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  1. Belthorian

    I am DONE buying Tier 8 Premiums

    Off topic but what was a Nuc doing on an LST?
  2. I am NEVER giving up my Tin Foil Fedora.
  3. Belthorian

    Gutless heavies

    lol stealing my Potatoes are going to potate
  4. Belthorian

    Gutless heavies

    Gopher.....NO WAY!!!!
  5. Belthorian

    Alaska, an upgraded Baltimore

    The Alaska's would have mauled a Des Moines.
  6. Belthorian

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    lol yes Messerschmidt.......I have no idea why I said Mercedes......getting old isn't for sissy's. Yep the FW-190 would have been the only fighter I would have built and the HE-162 would have been the only Jet I would have produced for attacking enemy bombers.
  7. I think it would be cool that if you spotted a ship in fog that the ship's scale would be 150-200% and would slowly go down to 100% the longer it is spotted. If the ship fires it's guns than the scale immediately snaps back to 100%. This would simulate reduced visual conditions and the fog of war. So when you initially spot a ship, your shots won't be as accurate.
  8. Belthorian

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    I would have also picked the FW-190 and just had Mercedes build them under license. No need to have two different front line fighters.
  9. Belthorian

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    If I was in charge of the Armaments industry in Germany I would have done my best to limit the numbers of different vehicles. I would have picked the Panther and just built it to simplify logistics and to increase production of vehicles. Having 4 or 5 different tank models in the field must have been a nightmare to support in the field.
  10. Don't forget Star Shells
  11. Belthorian

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    The Republique never designed by the French on paper....the Alsace class was the last class of French battleships ever to make it to the paper stage. The world knew Battleships were obsolete in WW2, nobody would have been designing them after the war. The Jadgpanther was my favorite AFV of the war, it was so beautiful, a work of art. The STUGIII had more tank kills than any other German AFV in the war.
  12. Let me correct myself, the Alsace nerfs were announced on the day it was announced the Jean Bart would be moved to T-9. So the rest of my scenario still stands. The Devs say the Jean Bart is to strong at T-8 we are going to move her to T-9. Someone brings up that the Alsace is already the strongest T-9 tech tree battleship that is as good as the Jean Bart. So they nerfed the Alsace to make the Jean Bart superior.
  13. Hey Mouse what do you think about changing the spotting so that you have to be within 8k of the ship spotting in order to see what he sees? I do not like the current magic you are spotted so EVERYONE sees you. I think this would force cruisers and battleships to work with destroyers in order to fight effectively.
  15. Belthorian

    Dev Blog T9 DD RU Neustrashimy

    The Alsace class was designed in 1936 as a follow on the the Jean Bart. The Iowa's had a helicopter pad and they were not designed in the 50's. The King Tiger was the most awesome heavy tank of the war, not one was ever penetrated from the front. True it was too big, too heavy but it outclassed anything the allies had in terms of firepower and protection.