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  1. :Edited for your viewing pleasure - if it's bait, I'm putting a lot more energy into this than I should have: Discussion on the Kirishima-Washington poll thread got to a point about discussing Kongo and Hiei with late war AA as Tier 5 or 6 battleships and it got me thinking... And then NotoriousRNG hit the nail on his head with his OP about how the Tier 8 cruiser Giulio Cesare could use some additional AA. Notser also pointed out that taking a Fletcher and reskinning it as a Johnston would be a cool thing. Mouse's disgust with some premiums which lack in certain regards also encouraged me to go on and on about what I thought could be done to shore up discrepancies in the tech tree, and possibly shoe horn some doubloons into WG's pocket. And not least of course, is some real world (WoWs) examples of why it's already a thing, but I'm going to talk about them anyways. So - starting from the first part - Why couldn't we have a D or later series refit hull that pushed the ship out of its original tier into the next one up (with Russian stronk MM goodness), just because the ship is now much better at what it does. This sentence is rather bare bones, since it doesn't discuss how we would push a ship out of its comfort zone, into something truly noteworthy. I guess, we could take the two USN Battleships New York, and Texas as an example here. Pretty much the same ship, but Texas has a late war refit to her AA - and it's truly something to behold; but not enough to guarantee success at higher tiers, since aircraft that don't launch off of a Tier V CV have more hit points. I don't know what would push the ship into New Mexico territory - maybe better dispersion, greater rate of fire, hydro...DFAA (Hydro? WTH?) The next part, the Italian Cruiser, Giulio Cesare routinely runs into enemies at tier 8, that it can effectively fight, except that her AA is lacking, and could probably use a buff to them. The cruiser does a fantastic job at Tier 6, however, so much so, that it's probably a Gudbote, as these things go. I have one myself, and when I'm driving her, I fear neither man, nor beast - unless uptiered of course, then it's more circumspect. Being able to buff something, anything (on pretty much any ship, as I read the forum), would be a very valuable thing - and not the sledgehammer approach that WG normally uses when adjusting settings in a class. Notser has a new video out where he says reskinning current assets and then selling them as cammo (like Bismarck, down-under-water), would be good. It was pointed out that if you're going to reskin as a different ship (within the class), you might as well change the values of its armament and defenses likewise (Kamikaze and her premium sisters, and tech tree half-sister, for instance). You also have the example of two different styles of ship in Hipper and Prinz Eugen. Or, even if you want to pick nits, 4 ARP sisters based off of the same hull - with no changes at all between them. So, it's not like I'm spilling the apple cart by pointing out that being able to modify a ship can be done, and it wouldn't even take very serious coding to do it. Mouse also pointed this out with the Salem Witch cammo/skin in one of her posts, saying it was a joy to drive - if you ran into one of the witches, you knew the thrill of being out of your class, trying to engage the thing, and it was a fun event besides. Mouse has done a service for WG and the world by taking on the Premium ships department. While it would be plain stupid to go by only one reviewer's critique of a product, she has plainly stated that without her (and other people who care), reviewing these bits for you, you would be out several dollars in a ship which might not suit your play style - or, as she's been more irritated with more frequently, ships that come out which aren't suitable for anyone (ymmv, and unicums enjoy a challenge). Why would anyone buy a mehbote? Or a garbage bote? Why did it go live? Im sure we would want to make the hull/tier change permanent, you would have to sell it all then rebuy the original ship and refit for the previous tier. Maybe throw some doubloons at the problem otherwise. Wasn't even on drugs when I wrote that. Change the tech tree structure so different ships become available when you promote stock all the way through D hull. Get added variety in consumables. Get that radar by pushing into Tier 8. Get your favorite destroyer some non-standard hydro, radar, speed and DFA. Get an additional consumable slot. Removing all this and restating it a different way. I'm done. Discuss. Obviously not. And two further examples, Konig Albert, Gudbote at Tier III, and Konig, a mehbote at Tier IV (you could also make a case for Musashi and Yamato), where down tiering and slightly debuffing the bits has created a screaming terror (in the right hands), in its new play environment. The second example, which is where I was headed this whole time is USN South Carolina (with three modules), and USN Arkansas [beta] with 6 modules. You and I both know who to place our bets with in this equal tier matchup between a ship that wanted to be able to shoot straight, and the ship that can have glasses, and a lower detection range (for instance). It doesn't out and out push Arkansas into Tier IV - but the stage has now been set. I propose, that we be able to modify our ships to our liking. To be able to push the ship up a tier due to better capabilities - or to make them better at the job we want them for at the tier they were put into. Obviously, there's going to be a balancing issue when you modify a ship, and that's where it's likely to leave it's starting tier and go up (being able to add additional modules to a hull with doubloons, for instance). Let's go back to USS Johnston. Say I want that bote and WG can make the skin for it, and change the parameters. I go to the Camo screen, drop 10G's on the Johnston fit and put it on. In the modules screen, I have the Johnston abilities right there, I get to change them to my satisfaction (within the limits of the game, and balancing for the tier) - and the best part is we only get the options that were historical (or at least may have been available and WG cares to model). Kronstadt? Stalingrad? Someone has already taken the idea of making a stronk ship and put it on the market. Where does that leave a cruiser at IX and X? Do you see the power creep? Want to do something about it? WG already has the Legendary modules that it's making available for Tier X - there's already an assortment of modified modules for any tier, if you want to give something up for it - and if you get a good roll with an SC. Extra time on your radar? Make it so. There is so much more that can be done - with the ships we currently have - and WG is actively finding more ways to make your ship more flexible, and more of a joy to play. My idea here is to "encourage" Wargaming to move forward with that. Because you can have different ships within a class that don't have the same thing exactly as their class sisters. Because over a period of time (and this has been modeled already by the grind through the tiers, the modules and the consumables that are available), the ships have had different capabilities which generally have been upgraded in a smooth curve. I want my mehbote to be competitive in the arena that I choose to fight it in. Please let me know your thoughts on this more expanded, and less stream of conscious post - which was totally not edited on my phone.
  2. Konig Albert is a mistake

    That was totally my own experience. I was not casting aspersions on your play. I apologize if it read that way.
  3. Konig Albert is a mistake

    I can crush any bot in co-op with mine! (Save the bots, kill a seal)
  4. Some General Right Of Way Etiquette

    Now Who's fault is it if Battleship A is backing to avoid torpedoes and Battleship B hits A and uses him like a mine clearing barge?
  5. Little White Mouse even goes so far as to update her premium ship summary whenever there's a change in the shop.
  6. Riding the wall in a Game

    I always wanted to increase my post count. But by pissing off every other forum member and the Mods? I'd rather get caught riding a wall!
  7. Riding the wall in a Game

    So.... How do you really feel?
  8. If someone didn't post that a class of ships was going obsolete on every game patch, I would have to take my money elsewhere.
  9. I may be accused of stupidly endangering my command, or potatoe, but it isn't for lack of trying to play the right way. Its all too apparent when other team mates have put themselves out of a position to influence the game. In those matches, I don't mind being one of the first to die needlessly, because my style of play is more "support" than "carry." I'm not playing to carry your bad play to a successful conclusion.
  10. Risk ware ?

    Yep that would mean an exclusion. I seem to recall something like that on WG...ru I saw once.
  11. Risk ware ?

    Better run a scan on your computer
  12. I never believed that I could walk off with my account or its items for the simple fact that the terms say I can't sell my account. In effect this no different from purchasing a movie pass scheme and also paying for popcorn. Ordinarily I don't care what the Eula says so long as I have fun with the game. And purchased games (and game services) that I don't enjoy anymore don't get my attention or money.
  13. My reward was playing Cleveland before it went live. But seriously folks, I don't see an Email or a note in my client.
  14. Premium chaff is the answer to radar. You read it here first unless it's been said elsewhere.
  15. I want Bill Hallsey to come out on deck, take a leisurely stroll and talk with the other inmates of whatever ship I put him on.