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  1. Petrishnikov

    Premium CV's

    Of the premium CV's I have in port: Ark Royal Loewenhardt Enterprise Immelmann Indomitable Graf Zepplin Saipan Kaga Only one I play regularly id Indomitable because her fast planes are great for spotting
  2. Petrishnikov

    Premium CV's

    Thank you Wolfswetpaws. You saved me some resources
  3. Petrishnikov

    Premium CV's

    Have all except: FDR Aquila Hornet Chikalov Bearn Of theses, which would you recommend?
  4. Petrishnikov

    Premium CV's

    Have all except: FDR Aquila Hornet Chikalov Bearn
  5. Petrishnikov

    Premium CV's

    So I know I will get some hate from this but I will ask anyway. Which of the CV's available in the armory (coal, steel, and doubloons) do you thing is best?
  6. Petrishnikov

    0.10.0 update

    Check this site: https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/p/global-updates-live-pts-events-dates.html
  7. Petrishnikov

    Change bot names

    I wanna BOT named :POI:
  8. Yup, RB and scarcity working as intended.. 😖
  9. Petrishnikov

    ARP Yamato Bundles

    Don't forget premium ammo coming in the near future
  10. Petrishnikov

    Super Container Drop Stats

    Out of 70 over two years
  11. So I've been tracking my super container drop since Nov. 11, 2018 till today (my latest drop). Wanted to share with you the stats of what they contain:
  12. Petrishnikov

    Ugly Camouflage Question

    Lower right hand side, above your ships there is a 'cog' you can select that will let you filter out the different kinds of permanent camos. You will see the standard permanent camo, everyone else will see the ugly.
  13. Moral of the story, it does not pay to be too egger.
  14. Petrishnikov

    How Many Rare Ships do you have?

    Hmmm... kinda makes you wonder what the definition is of a "rare" ship. I have the Enterprise, JB, and Smolensk as well but I don't see them on the rare shelf section.
  15. According to the Captain's Logbook, the following ships are considered rare: Just curious how many of you captains have them