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  1. RIP Paul Allen

    If I was a very rich dude, what I did with my money is no one else's affair. I wouldn't care what Joe Sixpack thinks of my spending. I wouldn't care about what Joe does in his life either. Finding out that someone champions the poor, the very rich or PACs has so little to do with my life, that I wouldn't comment about it.
  2. Royal Navy crate SCAM

    The super lotto was going to be 1.6 Billion dollars. Billion!!!! So I put in a couple hundred dollars, because I'm smart, see? Even if I don't pop 12 zeroes, I can still get some cash, and that'll probably cover half my spending. yeah, about that...
  3. Why You Won't Get West Virginia '44

    After reading all the hand reading and proselytizing- I thought a useable answer would be to put out WV41 as Tier 7, at that price point, and then model WV44 and add it to the game as a mission for WV41 owners to work for, while making the 44 buyable from the premium shop for more than the original boat. Same for WV45 if they were successful with 44. They can all be alternate hulls for T7 West Virginia. Alternate premium modules have been done before, so that's not a problem. Crying about how it might be better than Colorado is a non issue. Give her a tech tree upgrade option, people are either working her, past her, or not there yet. Adding a bunch of options never hurt anyone.
  4. Latest Submarines Q&A

    So, what I just read here is that increasing the ways that destroyermen can rack up the XP is unfair to other players, and should be nerfed 50% as it is for carrier drivers, while the style of play will become almost as MM intensive with the related problem of Destroyers who can and those that cannot play their bote at that level.
  5. From Tier 6 and up using premium time and either doubloons cammo or a good economic paint job add signals to taste.
  6. Play the ship, make recommendation on the ship. You won't make CC with Uninformed comments. I will say that a higher rate of cook off and barrel explosion would be ok - for every ship - if WG cares to model that behavior into their products. It'll be fun and engaging.
  7. And don't change muh carriers neither- without micromanaging my planes, I don't know how I'll ever enjoy the game again! /heavysarcasm But I embrace change and special purpose platforms in this game - the same way the real armed forces do. If there's a better way of doing something, more efficient, something that will kick red's [edited] - why wouldn't I want to have that? Imperium Nicholai works very well as a Battleship guns platform. But it's too overpowered, must remove. I'm not a fan of this thinking - where a platform is great and gets retired. Yet a platform which isn't great gets instantly poo poo'd because reasons. If that was the case, really, there wouldn't be any boats available that weren't good at the task they were given in their tier. Someone, somewhere can make that boat perform well, and I applaud that skill.
  8. I think for April Fools, GC should get 5.0 and .25sec/km buff on shells. With 10k hp and. No repair party. Think about it.

    There are three problems with the ARP ships. Anime girl captains no cammo bonus (with bright as hell shoot me colors) And they are sitting in massively expensive port slots that cost 300 doubloons. Ill be keeping mine, though.
  10. I see a lot of people that don't want to play a battleship differently than they currently are. Even with limited damage control party, people wanted October Revolution because ... guns and troll armor. Just for you, hydro - people wanted Bismarck because secondaries, armor, guns, and anti-aircraft. But without Repair party, suddenly you can't play the ship? Really? It's only the biggest crutch :coughnelson: of any class in the game. Ask the other classes if they think it's exciting to beat an xp piñata nearly to death, and then have it come back, strong as ever to affect the outcome. 2017 Duke of York would have been a great ship - in the hands of a captain who could learn from mistakes and apply those lessons to the red team. It was something special - more special even than a US Battleship that can out melt Bismarck. WG - make this ship, and then take my money, please.
  11. New Garbage A. I. Rebuttal Praise

    If you got sunk or outplayed by AI bote, you need to puts sunglasses on Git gud.
  12. How I give Karma - Good Karm

    I reward top score on either team, best play that I personally witnessed, and best fighter (that sinks me). I know that karma has no real value, but I do enjoy rewarding good play.
  13. Gudbotes you suck in...

    I underplay all of my botes. In my case it's positioning, turning mistakes, torpedo beats(fail), aiming, module choice, and carriers. Yeah. That's the ticket - nerf carriers!
  14. Worcerster a little OP

    You literally can't make an "this is Overpowered" comment unless you've played the hull that's been spanking you. My only response can be "get gud" Its the reason why I play across all the ships. If I'm being outplayed by a destroyer, I slip into its bridge to find out what I'm doing wrong in the ship that's getting the worst of it. Or when a cruiser is lighting my fire(s). Or when a Battleship can hit my citadel from max range during a turn while being spotted by planes. Might as well say that submarines are game breaking while you're at it.