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  1. cavscout1739

    Content Concepts (i.e. fan content take two)

    I didn't have a problem reading your wall, and I think it's cool that you've invested time and effort into your project. Sharing it with us scrubs seems like the normal thing to do, but as you've noticed, we're a hardened lot and some of us would rather pull your efforts down and say they aren't any good. But, endeavor to persevere- share your ideas with people who can appreciate them, and be satisfied with your efforts.
  2. cavscout1739

    Top five commander skills

    I use PT on my destroyers and cruisers because they may see me, but I'm not being targeted. That means extra shots for me as I angle, juke and jive. And honestly, if it's not three or higher, they're going to have to take their licks.
  3. cavscout1739

    Well You got your Wish, CV Rework and AA

    WG, Cleveland called. Said she wants her AA back, and you need to come over and clean up the planes all over her yard.
  4. cavscout1739

    Captured Ships!

    A good idea and the precedent has to be Boise and it's renamed successor c/p ship. No different than Mass and Mass B after all.
  5. cavscout1739

    Auf Wiedersehen, PEF

    Was expecting you to sell your PEF after collecting dubs Leaving unsatisfied
  6. cavscout1739

    Downvote farming - controversial post inside!

    I down voted ... And then I posted that I down voted... Down Vote!
  7. Epic troll is Epic. OP gets +1 internet.
  8. cavscout1739

    Stats reset

    3 years ago I was a potato and shot potatoes now I'm an Uber seal clubbing potato. If you reset my stats I'll have a 50% wr because I haven't hurdled the last distance of carrying 5 team mates
  9. Kutozov be all like, "whatchu talkin' about Willis?"
  10. cavscout1739

    MM still not fixed

    I'm complaining about extra xp and credits because my ship just became second line or support. Psshaw - no destroyer player ever quaked at the prospect of sending fish into a big hull. Cruisers should just find a meat shield or hump an island. Battleships can do what they do.
  11. We lose two fxp ships and "possibly" get Alaska as a replacement. But wouldn't that be an epic troll if we have to wait for the February patch?
  12. cavscout1739

    WG should review some 3rd party mods

    If you have really good eyes you can see the red/green markings on the bridge (or note which end of the ship is pointy). Point taken though - additional information in the UI is great.
  13. cavscout1739

    Graf Zep the re-work

    It just occurred to me, as I was reading some more CV 8.0 diatribe, that there might be a work-around that we can do, a sort of "test this ship here," and leave the rest of them alone until the tweaks could be finalized and then pushed to the other ships of the class that it represents. I present to you - The Graf Zeppelin, testing on the live server re-work. Now, it doesn't have to be just that ship, since I'm just taking the idea and running with it. It could be any other ship on the tech trees, as well as the premiums already released. As it stands right now, when 0.8.0 goes live, the Tier 4, 6, 8 and 10 carriers will have the new skills and abilities that we played on TEST and PST. That leaves the odd numbered carriers out for balancing purposes. But what if they just allowed the testing on live for only one carrier? It will only be a slight headache for the RMM, since you don't want to put a non-tested ship into the queue (it will be over-run by the RTS carrier, and would be at odds with the testing philosophy). And they've already got the RTS UI for those carriers, and those games. A majority of players wouldn't even see the new planes being tested, since they would be playing like they always do against RTS carriers. "But WG wants to see all the carriers being played!" - allow all of the players the ability to run a mission and earn the rental of the test carrier (quite like how we get our Clan rentals). "But WG wants to tweak the AA for the ships," - Both the TEST and PST had weak AA - quite a lot weaker than what you typically have in Live. During the Re-work push out, you will see that our current AA is quite sufficient at raining planes out of the sky. So to recap. Make a ship available for all players, it's the re-work platform, only that type of ship will show up in RMM, so there won't be an RTS advantage. People will stop complaining that it's too early to roll all the carriers out and make AA adjustments and other stuff. No. I'm sorry, there's always going to be complaints. What am I thinking? I encourage a civil discourse, and no, this isn't a troll.
  14. cavscout1739

    WG Give Us A Shopping Cart

    Amazon must not care much about the stuff accrued in their customer carts. I kid. Of course they care, that's why your cart of unpurchased items is there a couple days later to say "did you forget about me? Here's some free shipping and a new credit card with $100 off of your order to grease your purchasing decision." I can only think that WGNA doesn't want you to outspend your wallet on their game.
  15. That's silly. Destroyers have been saying "no" to cruisers just as long.