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  1. From what's been posted, that seems to be true; most of the big, 5/20 or 7/20 ship hauls came from Mega Crates. That said, it seems to happen just as often as the others to get 0/20. There doesn't seem to be much middle ground either; either it goes 0/20, or 5/20.
  2. The ST Alabama was an uproar on all the servers, and the W'V remains to be seen if they actually DO anything, or just slapped a 41' on the release to shut everyone else, to say nothing of the fact all of the servers also complained about a Pre-Rifit WV. If you actually WENT to the other servers' forums you'd know that. But the Russian server, duh, get's the most attention. Hell the actual DEVELOPERS (not just Community Managers) actually post from time to time on the RU/EU forums. And they keep a VERY close eye on the SEA. NA, not so much. It's the least profitable market which makes sense.
  3. _RC1138

    Over pen mechanic issues.

    Oh now other people are noting it... I called it ~3 days after the patch and got shouted down... Right now I'm at risk of becoming lazy in my Cruisers as I have been getting away for a few weeks now of sitting full on broadside to enemy BB's and suffering almost no consequences for it. My DM might as well be citadel-proof with only USN BB's really a threat. Something is off for both Dispersion and overpens from BB guns right now, as they are both horridly inaccurate and even when they do hit, shells that I KNOW should be causing me to take a citadel or at least 33% pens are only causing me to take Overpen damage. And while it's helping me, I suppose, it's not how things should work.
  4. _RC1138

    santa crates

    It's working...
  5. No, if they buy them themselves they don't need to disclose ANYTHING. If they are PROVIDED for free, or even at a discount, they MUST disclose that: https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking#ftcactapply I'm a >40 year old Engineer with a MBA but sure, whatever makes you happy. And Laws are Laws. If we're picking and choosing which ones to follow, then you have no right to complain if someone robs your house, or steals your car. That has nothing to do with it: If I am Ford Motors, and I give you a random Car off of the product line; nothing special, nothing different, bog standard color, features ect. And you review it for a Car magazine, and FAIL to disclose I gave it to you for free, you are in violation of Disclosure Policy. If you read that forbes article I posted, they are SLOWLY starting to enforce them; mostly because, of course, in relation to Gambling in games. It mostly started with the CSGO fiasco, where two dudes who OWNED the gambling website were making videos showing their winnings and NOT disclosing that they owned the website, a HUGE violation of the Disclosure Rules. Add in the fire caused by EA's Lootboxes (and others) and I expect increasing enforcement in relation to loot boxes. My problem with Lootboxes is that 1) They are a gambling mechanic, 2) Gambling earnings are taxed at a higher rate (i.e. income a Casino makes on a BlackJack Table is taxed at a different (higher) rate than the income they make off of your hotel room) 3) Lootboxes are not (currently) defined legally as gambling and thus a company is getting a free tax break while everyone else paying taxes is not.
  6. ...Nothing you said has anything to do with the Law As Written. Let me break it down: there's a regulatory body in the US called the FTC, Federal Trades Commission, that regulates, well, trade. I.E. the passing of money for goods between private entities and Companies. It governs a GREAT many aspects of that trade, and one that applies here is what it is known as Fair Use law. Fair Use Law covers a great many things, but one of them is disclosure rules. In these disclosure rules, which apply to Advertising, the person producing content may or may not, depending on the source of the content, if they are making MONEY on the content (i.e. have advertisements) must disclose IF they got that content from the provider. That is to say, if I run a youtube channel with *0* advertisements, and nor do I have a patereon. I am doing this 100% for free, and WGing provides me some lootboxes for free and I open them, I do *not* have to disclose that WGing provided them to me. HOWEVER, if I have advertisements, or a paetron, or accept ANY form of revenue from the production of that Youtube stream, I am *REQUIRED* to disclose if WGing provided those boxes. Failure to do so is FELONY in the US (and similar disclosure laws, some stricter, some looser, exist in other jurisdictions such as the UK, EU, and PRC). Now, it's very hard to ENFORCE fair use laws in an age of the Internet, given the sheer volume of content, but something is or is not illegal because of failure to enforce it. If someone kills someone else and is not caught, the law against murder has not been enforced, but that does not make the law null and void. Now if you've heard of Fair Use before, it's probably in the context of Youtubers/Let's Players posting videos of games/movies without explicit permission from the rights holder. Without getting OVERLY detailed, it's a VERY fine line between transformative work and nontransformative, and also involves if a profit is being made (so, for example, I can do a free showing of a movie, but I cannot charge admission or even other goods that render a revenue stream in relation to that showing; this is what makes things like BitTorrents tough to regulate (beyond the technical challenges) since much of the time there is no money to be had for any persons).
  7. He is; under Fair Use Laws you must disclose when you shill for a company if they provided it: https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/42/1001.1101 For the record, it's a Felony that carries a minimum sentence in the US of 5 years and/or up to $500k in fines. And it is something they are INCREASINGLY looking into: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesagencycouncil/2017/10/17/disclose-sponsored-posts-feds-launch-probe-into-influencers-and-sponsored-content/ Below is the guidelines: most of these unboxing videos could easily be described as violating the FTC standards. Enforcement is always unlikely (given the sheer volume of content) but it *is* a crime (lot's of people do cocaine, also a crime). https://www.ftc.gov/tips-advice/business-center/guidance/ftcs-endorsement-guides-what-people-are-asking#ftcactapply
  8. All the above. The Server profitability goes, in order: RU, SEA, EU, NA.
  9. Do not waste money on doing the retrainings; with the coming CV Rework (that also effects AA skills (and maybe CE as well)) there will likely be server wide resets/free resets of all captains for free. And given that is likely only ~2 months away, patience and virtues comes to mind. 1) They never do events for Pearl Harbor. Every year someone asks, every year, it doesn't happen and 2) I think you grossly overestimate how much a Russian company cares about what a bunch of americans think, especially on the NA server, the least profitable server of the 4.
  10. _RC1138

    Possible Solution to Radar

    Why. The hell. Did you necro this with an off topic post?
  11. I don't think it's deceptive; it's pretty up front that there is a chance, not a guarantee, at getting ships. It IS however unethical to include a gambling mechanic in a game and not pay the proper tax rate on the earnings, which is exactly what's going on. They are cheating everyone, in any area (NA, EU, SEA, ect) who earns a living and pays taxes, as they are evading paying their fair share.
  12. It's always been said low level gambling (like these boxes) are a tax on stupid people; I'm seeing no evidence to the contrary here.
  13. _RC1138

    I'm calling ********

    I did do the math: The value of both the Flags and Camo, which drop the most, place them BELOW the cost of the box, and thus, qualifies as gambling (seriously, why the [edited] are you trying to defend a Multi-BILLION dollar company's dickery?) If you get dealt, over, and over, and over again, crappy cards (as determined by CHANCE) bluffs will cease to work. Thus it is a game of CHANCE. And the definitions I'm using; 1) Game of Chance vs. Skill and 2) Reward vs. Buy in, are not *my* definitions, it's how gambling is defined in MOST jurisdictions on the planet, including Las Vegas. There are SOME exceptions, largely to do with payouts (that's why you can have an office pool without needing a gambling license/pay taxes on the winnings at the Gambling rate), but Loot Boxes would NEVER qualify for that under scrutiny and, spoiler alert, they ARE getting scrutiny and FAILING in every legal challenge against being considered gambling. The Mega crate does not offer Type 59's, they offer a different camo and are priced lower (30 Doubloons) and as such are a net loss in total buying power of the crate. And the flags offered, when converted to $ Values via both Coal, Silver, and doubloons, all work out to be lower in price. These are gambling, plain and simple.
  14. _RC1138

    My 100 Mega Box Haul!

    I make 7 Figures and pissing money away is STILL pissing money away. I could buy $1000 worth of Scratch offs a Day and it's STILL a poor use of my money, made worse by this stuff being DIGITAL goods at best. It's a bad idea to buy these lootboxes in general WORSE to buy them sight unseen of feedback from other buyers.
  15. They are only supposed to be the 'small' crates. They did the same thing last year when they gave away small crates for a few missions.