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  1. Petrishnikov

    Research Bureau Perma Camo question

    They will just be taken off and put in your inventory of camos. You can remount them when you re-buy your ships
  2. Petrishnikov

    Operations Discord Channel

    I believe there is a discord channel for people who want to play operations. Anyone know the name of it? Thanks in advance.
  3. Petrishnikov

    [PARS1] is Recruiting.

    what is your discord channel?
  4. Petrishnikov

    Looking for clan!

    You are welcome to join us in SEC_8 We are also semi-serious, mostly on EST, always trying to play CLAN BATTLES when we have enough on-line. Send an application or ping me if you see me on-line
  5. Petrishnikov

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

  6. Petrishnikov

    Looking For New Clan

    As humans we're all diamonds in the rough. You are welcome to join SEC_8
  7. Petrishnikov

    Looking for a Clan

    You're welcome to join us at SEC_8.
  8. Petrishnikov

    New European Campaign

    Ah, sorry I missed that. Nice page setup BTW.
  9. Petrishnikov

    New European Campaign

    Just out of curiosity Admiral, do you use the bonus flags/camos when you play? How many games do you play on average to get one of the tasks completed?
  10. Petrishnikov

    After 4 years, still not good enough

    You are welcome to join us. We're on the NA server. We're not in a higher league but we play clan battle and like to have fun, it is just a game after all.
  11. Petrishnikov

    What convinced you to spend money on the game

    In the beginning (2015) I bought premium ships because they added something unique play style to the game, whether it be radar/dakka-dakka (Atlanta), torpedo spam (Kamikaze), super deep water torps for big capital ships (Asashio) or even more credits (Missouri). My first premium was the Loyang (Pan Asian T8 DD). Now all the new (paper) ships don't seem to offer anything unique enough for me to reopen my wallet so it will remain closed indefinitely. The majority of them seem to be copy-pastes of what I already have (with a few very minor tweeks) Besides, I think I have enough variety of ships to keep me entertained for a loooong time (300+ ships). Oh, and as for supporting the game.... yeah, I think they have enough of my money. I'm too embarrassed to say how much they got out of me. Remember folks, it's a game, not a hobby.
  12. Petrishnikov

    Your next coveted ship?

    S.S. Minnow with Mary Ann as the captain!
  13. Petrishnikov

    Any small clans interested in a merger?

    We have 10 open slots left. Why don't you join us?