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  1. Talk about a footnote announcement, any more details?
  2. cocomango

    WoWS x Transformers: Warships in Disguise

    Why is it a thing to get duplicate rewards/captains from these crates? I have 3 Rumbles for crying out loud. The hell is the point of that?
  3. We have completed our second set point value draft using Saturdays invitational data set. We'll post it soon for some feedback. That being said it will take time to gather enough data and its a never ending battle balancing this game for comp. Our overall resolution right now is pretty low, we'll potentially increase it to allow for more precise point valuation in the future.
  4. More to come folks...much more.
  5. What is actually wrong with wargaming, why the hell would you put a time restriction on the usage of boosters??????????????
  6. cocomango

    Indomitable Review - Impotent

    Remove cvs from the game. Bye.
  7. T8 was a terrible experience. Please only utilize tier 10 ships for clan battles proper. Perhaps in clan brawls you could diversify the ship tiers, game modes, weather effects to your hearts content. Lets keep one primary competitive mode clean and gimmick free playing the highest tier of ships without any CV's or Subs.