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  1. Masuzu

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    It plays better if you use an android emulator, it becomes like touhou. Got kaga from the foxmines already, her fox sister is proving difficult. They just don't have the right amount of salt, or anything resembling a end game, after you level up and are done with the farming the only thing to do is pvp
  2. *stalks*

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    2. Masuzu


      But that's the destroyers work to stalk

    3. Wo_9


      why is that 

    4. Masuzu


      Have to keep escort carriers to safely 

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  4. *pokes you*

    1. Masuzu


      waaaah! *hugs you*

  5. Hello darkness my old friend, I came to talk with you again

  6. Rest in fur

  7. stahp the cuteness

    1. Unabletony


      your rating is also 222

      I shall ruin it for you baka

    2. Masuzu


      Nu, never! the cuteness shall and will win the hearts of all the people~

  8. *Uninstalls Wokyu simulator 2016*

    1. Wo_9


      D: how could you

  9. *stalks you*

    1. Masuzu


      *Glomps the stalker*

  10. Masuzu

    Kantai Collection Discussion Thread Kai

    Hope I can clean the dust on my account when it's released.