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  1. It's more of it's nature of being a Tribal, one of the best DD classes of all time, and being one of the more interesting HMCS ships. If you want a storied Tribal, the Tartar is the one to look at.
  2. So BB's

    Hard to earn XP in the back while Cruisers and DD's do all the actual work.
  3. It won't, because until you can use RN Captains on what amounts to a secondary set of RN Premiums, it doesn't make economic sense to release an already niche ship to an even more limited market. And while I appreciate the zeal of my Canadian friends, the RN should get a formal Tribal before yet another knock off. As it stands there are more Royal Navy Destroyers *not* in the Royal Navy tree then there are in it.
  4. I knew Baltimore was going to be ruined by this Split. No heal, not T9 upgrade slot. Unnecessary nerf. Too bad. She was a nice cruiser while she lasted. So goes my 2nd Favorite ship in the game... at least Warspite is more or less immune to nerfs...
  5. Sorry my 'crude' English humor is too much for a sad group of puritanical American 'bats.'
  6. Yeah I noticed it too. I assume it's a typo, but in the grand scheme of things: meh. Going through 100 flags in a weekend is nothing, so my behavior isn't gona change either way, and 3050 winners is a small pool anyway so I'm not gona sweat on this.
  7. People hate AFK's, problem is most people don't NOTICE an AFK player on their team right away, given the sheer volume of players that hide, scared, cowering in the back of a team, it's easy to mistake an AFK BB or CA or DD as just someone waiting to be the last guy in.
  8. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    Nothing about this behavior makes sense, and speaking truth to stupid is kinda my thing. I mean no version of a 'reroll' account makes sense, and your reasons for doing so make even less sense. And it speaks to a broader issue of [edited] being CV players with PTW boats... anyone picking up on what I'm alluding too...
  9. To be fair, if you want to play your ship in a way that is a detriment to the good time of *eleven* other people, then you should perhaps not be a selfish [edited] and stick to the training room. EDIT Jeeze even [edited] isn't allowed? 4 letters and rhymes with 'bat.'
  10. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    Read what he said: The logic of that, combined with *buying* the Kaga, which costs more, makes 0 sense.
  11. These are the same players, typically IJN DD's, crying, "Waah, IJN DD's are too weak and need a buff!" If I had a dime for every IJN DD I saw do this in the Tier 7 to Tier 10 spread, I would be able to afford to buy enough stake in this game to perma-ban them for doing it.
  12. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    The logic of this makes no sense: it only costs 2000 Gold to change a name right? But you have a Kaga on this 'reroll' account, obviously, as you are asking specifically about it. As a T7 *PREMIUM* CV it costs *WAY* more than a rename.... so.... you're full of crap...
  13. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    'Burdened.' If this isn't first world problems IDK what is... in a game where stats literally count for nothing at best, at worst, they actually work against you.
  14. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    .[edited]really? ...some of you guys are seriously sick minded and need to get some priorities straight...
  15. How to fight Saipans in Kaga?

    What the [edited] is a reroll account?