lot of ways to fail> I understand that there's salt in the water and it's going to end in bitterness. But im not a fail. I'll over extend, yolo, make a bad choice, 1v2 which becomes 1v5 and I'm still the star. CV might make a cross drop on both sides of my ship causing me to turn into citadel Piñata. The fabled Solo Warrior beckons my broken wreck as the mostly untouched enemy farmers come to harvest their crop. But I will never just up and leave a match when there were more targets that needed servicing.
  12. How is this remotely fair?

    How to DD in a CV game. Do not: sit in a cloud of smoke when planes are nearby. You look like a fish in a pond and all a CV needs to bring is the dynamite. Do not: try to play defensive when the planes are circling. Share that fun with a nearby cruiser, preferably one with DFAA. If you have that module then you already know what needs to happen next. Do: use your scouting ability to assist a nearby surface group in acquiring and killing targets. The enemy CV is usually in it for himself and if you can spot torpedo drops or bait them from the group you can contribute to a win. Do: harass occupied battleships. They purely hate being set on fire, losing AA and secondaries while they proceed with their objective. Do: survive to the end of the match. Thumb your nose at the CV as you chase him and his depleted strike down.
  13. France is having her name changed.

    WG made a change to a pre-release ship and no one is upset? Did you all sink a Corgi or something this weekend??
  14. When you're going to win in points and the silly scrubs are still trying to pad their xp Even knowing that a loss will halve it...
  15. French ship missions? Seems kind of shotgun if that's it though.