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  1. HOW could WG hate any of the ships that they've researched, designed in game from the keel up and then developed for the game, at the tier they believe would make the most sense both for the time period of the ship, and the capabilities? Why would they even continue with the game after creating two national lines? I could go on with a whole lot more why's but I think this suffices. WG and it's employees love their botes just as we do. I'm sure they will be disappointed if one or another of the vessels doesn't perform well. I'm darn sure that when a design out performs expectations when it's released to the game that they smile affectionately, and then get down to the business of rebalancing a released ship. Their is no malice in their work. They communicate with the players and the contributors to see how things are going. I expect great things out of these two new destroyers, and I will surely have to adapt and overcome the static play style I've developed without new challenges, or personal tactical and strategic failings. Most of all, I'm going to have to play every ship that triggers me so I can see best how to deal with it, either as my own ship - or in enemy hands. I thank WG gratefully for their time and effort, and above all for giving me the opportunity to play.
  2. Email Promo?

    Yep. I laughed and laughed.
  3. You get XP for tanking damage - and getting all the damage in the world isn't as satisfying as winning the game and taking more XP and still keeping the top spot.
  4. I think it sounds interesting. I know I'd be happy with myself for scoring in the top 5 or 3. Theres even a mission reward for doing just that. It does promote better play. Ranked has a very similar system where if you really really really really really really put in a lot of battles, you can get to first rank. Unicums and folks who had good matches will get there first and talk about 200-500 or so games that it takes.
  5. Mikasa's mains aren't suitable for Tier III, so specializing her secondaries at least gives you better hits over time than those 4 turtle shooters can do.
  6. Email Promo?

    I hope that you have iTunes playing a good playlist while you wait.
  7. Your poll questions seem to have gotten the results they were written to get. Battleship mains who play the classes they will see in battle are more likely to adapt to enemy tactics and strategies. WASD hax just by themselves relegate a torpedo hit to luck. Destroyers who run in on a CQ Battleship are going to eat fire. Otherwise it's a cake walk most times.
  8. Pin-Up: Trailer

    I didn't see any SJW's in that video. Was really nice.
  9. So what's with the new BB gun bug?

    Launching torps just before you die and they don't launch. Always bittersweet.
  10. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    It's not seal clubbing at that level in tier I I certainly don't consider myself clubbed by the Tier's version of Flamu or iChase or any of the other less capable (but a lot more than myself) players that have fun in a class that has one consumable and mostly one ammo choice. I rather doubt that the other players in that blood sport are happy that their bote of choice (or their favorite bote to kill) is being "reduced in efficiency" down to their level. No happier than I'd be if Conqueror lost its flaming HE which has become such a memeable playstyle. When the ships are released, you fight them or adapt to their play. Making this a participation trophy belittles the players, along with the ships they compete in. Eventually you will have NASCAR on the ocean, and LWM can hang up her hat because every bote will be "meh".
  11. Make or bump a CV "fix" topic every week since Alpha? Check!
  12. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    Veteran players have preferred match making at Tier I which you will learn yourself after you progress beyond 200 battles. If there's any newbs playing randoms at Tier I I'll eat my captain's hat. The result of nerfing my Swan has me whining like a Tier X lolibote driver.
  13. Dev Blog - Balance Changes

    Black Swan was outperforming a bunch of other Tier I botes? So slow down ROF and load HE only? How does this help player when moving on to the rest of the British cruisers? I didn't mind that my swan couldn't set fires because AP on a swarm of HE is like having sight in the land of the blind. It also demonstrated conclusively to new bote captains that AP could do good damage and rewarded you with Citadels based on your target's range and angle. But now it's moved up to Tier II where destroyers make their entrance. Will bote captains watch the YouTube contributions on how to use AP for best effect? Why must there be a step back in product development for every step forward?
  14. Email Promo?

    It's totally similar to how Dasha's Eagles can add additional bonus items if you switch to her team rather than continuing to swim with the sharks. Reward the new (or returning, or turncoat) player extravagantly and increase your chance of new money coming in for the game. I may have gotten a free Battleship, but I've repaid their generosity back many times over. Regular players are already either paying or not paying, and tossing them little bits is all in keeping with maintenance of the game. If they leave, an algorithm will certainly send them an email to come back.
  15. 9 Day free ship rental questions

    As an example. Id never heard of the temporary rental of non clan war ships, so.