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  1. cavscout1739

    French event is not fair for some players

    Snowflakes. Honestly, even if I only had 7 ships and didn't pay a dime, I'd be satisfied with the lot I cast myself with.
  2. cavscout1739

    New Player

    I played usn cruisers initially and saw that other classes weren't playing their ships like I wanted then too - so I branched out in order to preserve my sanity yet continue to win games. Since my win rate is less than 50%, that must mean I'm still very very very much sane. Because different nation's with the same class play differently, I embraced sneaky ninja destroyers and brawling turtleback dreadnoughts as well.
  3. Instead of regrinding, why not make step rewards? Play 10 battles in tier 1 cruiser of nation. Play 30 battles in tier 2 cruiser of nation. Add some spice like - ram 10 ships to progress or get detonated twice. Mix and match. You keep your ships, the XP keeps accruing. Make it fun. Run a division of Tier 5 cruisers of a Nation, one ship must survive the battle. Collect x points if cap or cap denial in 1 game. Set fires on three ships if same type in one battle. If it's fun and challenging, people will play. Regrindy, not so much.
  4. cavscout1739

    Seal-Potato Part 3: My (USS) Hill to Die On.

    Set 300 fires... Someone finally came up with a grinder way to earn a T5. (300 fires and a bunch of planes were requirements for an earlier contest)
  5. cavscout1739

    Should I slowly go up the tiers?

    I remember starting this game in cruisers and purely fell in love with St Louis (American Tier III), and I was on my way to Tier 6 Cleveland where I was going to depopulate the sky and light fires forever. My dreams were soon bashed as I continuously ate destroyer launched torpedoes, felt my jaw dislocate every time a battleship punished my broadside loving self. And the planes. Thank God you're starting now and don't realize the true menace of every match was the hammer and anvil of torps + more torps. Enjoy your battleships. Don't worry about tier progression, but do get a working knowledge of the enemy as you both try to send the other to the bottom first.
  6. cavscout1739

    Enemy planes follow and attack long after CV is dead.

    I quite like your turn of phrase. I'm going to use polinate in all my conversations today
  7. cavscout1739

    How do you play destroyers

    Destroyer, played correctly, are over powered, shark baiting, murder machines - generating salt with a Morton's mining license. Every single one of them can be played to the benefit of your team. Claims of radar, planes, hydro, pink unicorns and peeps telling you how to play should be taken With a grain of the salt that you just mined.
  8. cavscout1739

    Please do something about CVs

    I'm top tier Yay me! There's carriers. Well, I'll just roll with my peeps. There's 2 sets of carriers. Well. Crap. I'm low tier. Ah well, more XP farming! There's carriers. Eh. I'll just roll with my peeps. Was gonna do that anyways. There's two sets of carriers. Gah! I'ma destroyer. I'ma destroy things. There's carriers. Craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaappp!!!!! (Anytime there's 5 destroyers per side and no carriers) Destroyers: we're gonna own your children!!!
  9. cavscout1739

    Part of fixing the "root" problem of CVs

    I'm going to troll a comment so outrageously stupid that people will come out of the woodwork and comment on it harshly. 10/10 trolls - you've earned them. I also wish that carriers were stabilized, but it's either going to be the Jack hammer one way or the C-4 charge the other.
  10. cavscout1739

    remove cap zones from random battles

    I was being totally sarcastic. Although it does solve the problem the OP brought up.
  11. cavscout1739

    remove cap zones from random battles

    Put a big frickin wall all around the outside of the combat area. This can be the cyclone. Then, every 3-5 minuted it shrinks 25 percent until finally you're licking salt off of your own decks. Solved
  12. cavscout1739

    CV's need CAP fighters

    Fly your strike, control click a likely surface unit to call in cap support. That code is relatively easy to put together and your CV would become the most popular player on the team for just that alone. 1 cap per carrier, flies until retasked with another click. Time limit of fuel and ammunition, including fly back, repair and spotting for next launch.
  13. The only possible person to say no to this idea are carrier drivers. Up and down the forums all the other ship types are crying because they can't slap planes down fast enough. If a manual specced captain does a better job than automatic or manual without spec the only person who really feels it is the carrier. And that's only assuming that manual Canberra shut down planes. Done right, you can have some RNG on those Boforsthat will generate salt for both parties.
  14. cavscout1739

    It's hard to take CV feedback to the devs when...

    Personally, I don't have a problem for how the rework has happened. Planes are less effective but salt is higher. That's a net bonus, but probably not in the right direction. The tools that AA platforms have at their disposal are the same. Their effectiveness increases or decreases according to some numbers over various patches. DFAA and reinforced sectors along with certain captain skills should have reduced the micromanagement involved in swatting planes, but a certain percentage don't want planes and a certain percentage want to actively engage the attack despite usually being under fire by surface ships at the same time. I imagine, giving players control of their AA defense will ease a part of the crying and moaning only to be replaced by, "prior to truly manual AA I was tearing huge chunks out of planes, and now they just swarm like gnats while I eat metal fishes, catch fire and also get cit by battleships." I hope that an equilibrium is reached before the vocal minority's opinion becomes the reality.
  15. cavscout1739

    384 planes downed in one match

    I agree. Too many planes and not enough survivability in the individual planes. They pop too fast. Their attacks aren't that coordinated (or you can try dropping torps under dfaa). Even after doing the best possible job, damage that is crap and dot that has been nerfed. Carriers aren't where they need to be yet, but the people who are crying so loud aren't the ones flying planes.