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  1. Thank you so much for this. :)
  2. JDS_Mirai

    [All] Azur Lane - HP bar alternative V1.4(4/19)

    Heya, been using this mod for a long time but wondering whether we'll get any newer updates?
  3. Is there any reason why the textures are super low (86kb) for the kagero variants? Asashio, Harekaze, Yukikaze etc... i can't edit to my likings because they're blurry af with no details in photoshop unlike the other DD's. What textures does the game use for these skins because the ones they use for these ships in-game obviously aren't low res or they'll look crap.
  4. JDS_Mirai

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    Is there a file I can delete if I don't like the Radar, Hydro, Plane spotted icons? I always get confused when they pop up and prefer the vanilla ones. *Edit* Nevermind, worked out what files I needed to edit to change them back.
  5. JDS_Mirai

    [] Azur Lane Enchant Mod

    How did I not know about this mod? Thank you very much for this.
  6. Does anyone know how to get mods to work in steam? it didn't have a "res_mods" folder in its main WOWS directory so I created one and copied all my mods over in it, but it doesn't appear to work? is there another directory we have to work with? or has it been disabled for the Steam version?
  7. Well derp... I've modded most of my ships to not show camouflage so I totally forgot about them.. so I guess the icons do not show in 'real time' what the current ship Sea Detectability is... Is it possible to change it to show the correct values of when everything is equipped ? or if not possible maybe just set the maximum concealment it could get for the ship? I think that would make it more usable than the stock numbers...as people rarely run them stock.
  8. Hi is there any reason my surface detectability for most my ships are wrong on the ship icon (Version 6)? Say for example my Minekaze (no captain skills and stock ship) surface detectability is standard 6.0km but the icon says 6.2km. Indeed most of my ships are off a minimum of 0.2km (like all IJN DD's) and some cruisers and BB's way off on the numbers altogether. The new russian OKV Revolusomething BB is 13.7km on the icon, but is 13.3km on the conceal ship tab (also no captain stock ship). Cleveland cruiser says 13.3km on your icon but is really 12.9km and so on. Is there something I'm missing here I'm not seeing? All the Air Detectability appears correct though.