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  1. Petrishnikov

    How are your ARP missions going?

    Salem. Load AP, find a red cruiser, get along side and BLAP away. Only took 3 or 4 games
  2. Petrishnikov

    Red Takao Camo

    OK, I might be showing my weebness here but, Takao was red until she joined the Blue fleet and then she turned blue, so at least the camo is accurate to the anime. It all depends I guess on whether you want her as she was before fighting IONA (I-401) as the red ship or when she joined IONA and her comrades at which point she turned blue. I guess I prefer the later. It would be nice to have both though.
  3. Petrishnikov

    Red Takao Camo

    Well that's a bummer
  4. I'm with you on this. Just getting tired of the same-ole-same-ole. Just not gonna bother anymore
  5. Petrishnikov

    LAST CHANCE - Double Recruitment Points

    Invite my friends to this Dumpster-Fire... I wouldn't have any friends afterwards.
  6. Petrishnikov

    Unique Upgrades-No to RB

    Agree, Between the RB grind and the UU grind following on the heels of the "unbelievable" PR grind, more and more this game is feeling like a second job. The fun is definitely waning. I will have to reevaluate my future participation.
  7. Petrishnikov

    RB rush up the (same) line

    I guess a follow-up question would be did you captains also research all the additional mods for the ships or did you go straight up the line?
  8. Petrishnikov

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    OK, I see. You can still "obtain" them, you just can't install them yet. Well, I guess I will put them at the bottom of my priority list. Thank You
  9. Petrishnikov

    ST, Unique Upgrades

    Can someone point me to the posting where the CV UU's were said to be "locked"?
  10. I know no one really enjoys the regrind in the RB, but with the second season of RB is coming to an end in just over a month so I need to ask; What is the fastest anyone has regrinded a line without using FXP? What line did you do it in? Is a whole line regrind doable in a month? Would you do it again?
  11. Petrishnikov

    Dr_Venture returns to WoWS

    Welcome back Venture. Chill is really they way I play nowadays. Getting stressed over a stupid game is ridiculous considering all of the other challenges of life. Cheers!
  12. Trying to permanently reassign some extra reserve captains to some of my premium ships so that their assignment label is set to the premium ship and not the ship it was taken from. Is there a way to do that? (Yes, I am a little OCD)
  13. Petrishnikov


    Someone told me you need five tier 10's to reset a line... not sure about this though
  14. Petrishnikov

    Grind Goals for 2020

    Finishing up the UU grind for my remaining T10 ships. Yes, I know their specs will most likely change, but good to have them available just in case. I should have them completed before March 2020. Yes, they 'said' they would extend the deadline till the end of 2020, but my confidence in what they say has been waning.