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  1. Not even close for me, that is why I was thinking that there had to be a mistake.
  2. I received in a Black Friday premium container a Scharn B, a captain and a personal combat mission named " Gold fever on Scharnhorst " that it appears doesn't work with the ship (Scharn B) it was awarded with, is this a mistake or purposeful?
  3. As an update, yeah... it's literally the LAST ONE, #22.
  4. At this point, it will be minimum 20 for me.... what a crock.
  5. Pretty sure I haven't either. :( I bought some of the $1 boxes so maybe I got them and didn't notice opening them, but pretty sure I didn't get them. There have been a few things I noticed I didn't get lately, didn't get the 'Turkey Shoot' rewards until after everyone else got them and I had to ask about them last week, didn't get the "10 Guineas for a $1" deal like everyone else either...
  6. I have been logged in, just never saw it offered to me.
  7. As I stated above, I see the " regular Guinea deals ", but never saw the "10 for a $1" deal. Ever. I was just wondering if it was a special offer for some people, like those that pop up from time to time in-game.
  8. Was the "10 for a $1" a special deal for only certain people? Because I never received such an offer, I never used such an offer and I do not have the offer in either the online premium shop nor the client premium shop- I am only offered the "around" $1 each offers in various bundle deals.
  9. I'm pretty sure I never received my reward for shooting one in-game, message sent.