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  1. swaybelly

    not receiving Black Friday mission

    I solved it, for some reason when I clicked the links and followed directions it linked to my Twitch account, but what needs to be done is linking it to AMAZON ITSELF. Long story short, make sure you are linking your account to Amazon itself, not Twitch.
  2. I followed all of the directions, received confirmation on Twitch's end that it was claimed, but still have not received the mission in-game. Yesterday I restarted my game at least five times, played over a dozen matches, still no mission.
  3. I followed the directions as listed, tried restarting my game at least five times, and have played probably a dozen matches, and have done 650,000+ dmg ( enough to finish a different mission) and still no mission pops...
  4. swaybelly

    Puerto Rico meme

    The fact is no matter how it is spun, it is literally one person slighting someone else for believing the opinion of a third person, and they give their own opinion as proof. If you cannot see the irony, well...
  5. swaybelly

    Puerto Rico meme

    So, you insinuate that we are not supposed to believe him when he say's it's terrible, but we are supposed to believe you when you say it isn't....
  6. Not even close for me, that is why I was thinking that there had to be a mistake.
  7. I received in a Black Friday premium container a Scharn B, a captain and a personal combat mission named " Gold fever on Scharnhorst " that it appears doesn't work with the ship (Scharn B) it was awarded with, is this a mistake or purposeful?
  8. As an update, yeah... it's literally the LAST ONE, #22.
  9. At this point, it will be minimum 20 for me.... what a crock.
  10. I have been logged in, just never saw it offered to me.
  11. As I stated above, I see the " regular Guinea deals ", but never saw the "10 for a $1" deal. Ever. I was just wondering if it was a special offer for some people, like those that pop up from time to time in-game.
  12. Was the "10 for a $1" a special deal for only certain people? Because I never received such an offer, I never used such an offer and I do not have the offer in either the online premium shop nor the client premium shop- I am only offered the "around" $1 each offers in various bundle deals.
  13. I'm pretty sure I never received my reward for shooting one in-game, message sent.