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  1. Petrishnikov

    Gearing Levitation

    HA! I wish!
  2. Petrishnikov

    Gearing Levitation

    Did not know Gearing had a levitation mode!
  3. Petrishnikov

    LFC - abandoning my clan

    Im in game now folks. Ping if I might be a good addition
  4. Petrishnikov

    LFC - abandoning my clan

    Im abandoning my clan, they dont play clan battles enough. Anyone looning?
  5. I'm looking to defect from my clan. They don't play clan battles as much as I would like And I fell in luv with your posting.
  6. Petrishnikov

    Shut up -Meg-

    What's with all the "bump" posts? I don't get it.
  7. Petrishnikov

    Did everyone get the Warspite?

    Got W.VA. Only one I didn't have on the list
  8. Petrishnikov

    Le Fantasque no love

    I'm late to the discussion but please allow me to weigh in here a bit. I bought the Le.T when it first came out. Played a few rounds in it and shelved it for a long time because I could not get use to the SLOW turret traverse and no 'puff-puff'. Then the French DD line was released. Me being an avid “Pokemon trainer” (gotta catch ‘em all) , I braced myself and started the long bataan death march up the line. I did not, and never, if ever, FXP up anything (no mods, capt skills, ships, nothing)... FXP-ing it up a line is robbing yourself of some valuable experience in that line IMHO. Plus, I use the FXP for 'Freemium' ships almost exclusively. Many days pass... Long story short, I am at the Mogador, halfway to the Kleber... I like this line!!! This line 'jives' with my play-style. Which kinda makes sense because the Khab use to be my most played ship. It's not a stealth-torp play ship... Can't do much in the way of spotting ... It's not too comfortable in CAP contesting play... so what can you do? The best way I can describe it is short-burst all-out 'brawl'. Try to find an isolated target and just go Vie Le France BERSERKER on it!!! Yes, as others have said, high risk but potentially high reward. Either way it is a rush and a blast! So how I engage: Against DDs - mainly guns. Against cruisers - mostly guns and some torps. Against BBs - mainly torps and some (long range) guns. If some (or most) of this has already been said, my apologies. Hope to see some of you in game! Have fun... It's just A GAME!
  9. Petrishnikov

    Viribus Unitus

    We captains who are not as brave (or financially stable) salute you Admiral!
  10. Petrishnikov

    Tier 6 Ship for week 4 directive completion.

    I have all the ones on the premium list except W.VA... I guess I know what I will be getting.
  11. Petrishnikov

    Requesting Recomendation

    I have all the ships in the tech tree up to T10 (i don't get rid of the ships I earned; 309+ ships in port), just looking for something fun and different. BTW, I have Kutuzov also.
  12. Petrishnikov

    Requesting Recomendation

    So I have enough doubloons (with coupon) to get the Witchita, Irian or Lenin not sure which one to get, or should I wait? Any recommendations out there?
  13. Petrishnikov

    How to Manage your Captains during your grind

    More rum... And free DET and ramming signals
  14. Petrishnikov

    Return to aircraft carrier

    HA! I'm still trying to keep myself from accidentally hitting smoke at the beginning of the game when trying to hit speed boost!!! I should really remap that to CTRL+ALT+DEL
  15. Petrishnikov

    New Clan open to ALL PLAYERS (GFY)

    You are welcome to join us in our clan. I'm on a every day as well. We welcome all skill levels.