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  1. I'm pretty much fed up with this game; WGing fails at very, very basic game development tasks; this is the only game I've seen where no MMR is present, no ability to blacklist players so that you don't get matched with them again (at least on YOUR side) nor any ability to vote kick/ban a player. Games with literally 1/10th this game's population make MMR's and vote-kicks work, what makes WoWs so [edited]special that they cannot do the same? What makes the WoWs player population so much worse at games compared to say Fractured Space, Warthunder, TF2, GW, SWTOR, or a multitude of other games with PvP that can make use of options and features to make it so that *deliberate* cowardly poor play is punished in game. They leave TK damage in, but then punish you for TKing cowards. I'm done, and taking what little money I spent here elsewhere. This game is TERRIBLE and I will look forward to win Activision, Ubisoft, EA (can't [edited]believe that *EA* is better at Game development than Wargamming) or another Western Dev makes a functional version of this game.
  2. Or, easier, just *play* as a damn BB, and kill the Radar cruiser. People seem to be forgetting just how easy it is to Blamp Cruisers and they have one HELLUVA hard counter in the form of overmatch capable BB AP. Seriously, load up an Amagi, and watch the Radar cruisers scatter. Enough players doing that and radar will recede; I know this because *I* stop playing my cruisers whenever a new BB line is released because I *know* it will be open season on me.
  3. I think you completely misunderstand my tone; it's just plain facts that, with skill assumed equal, no DD should *ever* lose to a BB in a 1 v 1 situation. Only the addition of another BB (and they better both be fast) or Cruiser(s) can shift that dynamic, and not that much. Likewise 1 v 1 a CA/CL should *always* lose against a DD baring intervention from Radar. Sonar doesn't even help enough due to it's short range (no Cruiser mounted sonar outranges minimum spotting range of any at tier DD (Hinde comes the closest)) relative to spotting range, and as such vision control remains with the DD. And vision control in this game is *everything*, and when you consider that torps do not effect visibility, that means a DD can shoot ad infinatum, from stealth, without any threat whatsoever. Only facing more than one enemy, a DD, a CV, or Radar, can even the odds, which is why Radar is *needed*. Or, failing that, make it so that when torps are fired DD's become visible for the same 20 seconds everyone else does when they fire their armament, because this is, and I've really tried, the only game I can think of where a player can *fire* a major damage dealing weapon, and *remain* hidden/invisible. I mean really stop and think about it: lots of games have a rouge class (aka a class that relies on stealth attacks + huge Alpha strikes -survivability when spotted), but I cannot for the life of me think of a single rouge type class in any game, even SINGLE player games, that can make a major damage dealing attack AND remain stealthed: Fractured Space? Nope. The Ghost, Basilisk, Blackwidow, and Infiltrator all de-cloak the MOMENT they attack with ANY weapon type (even Point Defense activation) TF2? Nope. No Spy Revolver or knife allows attacks from stealth. Closest is that one knife allows you to attack and instantly re-disguise, but you are visible 100% of the time this is going on. WoW/SWTOR/GW? Nope; their rouge classes all instantly decloak upon casting a DAMAGING attack; they have various upgrades that allow them to do SUPPORT actions on themselves (heals, buffs, cleanses ect) while still stealthed, but no version of a Rouge in these games allows ATTACKS to take place and remain in stealth BF2142? Nope, while there were classes that could stealth, they could not fire (or even switch weapons) while stealthed. Really only could move. Halo w/ Cloak? Nope, any gunfire attacks render you visible and reduce cloak time. ESO? Nope, no stealth attacks (they don't even have Damage BONUS from Stealth attacks which is kinda standard). Hell I cannot even think of *single* player games that allow this; ME2/ME3? Nope. Oh there's a cloak on the Infiltrator class, and they likewise can get a buff that allows a SINGLE *caste* to be made while still stealthed, but all versions have it so that if a player SHOOTS their gun, they instantly decloak. Borderlands 2? Nope, attacking while invisible with guns causes a decloak. Crysis? Nope, shooting decloaks. So before DD's act all, 'poor me' about their stealth being broken by radar, understand that *no* version of a stealth class can do what they do: caste their most DAMAGING attack while remaining stealthed. From a *gameplay* standpoint, Radar is *needed* to balance out this *huge* buff DD's enjoy to stealth that is essentially *unheard of* in the gaming world.
  4. William Halsey

    Assuming you don't have any other USN Special Captains? Baltimore, Buffalo, or DM; they benefit the most from having both the EM boost and the Buff/Balt VERY much benefit from the EL buff. Failing that, any BB can always benefit from the EM boost. He is wasted on CV's and/or DD's. Personally, I put him on the NC so that I can share him on all my Prem USN BB's (since they all more or less can have the same build) since I already have George Doe on the Balt and J Doe on the DM.
  5. And any DD player *dumb* enough to get within 11 km of a Radar cruiser deserves the same response. This is emphatically false. 1 v 1 assuming equal skill, a DD will beat any non-Radar cruiser/BB every, single, time. It has to. By basic logic it has to. The only way the DD loses is making a MAJOR mistake, or simply running out of time. But a DD is faster, more maneuverable, can fire from stealth (torps), and has tools like smoke and engine boost to maintain punching distance. There is no way around this and I can bring up examples of this being an accepted fact from literally every major player of note here. DD's can *rule* the waves if not for things like Radar and to a slight degree, sonar, CV's and other DD's. But a BB, baring the Missouri (and only just) should *always* lose vs. a DD. It cannot cover objectives as well. It cannot maneuver as well. No BB in the game can outrun any at-tier DD's, and no BB has a min-stealth range that a DD cannot comfortably cover. As far as CA/CL's, baring Radar, all a CA/CL can hope to do is out run/tire a DD, as no CA/CL has the spotting range to out spot a DD, nor do non-Radar cruisers have the ability to force spot. No version your logic makes sense given the realities of the game's mechanics. The only reason DD's are not as powerful across the board than say BB's are is, frankly, most DD players are lowskill*. If I had a penny for every DD I've seen nuked while sitting still in smoke in the first 3 minutes in the game, I could probably afford to buy WGing and just ban all DD players straight away.
  6. Facts matter, and misrepresenting the truth is pretty bad when you are claiming some kind of prejudice and/or preferential treatment. So by my math... well let's actually count it out: There are 70 BB's in game currently There are 18 CV's Currently There are 107 CA/CL's currently There are 80 DD's currently. So in total 275 ships. Proportionally, that means: 25% are BB's 7% are CV's 39% are CA/CL's 29% are DD's So, even ignoring some basic facts *later*, the DD's and CV's in total only represent 36% of the game, barely more than 1/3; definitely not half. *AND* this ignores that the lowest Radar is T7, so we can eliminate the following: From Tier 1 to Tier 4 There are 15 BB's There are 2 CV's There are 35 CA/CL's There are 20 DD's That means in total, 72 Ships literally can *never* be effected by Radar, or 26%. Since DD's are 'ruined' because of radar, you can reduce their proportion with their DD's that CANNOT see Radar down to: 21% DD's can see radar So that means, in total, only 28%, now closer to 1/4, of the content, is 'ruined.' Again, hardly half. *AND* we now need to consider radar density: At T7 there are currently 4 Radar ships (Flint, Atlanta, Belfast, and Indianapolis), all CA/CL's At T8 there are 4 Radar Ships (Eddy, Chappy, Cleve and Balt) all CA/CL's At T9 there are 8 Radar ships (Miss, Neptune, Seattle, Buffalo, Kron Dimitri, Black, and Chung), 1 BB, 5 CA/CL's, and 2 DD's At T10 there are 7 Radar ships (Mino, Worc, DM, Salem, Stalingrad, Moskva, and Yueyang) That is, in total, 23 Radar ships. In total for the game, that represents 8% of total ships. Now, using the inverse of who *can't* see radar, minus radar ships, is 180 ships or 65%. 65% of ships can see a radar ship in the game and are not themselves carriers of radar. But of that 65%, obviously, BB's, CV's, and CA/CL's other than RN+Perth+Kutz, would never care about radar (or carry it, itself), + the RU DD's who generally don't give a CRAP about radar, which reduces the effected ships for radar down to 60 ships. So 60 ships, or 21%, in the whole game, can see radar, and are effected by them. That's it. And that is including T5's seeing 1 of those 4 potential Radar cruisers in a T7-High match. So even assuming those ships are all *ruined* by Radar, it isn't even a *quarter* of the ships in the game. Oh, and this discounts proportionality of ships in a match; that is to say, you cannot have 12 v 12 of 12 radar ships and 12 ships with no radar. As such, the actual weighted effect is much lower, closer to ~10%. 10% of the time you will deal with a radar ship. The other *90%* of the time a Radar ship is either not present, or diluted out by the rest of the team, or away from you in tier. I'd say this is a problem that doesn't exist, but it's far more akin to 'chicken little.' As far as "Missing the forest through the trees," take a good long look at those numbers and understand just how *small* that forest actually is. See in principle, I disagree: Torps *are* (and were) a problem, and need to be more properly balanced. DD play is a mess because of how much of a square peg they are, and BB's rightfully SHOULD be angry at their implementation because of how poorly balanced the game is around DD's. That said, you play the game you have, not the one you wish, and as such, it is, to a degree, up to BB's to 'learn to play better' around DD's. And as such, it is fair to say to DD's under the SAME standard, learn to play around Radar. The only reason CA/CL's don't get a comeuppance is because they ALREADY were having to 'lrn2ply' from the day the game came out of beta and CL/CA's were getting BLAMPED by BB's every which way. You guys are finally getting the same 'balance' that CA/CL's have been dealing with since day 1.
  7. What kind of mathematics do you find 'half the content' alienated? CA's alienate all other classes by a bit and radar doesn't hurt them, and BB's are next most content; totally uneffected by radar. CV's don't care about radar. And RU DD's dont care about radar (with many of their spotting ranges being close to radar range ANYWAY). *AND* the fact that the lowest tier Radar is 7, meaning that literally *half* of the ships in the game are INCAPABLE of seeing a radar ship baring a FailDiv. And Carriers are getting a MASSIVE rework in the near future. TBH, I prefer that they take their time with it, so they get it right THE FIRST TIME, instead of the half measure hotfixes they put out historically.
  8. Since you prioritized DD's over BB's or CA's, I suspect WGing is fine with that. All else; DD's told BB's for the past few years, "Git gud, learn how to WASD hack and dodge torps," oh how the shoe is on the other foot now. Also, this is also part of the reason I wanted more range on the USN CL/CA's; with such a short range they HAVE to move forward right into the DD's playzone and thus fall back on that more often; as opposed to say a Hinde who spams fire from long range.
  9. Range: the Buffalo's got the same Great AP the Balt had but + 3 guns; and it needs that extra punching distance. Nothing worse than seeing a broadside cruiser or BB when you have AP loaded but it's out of range.
  10. At T10 it really doesn't: most CV Captains know when a High Class AA ship spawns to steer VERY wide around it and thus catching them off guard is nigh impossible. Even with the greater AA range to spotting range, if you were spotted in the GENERAL area, most CV Captains will just avoid that area and send their planes elsewhere. That's why the Mino edges out, in a more practical than raw DPS potential, sense: it is stealth and downplayed enough, plus has smoke to conceal, that you are FAR more likely to have a CV captain accidentally get their planes over you.
  11. With DFAA? No, the Kidd can do the same thing. But the Minotaur can do the same trick, with 8.5km AA range + 7.2 km min air detection. And combined with smoke you are also impossible to target directly makes you very spiky. Also, the Mino has better non-DFAA Boosted AA than the Worcester in the sense a greater proportion (really, nearlly ALL of her AA) is mid Ranged AA.
  12. Possible Solution to Radar

    Only in a DD. Never heard a BB say, "God I cannot move/do damage/die instantly because of radar." Haven't heard a CV go, "All my planes get nuked because of Radar." Haven't even really seen any cruisers say, "God I cannot play cause of that damn radar." This is paper complaining it can be cut; DD's hate radar, we get it; you're supposed to hate it, the same way BB's are supposed to HATE your torps.
  13. Possible Solution to Radar

    I don't really care what the stats are because you cannot draw a conclusion from a correlation.
  14. T8 County class CA but has no Citadel. That's it. No goofy consumables, just regular T8 Sonar. No DFAA. No TRB. No radar. No RN heal even. No wacky HE or AP, just regular appropriate T8 AP HE shells. Just no citadel. With 4x2 8" guns, regular HE and AP, and let's say the T7 RN CL Torps, it would be a *weird* ship to play with such light armor yet no citadel.
  15. Possible Solution to Radar

    Shima's are bad when they are played bad. Just like how people complain that the New York and Colorado are bad because they play them poorly. But surprise surprise, a HRHR ship is MUCH more unforgiving.