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  1. Honestly, you may want to learn how to play the game first before you go spouting off in the forums. As it stands now, if you get hit by a torpedo in a battleship, it’s your own fault.
  2. Potato vs ROTTEN Potato

    You definitely weren’t alone. Sometimes you just need to step away for a day or two.
  3. Cruiser VS BB Cruisers are typically more maneuverable than battleships, and can easily move out of the shell’s path with application of WASD keys. As for armor, yes it is in fact possible to angle and have shots bounce off armor in some cases. If you show a flat broadside to a batlehips at around ten kilometers and the bb knows what he’s doing, you will take a good bit of damage. That’s on you. Destroyer vs BB Ok, if you got spotted by anything other than a Missouri, you screwed up somewhere. If a battleship does shoot at you, it’s be best to show a broadside, This would make the shell blow clean through the other side of your ship. You take the normal penetration damage because you try to angle. This causes the shell to travel further into your ship.
  4. Ok then. If you want HE essentially gone, as most bb mains who think they have some sense of entitlement do,, then cruisers get a ROF increase, better penetration and british normalization for AP, no citadel, an equal number of heals as same tier battleships, and thirty two milimeters of armor on all parts of the ship. It’s a game of give and bloody take. How about you stop complaing and learn from your mistakes.
  5. Atago iz gud boat

    I’ve had her sister ship for a while now, and I typicaly wreck face. Those forward firing torps are a god send when you ambush bbs.
  6. Torpedo problem with PanAsian DD's

    If it’s against dds, then they’re working as intended.
  7. Umikaze needs a survivability nerf

    Or you could just use ap and do regular pen damage.
  8. After some CW in Zao...

    If it weren’t for the Ibuki and he time it took for me to master mogami, I’d already have mine.
  9. Probably because one benefits more from the manual fire control for secondaries skill, while the other doesn't
  10. Fire damage needs to be tones down

    http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Fire Might want more games under your belt before you complain. There are quite a few ways to mitigate fire.
  11. Forum Funnies!

    Indianapolis captain: Don't shoot. Some of my men can't swim.
  12. Detonation needs to go

    You want some fries with that salt. Why don't you learn from whatever caused the detonation and, oh I don't know, not do it.
  13. Really WG? The Day Before The Patch?

    The money isn't returned, only the gold you used to pay.
  14. Given War Gaming's treatment of dds, I don't think that many people are concerned.