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  1. Vlardoom

    Killing the Cruiser Game

    Thanks Yashma
  2. Vlardoom

    Killing the Cruiser Game

    Can you explain this please or supply the link to an explanation. Thanks.
  3. Vlardoom

    CV TV Dinner

    Your my Hero!!! I have changed. My new META is DD hunting CV I figure they can hunt me- I can hunt them!!!! My Money= My Game (going to trade mark that).
  4. Vlardoom

    New capability.......Orbital Strike

    You people are great......good points. I kind of like Kraken for DD h8ers. That be some scary stuff. Death from above and death from below. lol
  5. CV's can just dodge. Rock - Paper - Scissor BABY!!
  6. Vlardoom

    Light Cruiser Tier list

    Listen to Rainbow. On the money comments. good job
  7. Vlardoom

    Lag spikes or game lock ups

    Ditto. Never had hard crash before like this and no changes to the computer as well as no problem with other games. I will say that the timing seems to be after I play awhile. I watch system temps/fps etc. no change no over temp. cpu or gpu. Will try diag etc.
  8. Vlardoom

    Premium Ship Review: Molotov

    wow, its like you read my mind. Those are my exact feeling and experience. I am a sucka for new toys but I will pass.