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  1. [All] Login Movies - Azur Lane

    Hello.. I've already worked out how to do this a few weeks back thanks to a few others on the forums, but extra information like this still helps! Using WWise to convert .wav to .wem files were probably the hardest part, alot of work for just converting a file. But yeah, thanks anyways! :D
  2. [All] Login Movies - Azur Lane

    How did you get your music to play in your login videos? I see you have .wem files in the banks folder, if you have time can you explain how you did this? It would help a new modder out! I've used a tutorial in the modding section but that seems to be outdated and only the video plays but no music. If you can help I will be eternally greatful. I'm sorry to ask like this in your thread, but I've been trying to find help for this on this topic for nearly a year now, but I can't find anyone to help me.
  3. How To Create Your Own Video Login (Guide)

    BUMP. Once again coming back to this to try again, but still there is NO MUSIC on login video once everything is done. Followed it all to the letter in OP. Need help please... Anyone..
  4. Awesome! I know shes not a popular ship (in WoWs plus being T6...) nowadays but I still take her out every now and then. :)
  5. Can we get best girl Fubuki kancolle skin for well.. Fubuki? :3
  6. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    Is there a file I can delete if I don't like the Radar, Hydro, Plane spotted icons? I always get confused when they pop up and prefer the vanilla ones. *Edit* Nevermind, worked out what files I needed to edit to change them back.
  7. [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod by Compass Rose

    How did I not know about this mod? Thank you very much for this.
  8. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Thanks for your hardwork Garfield! Sad to hear that the mod has sunsetted... it was always my go-to and essential mod after every single WoWS update. But I guess all good things must end and life goes on. Thankfully now though, I know how to keep parts of it updated for my own heavily modified monstrosity of a version for my game. Also thanks again for all your effort+tutorials over the years. Best of luck to your future endeavours whatever it may be.
  9. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Thanks for the update! Also you may or not have already noticed but your images are broken in the main post which makes it a little hard to know (at a quick glance) what I'm downloading from your links.
  10. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    That's fantastic and sounds more in depth than I imagined! No pressure now, at least for your friend...
  11. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Ah, I'm not too familiar with WSG over Azure Lane so my bad saying she was generic anime girl! .. also just realized what "silhouette" images were for! doh! So they're actually the unresearched image of ships. For some reason I thought they're were deadstate images (which of course don't exist) due to the _ds extension lol. Maybe I was thinking of another game that used deadstate images when you died.. cheers. Didn't know you were working on a tool, so that would be appreciated when it comes out. Would it work like an installer with options much like Hakabases/Aslains where you pick and choose?
  12. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    REQUEST: Any chance you can officially add Belfast (Azure Lane) officially to the regular KC pack in next version? I know you have her in the Azure Lane pack separately at the moment, but it would just save me an extra step to unzip.. er.. another file, and she is so much better than the green haired generic girl you have at the moment. If not, no worries! Also I noticed in your Azure Lane Pack that her ship_previews_ds (deadstate?) image is missing its file (PBSC507).
  13. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    Just only heard about the new WG policy on the nazi symbols today... not really surprised it came to this... :( It is a shame that even 'mods' are getting censored/banned nowadays due to all the SJW agendas/Political correctness of everything in society today... shows that nothing really is safe anymore. I really enjoyed your historical flags though and it won't be the same without them. I could go on about all this crap ruining gaming, movies and everything else nowadays, but that is another can or worms, so I'll just leave it at that. But yeah, thanks again for all your hard work Garfield with this mod, you dont need to apologize on anything! ..still very much appreciated! ..but yeah just want to make my thoughts known on this issue however pointless it all is. It sucks yeah, but it is what it is and we'll have to abide by their rules if we wish to stay here... Also, thanks for the invite to the Discord.. might hit you guys up soon to check out the inside development of my favorite mod. <3
  14. [] garfield001's Mod Collection

    I giggled at Neptune... how could she have NOT have been the ship girl... :3