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  1. Still better than actual gunnery. if you are bracketing the target, then your lead, angle and time to target are spot on. Thats RNG biting you then.
  2. Cyclones fun anymore?

    I like Cyclones, fun and engaging(tm) and if I could I'd want volcanoes and nuclear explosions!
  3. Light me on fire all day long But Lordy please don't let that big metal dish sink me!!!
  4. Hi, we're thinking of changing Midway's fighters because they might be too strong versus their in Tier opponent. Here's our thinking on that. Here are the stats that we're using to base our decision. These are the planes that are affected, and our proposed replacements. We would also entertain any constructive comments and discussion on our proposed choices. If you would like to try out the new build, we can give selected players a test account that they can use for a set period, and we will follow your matches as part of our testing. (at the very least you don't have a thread complaining about the lack of inclusion that CV players want to have in the ships they love to play) [also this last part is exactly what WG has done following the initial release of Graf Spee]
  5. Please.........

    I'm thinking there's a direct parallel between Scooby and HSF on a lot of levels. Bunch if kids in danger screwy hijinks mysteries more danger approaching the finale unmasking the culprit end of episode animation turned into a game or included in a game we don't like theirs
  6. Yesterday was an eye opener for me. I had decided to do a little seal clubbing at Tier I - I was fairly proficient in a variety of cruiser types, and strapped on a Black Swan because AP = Citadels. I wanted the potatoes to have an even playing field, so there weren't any advantages on my ship. The first thing I noticed on load in was the number of clan tags on both sides. People were saying, "Hey there," and "Hi," so it was a close knit community. And then when the match began, I saw that Red was moving a lot better than my Green. And consequently within the first 10 minutes, all of the potatoes had been peeled. My former team mates, RIP It was time to buckle down and do some damage - unfortunately, the other team had their perks and I died. It was close though - like, 4:1 at the last (I was there for 4:2). To prep for my next game, I put the skillz on my captain (Priority Target and Adrenaline Rush - whoopty!), some 3/4 cammo and a flag. Because I'm someone not to be trifled with. I lasted longer I figured I had a clue about what was going on. Despite WG nerfing Tier I and making the ships unplayable, it turns out that players can still make the best of a bad decision. If you wanted to cause Cits, you strapped on the RN. If you wanted fires, you put on the Hermelin. There were other choices, of course (armor, HP pool), but if you didn't have rifles and rof, you were going to be on the ocean floor. For the most part, all of the clubbers that were participating were flagged up and the potatoes were the precursor to the main event. It wasn't even about clubbing. It was about having a fun time with artillery and your friends. Potatoes are also invited
  7. Premium Ship Review: Musashi

    Eh, it's gonna be 920fxp and there's going to be nerfs to shoehorn it in at ix, plus people are all like What's WG doing tying this into HSF.. oh look, it's a reasonable price now but probably doesn't make as many credits as MO - and you know I don't even have Yamato and I should really be grinding that line.. LWM: OP What, what what? Shut up and take my money!!
  8. White Mouse

    Mouse does a scary amount of work on her reviews but I also treasure her appearances in threads, ships in hats and crushing scrubs in OP battleship. I don't have the talent to express my admiration for her skills in a musical piece though.
  9. If you do 150k damage and then die in the first 10 minutes you get less xp because all of the above.
  10. Cesare changes?

    If you buff arming speed, go ahead and buff muzzle velocity. I hear that's a zero sum result.

    I do apologize for mixing up Black with Flint (with my Atlanta < Flint metaphor for guys who finished Ranked). The point remains, you wouldn't see a ship like DoY as a Ranked reward. Kamikaze-R and her sisters had equivalent stats - but earning Kamikaze-R and keeping her OP stats is the point. Her tech tree sister got nerfed. Graf Spee is fun to ride, but undergunned. The only thing about her that I don't like was how her mission was rolled out. I won't change my mind about mission botes just because a couple of them escaped the nerf hammer before being released. (I guess I should also point out the ARP botes, just because no camouflage bonuses, here).

    If you can run missions to pick up a bote, doesn't that infer the ship isn't going to be all that? I've got no complaints about mission botes, just the observation. If you got The Duke after three Ranked seasons instead of Black, how would you feel? People who can't Atlanta also can't Black. But if you ranked out, you definitely have some skillz in botes... Does the bote have to slip on like well used gloves in order to do well with it? Maybe the problem isn't the bote - but your experience that is lacking. You see that all the time when moving captains, after all.
  13. I was hunting a Cleveland one time, and as he cleared the island and we engaged each other I noticed he'd strapped a destroyer onto his side. It was a messy death - that is how you should destroyer - even if the wee bote didn't kill another ship, having it along side is insurance.
  14. Here's a gimmick: No repair party. Fires go out CA fast. Extra vulnerable to AP bomb like German. Can eat torps all day because Torpedo defense is highest in tier. Secondaries German. I'd get that bote.
  15. I'll never buy another bote ever again because reasons!!!! LWM review: Oooh, when can I get this? Marketing: I told you Musashi was a good idea!