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  1. Please come join me on the high seas! Thank you!!!
  2. 99xjsport

    World Of Warships Going for 200 Subs!

    Im not sure sir
  3. Join me in my battles! Going for 200 subs today!
  4. You make a lot of fair points. I appreciate the openness of your post. I however agree with your saying about the skill gap. I 100% agree there. But your A and B points. There is no reason top believe the population of the game is dropping anymore than it does around this time every year. This game is still top 10 free to play games on steam. Very popular. Your A point The people who say the CV's are to much of a influence. They are the Loan rangers. The BB who sits at 20k and refuses to advance with the team. Leaving them open to air attack. However the DD's MAY have a issue here. I play my Gearing and tear apart planes like they are made of paper. However Shima that's not the same story lol. It needs work yes.
  5. 99xjsport

    Sorry for the newb questions but...

    Sir, If you need some guidance I am always ready and willing to help! Nothing wrong with being new to the game.
  6. It has not failed. Its been a mild Success. Im sure ill get torn apart for that comment. The RTS CV's had all the same issues as the current CV's have. Plus many many more. The current issues are far less of a issue than with the RTS style. The big deal is people have forgotten how to play this game with CV's. There is more CV's per battle. I've seen this as I am sure most of us have. A CV isn't going to 100% decide the game as it used to be. That was the main 2 issues along with many others. That being said. The new CV's are in my opinion underpowered. They still need work. Its important to have these conversations.
  7. 99xjsport


    HHAHA! I am happy you enjoy the videos
  8. 99xjsport


    Sorry to hear that. That's rough.
  9. 99xjsport


    Thank you! I did with re-stream. Yes if I become a CC Twitch will be something ill start again. However When 0 people on Twitch watch you. What's the point lol.
  10. 99xjsport


    I don't as of yet. YouTube is easier o build a following on. Then we can think about the migration. I used to do Twitch, the growth potential isn't there. Better to grow with YouTube and Twitch is great expect for it favors large channels.
  11. 99xjsport


    Thank you sir!
  12. 99xjsport


    https://gleam.io/bXbpX/sforcecubed-giveaway-50-dollars-in-free-stuff Click the link above for you chance to earn 50 dollars in free stuff from the shop!. All you have to do is subscribe to my Youtube Channel Sforcecubed. If you don't like the Gleam entries. You can manually enter by Subscribing to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8OLkCTJK5hUDfFECHzNAjg. Also Look us up on FB and like our page: Sforcecubed. I am a Live streamer looking to someday become a CC. Thank you for your time!
  13. 99xjsport

    World of Warships Premium shop GIVEAWAY!

    Have to be 18. That's all. BTW I was a PIZZA a while back. Awesome Caln
  14. 99xjsport

    World of Warships Premium shop GIVEAWAY!

    oh ok. I understand. Sorry I thought you where saying I was running a scam. Well you can enter by just manually subscribing to my YouTube page. Sforcecubed is the channel.
  15. 99xjsport

    World of Warships Premium shop GIVEAWAY!

    I'm not sure what scam your talking about? I think you may be misinformed?