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  1. Shameless bump for fix for Mainly the name change mod, everything else still appears to work. If not, please let me know!
  2. shameless bump for v.0.6b (small update) -Added missing Hatsuharu Hull B skin option as I realized it doesn't share same texture file like the others. It's my highest on this line for the IJN so I can't preview some Hulls in game if I dont have ship, so if there are anymore missing Hull B, C etc skins please let me know. I'm rather lazy to unpack all texture files to see for myself lol (comp is also super slow)... Download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s8iuipm1b0xbz15/InitialD_mod_V.0.6b.7z Other than that no other real updates as I've been playing the game more than trying to learn to mod some more. :3
  3. Doh! :D I only use the previews and icons so those appear to be working fine.
  4. All good, I always download the older versions in the meantime while I wait for updates because sometimes they still work (and being from Australia, its hard to wait long as you guys are asleep when updates hit) anyways, keep up the fantastic work. :D
  5. Cheers, was made with love! TIP FOR ALL: Best played with the Zipang Soundtrack (Sentou Mirai track especially) for full immersion. <3
  6. shameless bump and updated everything for! -minor changes in v.1.3 -Removed USN to IJN + Harekaze to Zipang logo flag changes and added it as an optional download. -Changed Zipang logo flag to just a black flag with white text logo. (now only in optional flag download). -Shortened JDS_Mirai global name to just Mirai. (only in optional name change file) That's all, enjoy!
  7. Wakey wakey... happy 0.6.14 day. :D I know its not updated yet but here is a quick test with current version. -Tier X Pan Asian name needs update to Yue Yang. -I think your ships icons mod 1.5 is broke for me (all icons invisible for some reason).
  8. Updated to V.0.6! PATCH NOTES -v.0.6 -More commander graphics added. -Added Bunta's Subaru WRX STi GC8 for T10 Shimakaze with fictional sponsor logos I made up as his car is pretty plain. Just fits all the other cars skins that all have logos. Tried to add a little humor to them... :D -Added Ryuji/Zero's 350Z Z33 skin from Team Spiral for T9 Yugumo. Again, added some sponsors logos for same reason as it's otherwise ordinary as well. -Cleaned up existing commander graphic outlines to be less cut and paste/jagged. -Blackened the turrets of Yugumo and Shimakaze. Not much I can do as they share turret textures so cant be uniform in color, so black is next best. This also makes Harekaze guns black as well which is unavoidable. Okay that's the main IJN non prem lines now completed. Sorry for being a week late as I've been busy IRL and also lacked motivation. Not sure if there will be a v.0.7 for awhile as I need to plan where I need to go from here... whether to branch out into new things like UI, or even to continue the mod itself.... /shrug Anyways until then... whenever... Oops heres's the new download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/f9d14qp51vr79hd/InitialD_mod_V.0.6.7z Edit* 11/30/17 : Checked for official patch and all appears to work correctly.
  9. Progress on V.0.5 this weekend! -Added Kenta's S14 Silvia Redsuns skin for T6b Hatsuharu -Added Kyoichi's EVO III Lancer Emperor skin for T7b Shiratsuyu (still working on trying to find the gun textures... soon). -Added the initial set of Commander pictures (includes Takumi, Itsuki, Iketani and couple more others). :Progress pictures: S14 Silvia Redsuns skin for T6b Hatsuharu EVO III Lancer Emperor skin for T7b Shiratsuyu NEW Captain pictures! (working out how to do the names at the moment, so work in progress and probably will be for v.0.6..) edit* .....and v.0.5 is live for download! http://www.filedropper.com/initialdmodv05b -Also as an extra, I've added Tomoyuki's Todo School Honda Civic Type R for T8b Akizuki as bonus! Now, just the T9 Yugumo and T10 Shimakaze is left to go and the shipset will be done...hopefully I can work on v.0.6 next weekend! :D EDIT: UPDATED TO VERSION v.0.5b (due to a shared turret issue with vanilla ships like Shimakaze, Yugumo, Harekaze... I left the Shiratusyu, Akizuki for now without gun textures): choose one: mediafire download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/xhr7zim01kf2vlv/InitialD_mod_V.0.5b.7z filedropper download: http://www.filedropper.com/initialdmodv05b EDIT2: Shamelessly stolen and changed the mod name to "Initial DD~Torpedo Stage" which was a shitpost I saw on reddit a few months ago. I think it is a good pun and name for the mod! :D
  10. RESERVED for updates notes: ::UPDATE NOTES:: V1.3 11/30/2017 (updated for patch) -Removed USN to IJN + Harekaze to Zipang logo flag changes from the main skin file and... -...Re-added it as an optional download. -Changed Zipang flag to a much cooler black flag with Zipang text logo in white, as before it was just a lazy screen grab. (now only in optional flag download). -Shortened JDS_Mirai global name to just Mirai. (only in optional name change file). V1.2 11/9/2017 (updated for patch) -Added Aegis Hexagon things(?) to the front superstructure of ship (4 in total). -Cleaned up some text and added some more shadows. -Added optional file to change Atlanta name to JDS Mirai for in game. -Added optional file to change Atlanta girl to JDS Mirai girl for use in Garfield001's Kancolle UI mod (works best with the name change mod above). V1.1 -Updated mod for version -Updated/fixed flags. But now IJN flag replaces American flag and Zipang flag replaces Harekaze flag. I did it this way around this time instead as I figured not many people own the Harekaze flag, and I wanted people to have at least the IJN one showing for the Mirai. Unfortunately this also replaces the USN flag for all USN ships. But you can easily delete the flags.dds and it will revert back to normal. I might add this as a separate optional file later much like I did the Atlanta name like in the bottom of the OP. -Added VLS pad graphics (very snugly I might add lol) to the front of ship... and NO, it won't launch missiles. Normally this the VLS sits behind the single 127mm gun from the Mirai but I had to move it in front of it due to the different Atlanta layout. Front gun's barrels are also kind of in the way as well, but yeah best I can do with the smalls spaces. -Added Mirai's white box graphic in front of the VLS pad. -Fixed all guns to disable all camouflage as well. Had it in before but the folder structure was messed up. Corrected now. -Adjusted/edited some graphic assets around slightly (like the landing pad, numbering shadow) to look a little cleaner. As said before, hard to work with the small spaces on the Atlanta but I tried my best to avoid making any new graphics clip with any exisiting 3D object... but there are some things that are just unvavoidable... -Blackened top of the chimney stacks to look more in line with Mirai's. V1.0 -Initial release for version ---------------------------------------------- More details and also updated all pics in OP.
  11. TL;DR Ver: JDS Mirai skin for Atlanta. Plus other optional downloads like Atlanta name change etc (scroll to downloads section to see all options). ------------------------------------- ::ABOUT THE MOD/INFO:: This skin is my take on the JDS Mirai DDH182 from the anime Zipang for the T7 Atlanta (Premium ship) in World of Warships. It is a fictional ship but its based on the real life JMSDF Kongou. I am a huge fan of the show and always loved playing the AA cruiser role so I figured I'd mix my two favorite things and make this mod. A highly recommended anime if you haven't seen it! NOTE: This skin mod does not give you cruise missiles, CIWS, Tilt rotor plane or the like.... You'll still be just a normal WW2-era Lolanta... :D I did though take some extra liberties in adding a few extra details on the ship that's not on the actual anime Mirai... like japanese flags and some flavored text decals because I felt it looked too plain with just the 182 number designation. I tried to keep the colors from the anime but it probably isn't 100%. I'm also quite new at photoshop as well.. so if you can do better please go ahead and make a version and I'll download it. :) Also I made a couple of optional downloads outside of the skin itself. There are USN to IJN flags and also Harekaze to Zipang logo flag, Atlanta name change to Mirai, and also an option for Garfield001's Kancolle UI user to change the ship girl! ::INSTALLATION:: Drag the content folder to your res_mods>latest_numbered_version, At this time of release it is (updated 30th Nov, 2017) BUT If there are any issues please let me know. :: SKIN PICS:: ::MAIN DOWNLOAD:: Mirai ship skin for Atlanta: V1.3 ( *tested and still works with http://www.mediafire.com/file/238qyb4234aryxh/JDS_Mirai_Skin_v1.3_[0.6.14].7z (Copy to res_mods/latest version folder which is currently ::OPTIONAL FILES:: Change USN Flag to IJN, and Harekaze flag to Zipang logo flag ( *tested and still works with http://www.mediafire.com/file/2owlmmyp01e2pzu/JDS_Mirai_USA_to_IJN_Zipang_flag_changes_[0.6.14].7z (Copy to res_mods/latest version folder which is currently *Note this will change ALL USN flags to IJN, as you can't change a single ship's flag unfortunately...) Change Atlanta Ship Name to Mirai (updated for (Copy the res folder in your main World of Warships directory. please backup your global.mo file before overwriting! But I have also included a backup in 'orig' folder though just in case you messed up.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/b74in7ifbdda3ig/JDS_Mirai_ship_name_change_[].7z Change Atlanta Girl to Mirai Girl (Preview and Icon for use ONLY WITH Garfield001's Kancolle UI mod!). *tested and still works with (After you install garfield001's Kancolle UI mod, drag my 'gui' folder and replace over his. Only my girl is included so you'll need his mod as well). http://www.mediafire.com/file/tcf1jz2uh5m6s9p/JDS_Mirai_KC_Icon_Preview_replacement_[0.6.14].7z :: NAME CHANGE AND SHIP GIRL PICS:: Enjoy.
  12. Also I can't get the audio to play. The video converted to USM file plays fine though. Using latest patch! edit*** AAhhh.. the login.usm file breaks after it plays once in game login. I tried deleted the folder and replacing the login.usm with a new one and it now just plays the stock WoWS intro. Frustrating. edit2*** I had a quick peek in Aslain's login video stuff and noticed there are actually 3 USM files now, login.usm, login_02.usm and login_03.usm so I guess you just have to copy your custom file 3 times and rename it like that for it to work. The fact that there are now 3 video files suggests that they get chosen at random by the game now, so if you only created one file like in OP, it randomly played a default video hence why I thought it was broke... so yeah this problem is solved! Still the main issue though is NO MUSIC at all.. If only someone can come update this tutorial for us plebs.... /paging @MajorRenegade or ANYONE please help or update please! :D
  13. [TORPEDOBEAT INTENSIFIES] This all started as a request for some skins, but has kind of transformed into my very own and first modding monstrosity experience for WoWS, or any game for that matter... it currently focuses on simple ships skins + captain graphics for the IJN line of DD's. Ship graphics are pretty flat colors as that's pretty much what they are like in the anime. I have added car emblems/decals/logos and sponsors where it would fit the skins as well, even if they might not be in the show (basically to make ships look a little less plain). It is a parody after all... :D Update: December 11, 2017 for official patch [] I've now uploaded v.0.6b of my Initial DD~Torpedo Stage Mod (Initial D in WoWS ship skin+captains mod). Download from any of the below links (44mb 7zip file). mediafire download link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/s8iuipm1b0xbz15/InitialD_mod_V.0.6b.7z ::WHAT IT INCLUDES SO FAR... (v.0.6b):: *13 custom skins for IJN DD's (IJN non prem lines complete). *23 custom captains graphics (will complete set soon). *Note: Everything is work in progress (WIP) and subject to change as I improve my photoshop skills.* [SHIP SKINS] (latest are pics below in this post, ignore the ones in the older posts as they were WIP! click to enlarge any image) NOTE*** -All camouflages of these ships have been made INVISIBLE so you can now use those camos on your ship so it doesnt affect the custom skin! (except for the torpedo turrets of course...see current issues below.) [CURRENT ISSUES] It's an early initial (heh) version of my skins so not everything is fully textured (like torpedo turrets, life boats etc.. all these are all still vanilla textures) but the main theme of the ship is there! Also I'm quite a newbie at photoshop/graphic design so it's all pretty basic work. Also, some of the team logos I've found on the web, but some I had to make from scratch like the sponsor logos which may not be 100% correct to the anime, like the kanji's on the S13 skin (I'm not japanese but I did ask around for translations lol.. but still could be wrong... :P [CAPTAINS] All captains (a few are duplicated for v.0.6, will add more in next versions). [FUTURE PLANS] I want to add more car skins of course. Maybe other nations too and foreign cars but I don't know yet. Maybe more captains as well. UI stuff maybe. Sound/music/video log in videos etc stuff maybe...*all pending my potato modding skills of course... so don't hold your breath waiting...* Also willing to take volunteers who can do extra things for this mod if you have time! if you are any good in the above stuff I mentioned, PM or post here and let me know, and let's make this mod great together! :D [INSTALLATION] Just unzip with 7zip, and copy the 'content' and 'gui' folders into your res_mods in the "LASTEST VERSION" folder (it's "" as of this post). If there is any issues with textures or file structure etc, be sure to let me know. I check the files before packing but sometimes I might miss something.... ::ORIGINAL POST BELOW:: Anyone good at ship skinning can make some initial D paint schemes for some of our IJN DD's? I can imagine it should be fairly easy given how simple the schemes are... Would really love to see; -AE86 tofu shop panda -RX7 FD yellow redsuns -RX7 FC white redsuns -s13 green akina speedstars -... and so on. :) I am actually surprised no ones done such a mod yet given how popular the torpedobeat meme thing is...
  14. All good mate, everything still works fine even if you don't make one single download. Thanks for your hard work!
  15. I do this all the time as well... I wish there was a randomizer setting you could set where it randomly selects one voice before a battle. Unsure if it is even possible to even mod something like this though... @Rswifhand_NA Just a suggestion, can you make an all-in-one zip package for the mod for easier updates? or.... keep the each of the girls individual folders on top in the zip file. Makes it less frustrating by being able to one click and drag everything out to update to you mods folder. There is no need to make so many folders where users need to click so many times to get to all the files... its like folder inception right now. :P