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  1. Shhhhhh don't tell people about monstromarkers...
  2. a=3987 b=4365 c=4472 n=12 Eat it Fermat
  3. Two things: 1 there's a patch coming in the next day or two, or next week at the latest (Test Server just ended, they keep announcing features from it, I'd be surprised if it doesn't drop tomorrow or Friday) so it would stand to reason if, and big if, those crates come despite the... ahem, climate, they would stand to reason to come with that patch. And 2, at no point where those crates called the "annual Christmas crate" They may very well choose to do something else.
  4. And you are making the assumption that all in battle reports are useless including bullying another player bad mouthing another play because he does not play up to your expectation's. And with the Steam players coming over I really don't care, they die the same way other players do, no exceptions.

    And in game reporting does works, I have used it before along with a ticket and had players get banned weather in game or chat ban.

  5. Bring Back Kitakami!

    If I catch your meaning, you mean to ask, how many players would want to see it implemented in game but with the caviot that they themselves specifically could never have it? Probably <= 0. Especially if you don't allow alt accounts.
  6. Not a bad idea actually. IIRC the HE shell blast radius, while not applying to HP damage, does apply to module damage (which is why, I assume, a hit to say the bow on a small low tier DD can result in an engine shutdown). Perhaps giving DoY HE shells insanely large Blast Radius could prove interesting. No more damaging than anything else, but a great BB support ship to use in tandem with say a CV or CA's looking to close in on a dangerous close range foe. Likewise could be an interesting anti-DD ship, when combined with Sonar, to quickly render the tubes destroyed/incapacitated.
  7. I said that, "a little taller cit." I mean it's 'new' for a T6, but that said, the Kongo as implemented is in a 1930's form. And the Dunk was launched in 1937. So maybe it's time to consider a downtiering. Makes even more sense if the intention is to give it away for free as part of a campaign as T6 is kinda the "Free" tier anyway.
  8. So where *is* Vanguard?

    If I were a betting man, I'd wager Vanguard's to be a T8 Premium with regular heals but Radar, a-la Missouri, and Warspite quality accuracy. It's kinda the only way to make her 15" Mk1's make sense at T8, and follows established trends.
  9. That literally proves nothing beyond the fact you were reported. Wooptie [edited]do. Beyond that, there are 0 consequences other than a chat ban, which is meaningless. Chat bans hurt your team more than they hurt you anyway since you can't sent important messages like, "DD over there," or "Countdown to radar in..."
  10. That's what I said in the other thread. She makes sense, right now, with a little nerf to the reload (Solid 30 seconds to put her in line with T6 mates), and a slight nerf to the secondaries, and a little taller cit, as a T6. Other than speed. She's a bit speedy for T6 although that said, no one has a problem with a 30 knot BB at T5 so it's not *that* big of a deal to have a 28 knot one at T6. I mean beyond the speed, HE performance, and shorter AP Fuze, what else does the current devblog version have over say a NM or a Fuso? Thicker belt sure but armor in this game counts for squat anyway.
  11. So where *is* Vanguard?

    RN's got almost enough BB's/CC's to make a separate, 3 to 10 line. We didn't get G3's or N3's. None of the CC's. The old KGV class. Dreadnought, which I'm still pissed about, is not in game. Yeah, Vanguard will be a prem, and a whole lot more RN BB's.
  12. Bring Back Kitakami!

    You think it would be implemented at T8? T9 almost 100% certainty (and as a Free XP ship she sorta makes sense, easiest way to close her off to all but the most veteran players as money can't straight out BUY a free XP ship as you need the XP to convert). Otherwise she makes 0 sense and is *brutally* overpowered. Not unless you give it all IJN DW Torps, regardless of range, that can only hit BB's and CV's. Then, MAYBE, MAYBE, it's okay. And even still it will need some serious tooling to reload time, like 2 minutes minimum, and no reload booster.
  13. Duke of Yuck no longer

    It's a rush job at this point. They tried the whole, no repair concept and it didn't work, pretty much everyone thought it was stupidly executed and many thought the entire concept was dumb to start. So they quickly undid that feature and more or less reverted her to a 'normal' BB without considering that the KGV isn't normal anyway given it's 14" guns and odd setup. So it makes sense that this same ship, in essence at least, is going to require goofy stats. But, to be frank, I think the engineer in charge of this project had a brainfart and didn't consider that during the reversion and just set it to a 'regular' BB stats. I mean if you compare the DoY in this form, vs. say the NM or Arizona, they're pretty close other than a bit faster and a bit more health. Is that enough of a trade to up a tier? IDK. Maybe they should maybe nerfing her a little more (30 Sec reload, shorter range secondaries, and a lower quality sonar) and place her at T6.
  14. Duke of Yuck no longer

    With the Heals and everything else, there's no rational reason, without some kind of alternative playstyle buff, to keep her reload at 29 seconds. I mean it really doesn't make sense. I sense this was born out of not a full consideration of the facts, and overlooking that the KGV is already a different barrel of monkeys at T7 and that 25 second reload makes up for a GREAT deal of potential problems. Of all the things, that's the one I expect the most will be changed prior to release.
  15. We're working on that. The Steam kiddies are starting to hit mid-tiers, and some of them are *salty* as hell at being curb stomped by veterans. You guys gotta chill out with those 3 man Clemson divs.