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  1. How many Corgi's have you fragged

    Fragged two corgis both by the hands of my atlanta
  2. Hey Mouse!

    I know you are under NDA, Mouse, but how the different is the Massachusetts going to be different from the Alabama?
  3. Damage Indicator

    These mods are legal as they only update when you have vision of the target. Use aslains to install them.
  4. Forum emblems

    Since it became part of a definition. https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/cancer An evil or destructive practice or phenomenon that is hard to contain or eradicate.
  5. Forum emblems

    Yep, difference is I CHOSE it to be my forum avatar. I was wondering when someone would catch that. Guess the forum emblem thing accelerated it. Gonna change it now since its kinda repetitive. Never thought they would add it to the forums.
  6. Forum emblems

    Im in a screenshot \o/ Emblems are cancer. I downloaded a mod to remove them from the game. Now i just need to stop using the forums.
  7. USN Tier 7 Premium Battleship "Any Ideas"

    That would be supercool to have a split like that and I agree it would be more appropriate to be a T8 considering the firepower. If a split like that occured I would worry about the armor and speed of the south Dakota being that she would have 25mm bow and be slow as all hell compared to her rivals. Those two reasons and the potential to make her lack AA was the reason I suggest T7.
  8. USN Tier 7 Premium Battleship "Any Ideas"

    Personally, I dont want to see more sister ships made premium. Id rather have new classes which are slightly different. I feel like a 1920 South Dakota class BB could be a good fit for T7 with 12 16"/50 rifles in a 4x3 turrets. 23 knots speed. Pretty much same armor as colorado just slightly up gunned with little aa.
  9. The new special French camos are odd

    Judging by the size of that coq ramming damage should increase by 100%.
  10. Normandie is way too fast

    If you can read what you write, you are complaining about the speeds the Normandie can reach in game and your only argument is speed. There have been several topics on this already and this factor will not be balanced on "muh realism" (your first point). In regards to your second point, the most obvious trade off is gun handling. The Dunkerque's gun rotate faster (36s vs 45s), her AP rounds have significantly higher velocities (870 vs 780 m/s), her rifles load slightly faster (28s vs 30s), her sigma is slightly better (1.7 vs 1.6), her turret layout is objectively better (guns should be on target more often without swinging her self side to side to unmask her mid and aft turrets). Two negatives the dunkerque has with guns is her HE though still fast is slower than Normandies (885 vs 921 m/s), and dunkerque has 8 rifles vs 12. Dunkerque also has 4300 more health. Even though both ships will have roughly the same maneuverability the gun handling is what is going to seperate them. But remember the Normandie is a paper ship and can be tuned down if she overpreforms but I am excited to see how the meta changes when these fast battleships start being played. Edit: spelling and grammar are hard on a phone.
  11. Normandie is way too fast

    This is like the 5th thread we've had claiming "muh realism" in regards to the French BB speeds. Can we just chill out and see how the increased speed affect BB gameplay styles?
  12. I dont think defensive AA consumable would work for T8s because they already shred T8 planes and below. The main issue in my opinion is two fold, lower teir ships dont have AA strong enough to shoot down planes (hp and aa difference is to great) and surface ships have no way to interfer with a drop besides maneuvering. Focus fire (ctrl click) debuff would fix one of these issues and mitigate the other. In addition sending single squadrons to farm dots wouldnt work as well since they would be less accurate while being focused.
  13. I still say giving focused AA (ctrl click) the ability to debuff the spread and speed of the squadron its focusing (like fighters do now) would fix alot when it comes to cvs interaction with surface ships. Besides that the balance issues are really up to which ships have how much aa and the teir difference between the cv and ship. My AA built north carolina cant really do much besides dodge t10 planes. Not very engaging for the surface ship but shooting down all the planes isnt engaging for the cv so a debuff could work on select squadrons under focus fire.
  14. Rant on Tier 8 MM

    Ill check my records when i get home but i believe my T8s get top teir, middle teir, bottom teir 33%, 33%, 33% respectively. Most of those T10 battles are mostly T9/10 with a sprinkling of T8s and it makes it feel like Im just cannon fodder.
  15. Dev Blog-Soviet T9 cruiser Kronshtadt

    If anyone is curious the thing is basically the size of a tirpitz will less displacement. The two are quite comparable in real like specs but holy crapthose stats are waaaaaaaay op.