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  1. Business is business. People like to think of themselves or their groups or fandom or whatever as some unique special thing, but there is a reason why the same stuff works across genre's and regions. Because it isn't really done. And even when it is, it still typically comes with the 'bonus' of being PTW. And let's be clear, PTW doesn't JUST mean an unfair advantage over other players (although that likewise exists in the form of Overpowered premiums and premium consumables which can be bought): pay to advance is a form of 'pay to win' and attaching XP bonuses to things that are purchased is considered a no-no for the vast majority of developers... other than EA. As such no 'cheer' is expected. Imagine if tomorrow they gave out access to *every* premium ship in game, free of charge, everything gets permanent 'camo' bonuses attached, and now all camos are switch to purchasable content. Flags and Admirals (with unique 'third' flags) but no special abilities/stats are sold, and the option to mount 2, 3, maybe 4 flags added, at a price, to every ship. And alternative skins that allow same-class ships to look/carry name plates of similar sisters (so instead of selling say, Prince Eugen, sell a skin you buy for Hipper that changes it's appearance to it). The monetary experience and balancing experience becomes very different and dare I say better. Not *perfect.* It doesn't solve ALL the issues in WoWs, but it is *better.* Always ask yourself, when judging a model: if EA does it, it's probably a very, VERY bad idea. Actually you couldn't be more wrong. Cosmetics are actually very hard to make; as anticipating what will the community will go ga-ga over (and thus can price accordingly) is a huge marketing task, whereas just shelling out stronger, overpowered, or just plain gimmicky content is easy and requires little to no market research. It's much harder for say, LoL to make money on purchases than WoWs, as 1) those skins are much cheaper (and are expected to be) and 2) It is possible NO ONE likes the aesthetic. But in WoWs just slap a nutsy heal rate or high Sigma on something and people will buy it. Big difference.
  2. It's a bit immersion breaking which in video game design is a general no-no (unless you go totally in that direction a la Saints Row which doesn't really HAVE a tone to break); WoWs is going for epic, grand scale Naval Battles and a whining high pitched Japanese school-girl voice is extremely immersion breaking. To say nothing of very out of place in general. I would 100% get behind a Fishie/Cap Captain/Skin/Theme; that's their brand mascot and it's frankly odd it doesn't exist. I can get behind Dasha Captains, again, it's on brand and fits. But this is NOT an anime game and WGing is not an anime game company, so it's very glaring. WGing is also not Disney, so seeing this float by: would be very out of place and immersion breaking. Nor is WGing a surrealist quasi comedy so seeing this 'sail' by would be equally confusing: And let me stress: I love me some Pythons and Crimson Permanent Assurance is one of their best skits and a fantastic reference to old British Cinema, but funny though it be, and love it I may, it does NOT belong in this game as it does not fit the tone or situation at all. And before someone says it: yes, the Space Battles *do* fit because 1) It's their own tone, not just using another aesthetic (it doesn't really resemble the space craft of another title (they are not Star-Wars-y, Battlestar-y, Star-Treky ect)) 2) It's very much an LTO, and 3) Most importantly, it fits *tone* wise; the space battles are IN TONE with the regular game, it still FEELS like a grand battle, it still LOOKS like a grand naval battle, it still sounds like grand naval battle, just an aesthetic change, which works, but the Anime stuff ALSO changes the tone as it goes from Grand Battle (Space or Ocean) to... well approximating the sounds of a helium filled sack of kittens being tossed into a river. That is my problem with it, and why I'd argue it has no place... Also the fact that it is *always* high school girls paradoxically drawn to look mature (aka the virginwhore archetype, a common, if not overused, part of media) makes me hawkish about the other players behavior and interests.
  3. And yet those games financially and player satisfication wise are always at the top, while games that sell in game advantages/advancement/equipment/non-coesments always do worse. There is far more money and happier players in TF2-like games than Battlefront 2-like games. EA actually LOST money on BF2. Not lost in the marketing sense in that they made less than they expected; they actually LOST money in that they made less than they put into it. They LOST money on a *multiplayer* FPS of *STAR WARS* during the so-called Renaissance of Star Wars. Do you know how hard you have to [edited] that up? You have to [edited] up SO hard that Sovereign nations start passing laws to abolish the behavior you did during the [edited] up. And there is FAR more incommon with WGing and EA's business model than WGing's and say Valves w/ TF2 and DOTA or Rio's LoL. Selling cosmetics by *far* is the better business model and the evidence is STAGGERING in support of it.
  4. It scares me that you wrote this sentence 100% without irony or self awareness. And I don't even hate anime but times and place. I wouldn't want steamboat willy or the Crimson Permanent Assurance in game either.
  5. I'm primarily interested in the Lazo because she's a T7 Premium for Narai/Ult Frontier runs.
  6. _RC1138

    ANNOUNCING: Privateer Program!

    How many of my lego models/Cobi updates would I have to post to get a Privateer flag? Cause I can start going any time and even post the LDD's so that others can build/modify their own (I even have an LDD of just all the Hulls, no super-structures or guns or props, that I use myself when doing a new design (spoiler: most CV's are basically slightly modified Battleship Hulls and Battlecruisers are slightly thinned/lengthened Battleship hulls).
  7. You're one of those guys that hides at the back the whole match aren't you? Otherwise, it is a lackluster patch but mostly because they aren't really adding anything overall, purchasable or not. The 64 bit is something they should have done from day 1 and is welcomed but yeah, it shoulda been there from day 1. As far as camos go, IMO I'm all for them. Most games' make their bones from cosmetics and is a much safer business model for all involved.
  8. I knew the Lazo was going to end up being a free Giveaway. They delayed it so long with 0 changes being made it was the only explination.
  9. When you play the Ognevoi you will understand why it is so little played; it combines the worst parts of an IJN DD with the Worst parts of a KM DD with the Worst parts of an RU DD while feeling hopelessly undergunned despite having T10 guns; very much like the Kirov except boring unlike the thrill the Kirov can have.
  10. There's only 3, only 1 of which is on a ship with substantial amounts of games played in (Kiev). The other two Chapy and Ognevoi are in the bottom 10% of least played T8 ships, of any class and the Ognevoi is one of the least played SHIPS. So point of fact I doubt those prem camos are terribly attractive to the vast majority of players as the vast majority of players have shown no attraction to the ships wearing them. To say nothing of focusing an entire patch cycle around *3* premium camos is about as lackluster as you get, ESPECIALLY for a Russian focused event. I can totally see delaying 2 weeks for a PROPER release (to make the first Russian event an extravaganza) than to rush into a lackluster event no one cares about. Launches are super important and a wet fart in the beginning largely kills it.
  11. _RC1138

    People are so angry now :(

    WoWs is one of the rare games where player performance on the individual level is largely dictated by a *teams* performance. FPS's, for example, can be dominated by a single player. 1 Player in CoD can easily dominate an entire enemy 12 man team. Even in RPS games like TF2 a single very well played player can more or less always dominate an entire enemy team. In RTS's likewise a single player can dominate 2 or even 3 other players through much better grasps of mechanics and tactics. But WoWs is different. WoWs is closer to a MOBA in a practical sense (not gameplay, obviously) in that, generally speaking, a single player vs. 12 will never win. That is not the same thing as saying 1 person can influence a match to a higher degree than everyone else, but that if 12 people are shooting at you, and only you, the entire match, you have a 0% chance of winning in WoWs while that is just not true in other games. This is why a 'high' Win rate is a mere 60-65%. When you think about that, it's really low. In most highly competitive games like Quake, bare minimum for even 'good' winrates is 95.5 to 95.7% in general play. And in those games', that is possible. But not in WoWs. Because even just 1 or 2 MAJOR potatoes on a team can more or less ensure it is impossible to win. YES, exceptions can and do happen, but finding yourself rapidly 2 players down can make carries almost (almost =/= always) impossible. As such there is a MUCH greater reliance on teammates. And given that the vast majority of players frankly SUCK at this game and have serious bravery issues, that spells disaster and anger. AND as if that was not already enough of a potential source of ire; this game has basically no recourse for bad play. Bad play is basically unpunished. Now that *is* different from MOBA's or FPS's or TPS's or RTS, all of which typically have some form of MMR and/or punishments for bad play. WoWs, outside of ranked (which is inherently compromised by being, you know, RANKED and temporary (and rewards driven)) has none. And that is a major problem when combined with the (over) reliance on teamwork. Someone can be a total derp, hide in the back, sit broadside, shoot HE at broadside targets, YOLO, ignore caps, prioritize surviving and losing over risking sinking and wining and just general bad behavior (notice I did not include toxicity in that, as toxicity is more often than not a SYMPTOM, not a cause, of anger; i.e. TF2 is about as low stakes as a major MP game gets and is essentially 100% non-toxic outside of trade servers (which duh, mixes money)) go unpunished, unremarked, and corrective actions unenforced. There is no penalty for playing like a dipshit and if someone does not prioritize winning, they can more or less screw over 11 other people with no recourse available. Now other games have addressed this issue through a number of methods: player ratings (get too low of a rating and you priority in Matchmaker goes down/totally banned from PvP/only matched with other poor players), *tolerated* teamkills (bad players/cowards in the back killed by teammates often and regularly reduces rate of people playing to survive but not win), MMR (automation that takes many criteria into account to place people together based on a ranking), no persistent stats (games with persistent stats universally have more toxic and angrier player bases), and rewards management (changing how rewards are doled out based on performance. That last one is, IMO, the easiest and best way for WoWs. There would be a NUMBER of ways to do it, for example take to top 'Distance Covered' on a team (win or lose) and set that as the 100%. If you moved only 10% of that players distance, you only get 10% of the potential XP and credits you would have (reduces stopped camping)); to make it more manageable you could give modifiers based on classes: so for example for DD's it's a Flat% of the top 'mover,' for CA/CL's it's 1.1*%ofTopMover, for BB's 1.3*%ofTopMover and for CV's1.5*%oftopmover, so as to give slower/less mobile classes less of a penalty. Another way WoWs could do this is by limiting XP/Credit earnings based on engagement distance as a function of max possible engagement distance of that weapon. That is to say, if do x amount of damage that would translate into +100 XP and +1000 Credits, if I did that damage at 25% of my Max Range, I earn 100% of that reward. If I do it at 50% my max range, I earn 66% of that reward (or +66XP +666 Credits). If I do that damage at 75% my max range, I earn 33% of that reward (+33XP +333 Credits) and if I do it *at* my max range, I earn a paltry 10% of that reward (+10XP +100 Credits). The result of this would be you *can* decide to hide and snipe/spam HE at max range behind a wall/spam torps at max range *BUT* the reward for doing so is SIGNIFICANTLY lower and you are encouraged (passively) to advance and push the enemy more directly. And I'm simplifying the math to make simple examples but you get the general idea: bad behavior needs to be PUNISHED and good behavior more rewarded to discourage poor team play. Do that, and the toxicity/anger will disappear.
  12. I'm having the same problem, and posts showing up out of order and just general something-not-right-here on the forums this morning.
  13. _RC1138

    Second USN DD Line?

    Well... we assume they are premiums. Everything is tested as a premium. Much like how Early Access ships are 'essentially' premiums before being added properly, so too are any new ships added to the game for testing. And WGing has added premiums that became tree ships a few times before. Well as is the case with most nation's DD's, they could break off at Tier 2 and be relatively fine the entire way up with no paper ships. Most nations started building some variation on the Torpedo Boat Destroyer in the late 1800's and continued developing gun models well into the late 40's/early 50's. And paper ships are abounded (unneeded, but abound) so they can even fill 'samey' gaps with more interesting proposals/designs.
  14. And what do you do for the first patch cycle during it? There's nothing to trade the currency for other than the normal signal flags and 3 premium camos for T8 ships. The RU BB's are the centre piece of the event and without them, it might as well not exist.
  15. Point still stands they are not ready for release. Not only days after a major rebalance that dramatically effects performance. I... said that... not sure what restating my point accomplishes; there is very little to this patch other than 3 Prem camos and a new skin for Yamato. As such, if the RU BB's are not ready, I would assume a delay.