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  1. What is your Warships.today description?

    Pyromaniac_Rasputin Plays a mix of battleships (excellent) and cruisers (excellent) Deals a large amount of damage Very often finishes damaged enemies Very rarely uses torpedoes Key vehicle - Atlanta
  2. Bads are gonna complain. Hell there is a thread up right now about how a splash graphic change is a nerf to DDs. When people shoot DDs with HE, they are gonna start new threads about how broken BB HE is.
  3. Oof, you just like assuming what other people think. I think BB AP is overpreforming against DDs, I also think the bad DDs are gonna complain when a single salvo of HE breaks everything on their ship. People love to complain. And the change wont affect the potatoe BBs who only shoot HE.
  4. If BBs started using HE against DDs the next thread will be about how with 1 salvo of HE every breaks on the DD.
  5. Is 7.2 Another Nail in the DD Coffin?

    If you rely on splashes to conceal your DD you are already dead.
  6. Would love to have the splash animation render when torps are launched instead of the dd revealed.
  7. People who main ship types are biased. There should be no absolute hard counters in this game. Its not a rts. Alot of BBs dont have useful secondaries and if the DD is within range of them the BB is dead. BB AP is overpreforming against DDs and needs a slight nerf. Walls of skill (12+ torps) are not fun to play against. People need to chill out and realize all classes should be fun and preform well against each other. Also sometimes RNG just has a hateboner for you. As a proud RN cruiser and Atlanta, I welcome hordes of DDs. Inb4 Atlanta and Edinburgh 3 salvo me in 15-30s with radar please nerf. Meanwhile BBs are still loading.
  8. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Fragged two corgis both by the hands of my atlanta
  9. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/2020-0711-aslains-wows-modpack-installer-wpicture-preview/ Dont expect it to make you unicum overnight unless you get nothing but stationary potatoes.
  10. My thoughts are that the mod should be added to the game because it adds a fairly straight foward way to adjust the angle of your guns. The mod itself does give an advantage in a small amount of circumstances that must align in order to function. That being standing still when becoming undetected or sailing in a straight line during a cyclone. Both of these can be solved with the "git gud, dont sail in a straight line" BBs get. For those curious here are several additional threads that are worth a read. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/9284-x-marks-the-spot/
  11. The base game should have this tbh but who is perfectly stationary and remains perfectly stationary in smoke?
  12. Hey Mouse!

    I know you are under NDA, Mouse, but how the different is the Massachusetts going to be different from the Alabama?
  13. Damage Indicator

    These mods are legal as they only update when you have vision of the target. Use aslains to install them.
  14. Forum emblems

    Since it became part of a definition. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/cancer An evil or destructive practice or phenomenon that is hard to contain or eradicate.
  15. Forum emblems

    Yep, difference is I CHOSE it to be my forum avatar. I was wondering when someone would catch that. Guess the forum emblem thing accelerated it. Gonna change it now since its kinda repetitive. Never thought they would add it to the forums.