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  1. Inperatrix

    Colbert For Other Resources (Coal, Steel Or FXP)

    Uh no thanks, just bought it.
  2. Inperatrix

    Firing Delay on Jean Bart + Bourgogne

    The issue has been occurring quite often for me with Bourgogne over the past week.
  3. Inperatrix

    Hizen reviews?

    How much $ did it exactly cost to buy it anyway? Was considering doing the same just for the steel.
  4. Inperatrix

    Henri V, post mortum?

    What captain skills do people run on her now anyway?
  5. Inperatrix

    Summer Sale in the Premium Shop and Armory!

    Shouldn't you be able to buy more tokens now? The timer reset on the webpage.
  6. Inperatrix

    Warships From Containers

    I got my first one a few days ago, was pretty unexpected since I had a few containers stocked up and didn't even know which ones I had.