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  1. Belthorian

    Funny little addition to the game

    It is weird, I never notice the in game chat during the game. I am too busy scanning the map and the games.
  2. Since this game has the players collecting Oil and coal, how about we get some Greenpeace ships randomly appearing in game to protest our abuse of fossil fuels. They are a neutral target and can be sunk by either team. If you use HE it would be cool to see burning hippies running around on the decks screaming and jumping overboard into the water.
  3. Belthorian

    Old, outdated and ugly models.

    What are you talking about it is the same ship with the viewpoint shifted slightly. The only difference is your viewpoint.
  4. I think Wargaming should fine AFK and players who leave early with a 25% of their credits that are evenly distributed to the other 11 players in the game as payment for wasting their time.
  5. Belthorian


    True Aim Assist would be a more accurate description.
  6. Belthorian


    Not entirely true, say a ship is behind an island and you have no line of sight but he is spotted. The Aimbot will put an X on the screen and you can land shots on him with the first salvo. There is never a need to fire a ranging salvo...you will hit with some of your shells with every shot.
  7. Belthorian

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    With all due respect, with UI scaling there is NO DIFFERENCE in running the game at 4k vs 1080P. The ship scales are exactly the same, they just look a lot better.
  8. Belthorian

    Graphics card for WoWs and WoT?

    I have a GTX 1070 and I run a 43 inch 4k tv as a monitor. I have everything maxed out and I am still getting 74FPS.
  9. Belthorian


    There are cheats, one in particular that provides an aimbot that will allow you to hit a ship with some of your shells 99% of the time. On the cheat sites forums section people talk about getting multiple 7 day bans but they are never permabanned.
  10. Belthorian


    Just do a little research, I do not know if it is in the forums rules to name these sites but there is one that offers cheats for about 20 different games out there. World of Warships being one of them. The Aimbot that they offer puts an X on the screen and all you do it point and click and you will land at a very high rate and never miss all your shells. It gives players who use it a huge advantage.
  11. Belthorian


    Respectfully I disagree, there are active aimbots that work in the game. DO a little searching and they are out there. Go to their forums and you will see that Wargaming bans people every 4 to 6 months. The devs tweak their client and it is back up and running. Judging by the forums activity over there and the numbers of posters it would be a realistic estimate that a couple of hundred people are using that one aimbot.
  12. Belthorian


    WOW's actively bans people about every 6 months. First offense is 7 days, second offense is supposed to be permanent. Just google a cheat and visit their forums, they tell you when the bans come out. From the activity over at one sight I monitor there are hundreds of people using the aimbot from that sight alone.
  13. Belthorian


    There are aimbots already in the game. Do a YouTube search....what they do is project an X on your screen, you aim your crosshair on the X and click the mouse. The shells will land consistently with only dispersion being the factor that decides if you miss or not. You can shoot people behind islands, etc. It makes it a lot easier but it does not mean you will be unbeatable.
  14. The new Japanese gunboats have brought a bit of imbalance to the game in my opinion. They should have citadels like every other high rate of fire ship in the game. Every other daka daka ship in the game is a light cruiser, so while they can bring a terrifying amount of firepower to bear, they can also be punished for being reckless in a matter of seconds. The Japanese gunboats don't have to worry about that and it makes them very overpowered. If you are in a DD, cruiser, or battleship you better have at least two other ships with you because the Japanese gunboats will easily win the DMP race with anything they face. Make them more of a glass cannon and give a bit more balance to these ships.