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  1. Atago iz gud boat

    I’ve had her sister ship for a while now, and I typicaly wreck face. Those forward firing torps are a god send when you ambush bbs.
  2. If it’s against dds, then they’re working as intended.
  3. Or you could just use ap and do regular pen damage.
  4. After some CW in Zao...

    If it weren’t for the Ibuki and he time it took for me to master mogami, I’d already have mine.
  5. Probably because one benefits more from the manual fire control for secondaries skill, while the other doesn't
  6. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Might want more games under your belt before you complain. There are quite a few ways to mitigate fire.
  7. Forum Funnies!

    Indianapolis captain: Don't shoot. Some of my men can't swim.
  8. Detonation needs to go

    You want some fries with that salt. Why don't you learn from whatever caused the detonation and, oh I don't know, not do it.
  9. The money isn't returned, only the gold you used to pay.
  10. Given War Gaming's treatment of dds, I don't think that many people are concerned.
  11. British Battleships - Low Point?

    The brits have the best HE for a battleship in both alpha damage and fire chance, along with a gun calibre/4 pen factor. These thongs can citadel cruisers with that alone. As for AP, it's best for soft targets. They also have a hard to hit citadel themselves and a improved heal, so you won't have to worry about going to the bottom. Get the accuracy mod for better dispersion. Everything else is up to you.
  12. Super Container....REALLY!!!

    Sell them and get credits if you want.
  13. Tell that to the brit bbs. As for the operation, it looks nice.
  14. Japanese school girls attack!

    If that's the version of Mushashi that'll be in the game, I'll happily pay for it.