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  2. paddleboat

    So Georgia is final... Unfortunately?

    I'll buy it because I'm sitting on a pile of coal with nothing else to spend it on. The fact that it might actually be a bit different from the norm and require some different game play makes it even more appealing. Paddleboat
  3. paddleboat

    10 Air Supply = LOL

    20 crates with the following results: 62,500 coal 80 camo 60 dragon 40 red dragon 40 ouroboros 20 basilisk 20 hydra Saipan Enterprise Was hoping for the Zepplin but I cant complain, really needed the flags, ,the camo's are meh. Paddleboat
  4. paddleboat

    Fly strike win current chapter;

    Think it's Tuesday?
  5. paddleboat

    And so it begins - Hello Alaska

    After taking her out in a random she felt really balanced. Decent AA but was by no means immune to T8 planes, I had soso success with AP rounds (didn't really get a chance for a good broadside) but HE was a pleasant surprise, starting 7 fires. Didn't feel sluggish at all. Paddleboat
  6. That might have come off better if you had actually bothered to use your space bar.
  7. Both the Lexington and Shokaku special event camos were pulled from me with no compensation. I also did not own either ship, just won the camos. Paddle
  8. paddleboat

    Lunar Container Results With Mystery Included!

    Bought the first 2 packs. Irian Lo Yang Anshan All 4 perma camo's-(torn on these...look kind of cool but really gaudy) 72 Lunar New Year camos quite a few of the special camos (didn't count) 40k free xp 16 days premium Got 5k dubloons at the end. I am sure I did not have the Irian camo until the last crate of the second set....well, pretty sure. I definitely did not get it on the first set. I might give the third set a try....not really sure yet. Paddleboat
  9. paddleboat

    How many ships do you have?

    104...15 slots
  10. 24 crates. 2500 doubloons 175k Free XP 14 days premium 40x Type 59 camo 160x shadow lurker camo All 4 ships I already own the Mass. All told it was worth it for me but I would have felt a whole lot better if they were 3 dollar crates. Paddleboat
  11. paddleboat

    New Item in Premium Shop

    Actually you are spending $89 on the 40 crates which is a $15 discount.
  12. Every T8 ship I sailed yesterday i was top tier. The couple times I played a T9 the game was filled with T10's. There are so many T10's playing right now I think it's helping the T8 matchmaking.
  13. paddleboat

    My 1st Tier 10-Montana

    I am 50k away from the Monty, but I have worked up to the Neptune on the British cruisers. The Fiji was by far the most fun to play. It's a beast at T7 and can bully other cruisers and ruin BB's with good positioning.The Edinburgh was also nice but a little more balanced at it's tier. The Neptune seems to be able to be a citadel magnet. I think a blind kid throwing sharp rocks could citadel it. Paddleboat