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  1. _RC1138

    RN CA Builds

    The RN CA's already have RN DD style Sonar so VI seems a little redundant.
  2. _RC1138

    RN CA Builds

    Really? Cause that seems obvious: DE and SI. SI because you *need* that extra heal; the RN CA's start with a reduced charge count because of its potency. And DE because you ARE going to use that RN CA HE because it is awesome.
  3. _RC1138

    RN CA Builds

    I have two 19 pointers' prepped; one for T6 Devonshire, the other for Goliath. T6's: PM, EM/LS, SI/DE, CE/RL MAM1, HSM1, ASM1, SGM2 He's primarily for Operations as I generally do not play low tier PvP T10's: PM, EM/AR, SI/DE, CE/RL MAM1, HSM1, ASM1, SGM1, CSM1, GFCSM2 Justification: PM always; PT is a crutch and it's just as easy to assume everyone is always shooting at you anyway (mostly true for me at all times) EM cause why not? and AR to keep those AA guns talking late game and bring that 20 second reload down as needed. SI because this ship will live and die on when it has a super-charge heal left. DE because her HE will actually be very useful against some of the more recent BB's added. CE because duh, and RL because there isn't much better to take for a CA for a T4 skill. IFHE doesn't help Goliath much; all she gains is central plating hits to specifically the Kreml; not worth 4 points. AFT is meh after the loss of range increase to AA. FP is wasted on a CA/CL, much less one with a super heal that can print a new ship or two worth of fires. MS is a joke for a Cruiser. And maybe doubling up on a T3 skill like VI, TAE, SE might appeal but it just isn't enough and RL can have it's uses (especially sans radar). MAM1 because what else? HSM1 because with that short range Main Battery, Goliath's going to spend a lot of time in the middle of openings with torps going past her, so keeping that sonar up as long as possible will be key. AR to get that reload down when possible/keep her AA talking late game ASM1 because with a 20 second reload, you want her hitting 12/12 shells every salvo (and there not being much better for a Cruiser in the 3rd slot) SGM1 because Fires are a joke on a RN Cruiser and the acceleration is nice, but I don't generally play 'stop and go' with cruisers so doesn't appeal to me as much as being dancy does. CSM1 because duh (although the +10% action time might be interesting with RN super heals...) and GFCSM2 to somewhat mitigate her anemic range.
  4. _RC1138

    That's it, I'm out (Henri nerf)

    Goliath looks to have a VERY different play style than Hindy or HIV. It has a much shorter range, much lower RoF, and is much more of an adequate torp platform (RN torps are often overlooked sleepers). It's going to play closer to a less subtle Zao than a Hinde.
  5. Correction: T9 guns with T8 Matchmaking with a T7 Cruiser's hull; the Albermarle really feels like the old T7 Pensacola with worse MM, and reduced range traded for decent torps, more respondent guns, and a heal. I imagine basically the same ship with 9.2" guns instead isn't going to be much to write home about. Goliath and Drake look interesting but Albermarle may by DOA.
  6. _RC1138

    UK Heavy's first Impression; HMS Hawkins

    I don't think most people are going to like the Ablemarle. Drake looks fun and Goliath looks like it will end up being nerfed in some way (It is basically a mini Conq). Ablemarle would have been fun in Cherry Blossom, but wargaming is blue-balling us all.
  7. _RC1138

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Not in a Seaway/Shipping lane. Chinese, British, Iranian, French, Italian, Brazilian; I've been around all of them and more and I've never seen with my own eyes even one of them dark without running lights. I have seen myself several times USN ships, both in their own waters and foreign waters completely dark, in the middle of a shipping lane acting as essentially a 10,000 ton iceberg. It is a uniquely american thing. There's a reason the lighthouse joke exists and it is always an american ship in it.
  8. _RC1138

    World of Torpedoes

    I remember the old version of Isles of Ice, where it had that group of small bergs to the South East corner, and those 3 large bergs you had to maneuver around to the North West, and that big wide open alley in the middle, it was a nearly constant wave of torps coming down it. Like literally every 40-50 seconds another set would come barreling through. That's why the IJN torps needed to be nerfed; it wasn't just harming BB play, but EVERYONE'S play.
  9. _RC1138

    World of Torpedoes

    They actually work quite well in Operations. Very efficient damage dealers in Raptor Rescue.
  10. HIV was difficult for other cruisers to hit as well; it had DD slow down ability and if you're shells take 12 seconds to reach him (because it's not like catching up to an HIV is an EASY task, nor is it like HIV isn't specifically a notable KITER as well...) that is more than enough time for the previous wacky handling characteristics would easily through off shots. That, and her wacky Armour profile rendered even good hits often Overpens.
  11. _RC1138

    UK Heavy's first Impression; HMS Hawkins

    I can say after playing a few matches in the new T8 Ablemarle it most reminds me of the old T7 Pensacola; hit's like a truck, slow reload, and eats cits from everything, but highly maneuverable and surprisingly flexible. Main difference is the lack of range and the RN CL-style heal.
  12. _RC1138

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    The difference is raw tonnage in a collision in a seaway doesn't care about gun diameter. That's why the Fitzgerald came back looking like this: and the Crystal came back to port like this: Mass times Velocity doesn't give a crapabout how many VLS tubes you have. And sitting in a seaway, dark, with no running lights, with your transponder/beacon off is going to result in problems. As far as my sig goes, it's an old family motto:
  13. _RC1138

    Need help from some of you Military man ?

    Ehhh International Maritime law is very... let's say hazy. For one, they are not all consistent in rules; for example stopping distances are dictated by law, but they are not all the same. What typically happens is you follow the Laws of the Water's you are in, which is why crews typically are kept operating in the same routes (the hull may change). When designing ships you typically design them around the laws of their primary port of registry; so the safety equipment, sensory equipment, ship handling characteristics are built to that standard. And if you get really technical, you will often tool a ship to handle for particular PORTS (and their authorities) if it is being designed for reasonably predictable routes (this is particularly true for Post-PANAMAX/Post-SuezMax/Q-Max ships, where their size dictates a limited range of available ports). Likewise any ship that's hitting the Capesize range is likely to have a reliably designated route from the earliest design stages and will be built to the standards of that authority (may even impact layout of the bridge and engineering areas). Ehhh not really. Malaysian flagged ships are notorious for dimming or outright turning off their running lights, likewise keeping their beacons off (or having had the signal stolen (ghost ships)). And the american navy is the worst; it's one thing to be out of the seaway with your lights dimmed, but american warships like to sit in the middle of seaways with their running lights off and their beacons off. And because they are warships, they feel they can expect to be given way in all conditions, despite seemingly being ignorant to how large cargo carriers handle. And that's why they keep getting damaged/having losses of life.
  14. HIV needed a nerf. Either to her armour to make pens more reliable (less overpen-y/disappearing AP) or a heavy nerf to her maneuverability/handling (what WG went with). She was just too good at her stated role and was too often the last cruiser left alive.
  15. I got two ships already, the Hawkins and Ablemarle, for what it's worth. Hawkins was first, Ablemarle second.