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  1. 1) a) I like to keep moving captains up lines and retrain new ones in the older ships I want to keep. I'm keeping the older ships because I like playing them so they will eventually train a captain up, and I want the best captain at the highest tier at the end. Also in general it is safer/less bad to have a low skilled captain in a low tier ship vs a high tier ship (higher tier = higher skilled captains you will run into). b) http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/1000000000000011000011000000000119 is what I pick for my first 15 points on tier 4-6 USN DDs. At tier 7 I might chose Survivability Expert over Basic Firing Training, and at tier 8 definitely SE over BFT. 2) Same as above, but dropping Basic Firing Training and Adrenaline Rush. I would pick up AR at 12 points. 3) My highest tier captains move up with the ship line that I am going up. If I keep a ship on the journey to T10 then he gets a new captain. Looking at your descriptions/thoughts on the ships I would suggest that the captains end up as: Clemson: 11 or 15 Nicholas: 6 Farragut: 11 or 15 This is because the 10 point barrier is very important due to getting Concealment Expert.
  2. Farragut Gameplay

    She's a beauty, hands down one of my favourite ships in this game. If there's ever a need for a comfort game, the Farragut is the ship that gets in on the action.
  3. I don’t think it is very complicated at all. One of the larger issues is that newer players might not be aware of the gimmicks some ships have and how they work (radar), as these never were explained in-game to me. At least weren’t before, maybe they are now.
  4. Buy the ship, if you don't like it refund the ship. Now you have doubloons to spend on other ships, or w/e else.
  5. 8.2km (DM) isn't what I'd call a heavy nerf since it is still well within the radar range. Also, whenever I would smoke up a cruiser I then proceed to scout around/try and torp ships, therefore providing a screen preventing DDs from getting within that range. The Moskva and Hindenburg got hit the hardest from what I see, though I hardly smoke them up anyways...they seem to prefer other roles than sitting in smoke. Practically the DM and Belfast both have similar nerfs which I feel won't change gameplay for them that much. They just have to be a little more mindful of where they smoke up/get smoked up.
  6. I'll be selling my MK since I got it in a santa crate and have only played 16 battles. The doubloons are definitely more valuable (to me) than the ship. If you enjoy playing the ships now, definitely don't sell them. These smoke nerfs only really punish battleships that sit in smoke.
  7. I've been finding the Z-23 enjoyable. The only awkward part is my Lo Yang has better hydro.
  8. Speaking of the Nicholas

    For a ship like the Nicholas, and also the Farragut, I get captain skills in the order of: Priority Target > Last Stand > Basic Firing Training > Concealment Expert > Adrenaline Rush > Superintendent > Survivability Expert > Preventative Maintenance. At tiers 5 and 6 I find that the number of ships that target a DD vary greatly and therefore knowing how many are targeting me is very important when deciding how to proceed when spotted. Generally there isn't that much that you can do wrong with captain builds for USN DDs. T1 pick PT or PM, T2 pick LS (second time around pick AR, or go with four T3 skills), T3 pick one of SE, BFT, SI, DE (TAE at high tiers), T4 pick CE. Beyond 10 points look at whatever skills listed above and pick which ones will fit your play style. If you want to do an AA build that is a little different, but I would only do that if I'm divisioning with CVs, otherwise the utility tends to get wasted often.
  9. This is exactly what I feel, said much more eloquently than I could.
  10. Players accuse me of camping. I'm just saving fuel.
  11. Yes we are agreeing on that. And regarding the issue, it doesn't effect me much since I am competent in most of the ships I play. It simply seems like there are quite a few games a bottom tier player complains about being bottom tier. Or newer players that were doing decently in tier 4 struggle in tier 5, only due to MM.
  12. I'm afraid I might have been misunderstood. By stating that "The whole +/- 2 MM makes the mid tiers difficult/annoying to play due to lower tiers having +/- 1." I simply meant that having a conversion from +/-1 MM to +/-2 MM, regardless of where the split is, makes the tier after the protected MM unnecessarily difficult. Before it was tier 3 had +/-1, now tier 4 has +/-1. Before tier 4 was unnecessarily difficult, now it is tier 5. If it was protected up until tier 6, tier 7 would be the unfortunate tier. Simply not keeping the MM spread the same across all tiers creates a bad tier to play. With regards to me being crazy...as it is now I hit battle and do something else for a minute or two, and keep doing it on/off until the action gets heated. A few more minutes wouldn't really change anything on my end.
  13. USN DDs are all fun to play. Hopefully you enjoy the rest of the line!
  14. I would really like +/- 1 MM, and be willing to sit in queue for up to 5 minutes for that. Looking at current queue times I feel that the queues would only reach 1 minute on average since most of my games only have 5s-30s queue times. The whole +/- 2 MM makes the mid tiers difficult/annoying to play due to lower tiers having +/- 1.
  15. The only thing I can see it "nerfing" for DDs is a slight nerf to utility when smoking BBs. For everything else (smoking self, smoking cruisers) everything is essentially the same. So it really isn't a nerf to DDs.