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  1. How do I hide ARP ships in 0.7.8

    Selling them is a pretty stupid idea. First they are technically premium ships so they can be used as trainers for your captains. When they do have the 100% or 200% daily bonuses you can rack up a ton of XP for your captains. If you are working on a cruiser or battleship captain the ARP ships have value.
  2. PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    I just think it would be fun to have cross promotion Anime brawls......all the uber colorful ships and special effects. It would be like controlling an actual anime show lol.
  3. PSA - Azure Lane back in the shop

    I still wish they would do a Azur Lane vs HSF vs Arpeggio of Blue Steel event, find of like ranked but people would form teams of their favorite anime ships and go at it.
  4. I know what you are saying, I am going to try a game called Post Scriptum........it is a WW2 milsim that looks incredible. It isn't ARMA3 realistic, but strives to balance realism and game play. It is a small 9 man independent studio and it used the same engine as Squad.
  5. Will the console version of WOWs play on the servers as the glorious PC master race? If they do....I might actually come back and play for a bit and club all the new baby seals to death before I leave again hehehehe.
  6. The Stalingrad was one of the many nails. Another one was I created a Steam account and when I was playing as a Newbie in protected matchmaking in randoms out of 28 battles I was the ONLY live player on my team in 27 of them. During primetime hours EST and there were only two "New" players online. What that told me is this game has jumped the shark.....it is a dead man walking. They are not nearly enough new players coming into the game to replace people who are leaving. Why would I spend anymore money on a game on life support?
  7. Since launch Wargaming has been dumbing this game down for the low IQ, low skill level player that makes up the majority pf the active player base. This will continue because sadly the vast majority of the muppets out there don't care about getting better, learning game mechanics, learning strategies. The only thing they care about is jumping into a game and seeing how much they can blow up. Who cares if they win or lose as long as they have fun.....the ultimate losers mantra by the way. I am like you, a former whale who has spent between 2-4k on this game.........I don't even have it on my hard drive anymore because the creators at Wargaming seem to have a personal ongoing bet on who can kill the game the fastest. In closed beta and shortly after launch this game was AMAZING....it has all been downhill since.
  8. lol as packed with armament and machinery as destroyers are, I challenge you to find a spot that isn't critical. 16 inch AP rounds should at least have a small chance to induce flooding, punching holes in ships is not conducive to watertight integrity.
  9. Ummmmm yea when you say things like that I question if you actually play the game. In ten minutes the new t-X Japanese gunboat could sink two Yamato's.
  10. I am not using realism I am using common sense. DD's with 4 and 5 inch guns can SAVAGE a BB, yet you expect a 16 inch round to do next to no damage to a DD?
  11. Oktyabraskaya Revolutsiya arsenal

    It is fun to hand out stalinium like Christmas cards and watch the salt flow in chat. I LOVE her, she is the 2nd or 3rd best T5 BB.
  12. Why am i being reported?

    I am proud that my karma stays around zero. I stopped talking in chat all together and it climbed to 13. Than I screwed up and had a 250k damage 5 kill game and my karma went down to 6 lol.
  13. Italian Premiums

    That and they need to be beautiful, people can say what they want. Italy knew how to design beautiful warships.
  14. Throwback Thursday - IJN Fuso

    Fuso was the bet T6 BB until the introduction of the Normandie. The Normandie is better in pretty much all categories.
  15. Some people call the double dip a bug, I call it a feature. We need something to paddle you filthy DD players hehehehe....I am just teasing my brother.