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  1. Radar buffs!

    Why does Radar have a better spotting range then sunlight? Bright sunny day - you can't see that ship until it is 8.9km away. Turn on your radar and it is now 11.5km?
  2. Yes this is a real thing and still in effect. You can tell that you are getting top tier placement when the MM load screen cycles and cycles. Instead of loading right into a battle, you see the count of ships going up and down for ~30 sec or so. This is because you are being held out until you are top tier. Not sure of the number of battles as low tier before this happens, maybe 4-5 battles.
  3. This is well known issue that has never been successfully debugged or fixed. Usually happens after a dozen or so games in a row. My personnel experience is it happens when I've got a browser open to the WoWs game site or forums but am not logged into those sites. So I shut down my browser when playing now.
  4. The effect of following your torps will create the impression on the target that you reloaded extremely quickly. At ~38 knots most DDs are going 60% of the velocity of their 60 knot torps. Try this to someone who just smoked. Fire from 10km torps, follow them in and then torp again at 4km. The perceived time gap between each set could be less then 30 sec on a 60 sec. reload. Seems impossible to the target who could not see you charging them.
  5. Hi Niko, 1). You should have the 4pt skill (10 pts needed) Concealment expert. 2). You are running a Camo for extra free xp, almost every other camo gives -3% concealment. With both ~ 5.4km spotting, would have allowed you more freedom in CAP at start. 3). You decided to pop smoke without being detected. In this case, I would have waited and seen if I was spotted before using a smoke. If you can sit in CAP, without using your smoke, that is the best of both worlds. I would have slowed to 1/2 speed and stayed on the edge of the CAP going clockwise. 4). No torpedoes! Use them when you enter the CAP circle. You have a short (~48 sec) reload. If you are going to stay in cap, use a salvo or two as potential guesses to where the enemy will enter the CAP circle. You DO know where they are coming from since the game just started and you are one of the fastest boats. 5). After the smoke and you held the cap, you still hung around. You needed to be outside smoke once you held the cap to spot the enemy. I would have been ready to leave the smoke just as the CAP flipped. 6). When pursuing the BB and CA - you shot torpedoes when they were running away from you. Very hard to hit a target running away with only 7km torps. Also the great benefit of 2 torp launcher is the TIGHT spread. You want that control when shooting at targets over 3kms away. 7). At the end in B CAP, you seemed to be mixing up capturing the CAP (don't shoot your guns and reveal your position) and attacking (Don't try to get the CAP). Pick one or the other.
  6. Get a 19pt Captain on your most used ships as soon as possible. Once you have a 19pt Captain, use the Dragon flags on them to create Elite XP that can be used on other Captains. Elite XP can be used to promote any Captain of any nation so it is more versatile to use your Dragon flags and other boosts on a 19pt Captain, them move to other Captains you are using.
  7. Use 19pt Captains on all ships you can. The Elite XP can then be used to promote *ANY* other Captain of any nationality. All XP earned on 19pt Captains goes back into the common "Elite XP" pool. Using any lower ranked Captain means that XP goes to that Captain only. This also means that Dragon flags (333% additional Captain XP) should now be *ONLY* used on a 19pt Captain, as that makes it "Elite XP" that can be moved to any other Captain.
  8. Radar

    No one understands why radar feels so unfair the the targeted DD. It is NOT about seeing through islands. It is NOT about seeing into smoke. If that is what Radar did, I'd would be fine. The problem with radar is that it violates the primary mechanic that the DD uses all the time, my base concealment range. Example: Benson - with 15pt caption (CE - Concealment expert) and Camo and Concealment Module = 5.8km detection range. - On a sunny day, in open water, you have to be 5.8 km or closer to see me. This is my core identity. I work to manage visibility verses all the other ships (and planes, etc) at all times. Then *POP* - someone outside my concealment range uses a consumable that I have no counter for and my visibility is 8k, or 11km or whatever. How would you feel if someone used a consumable and changed the range of your main guns? Or the angle of your ship? Why should there be a mechanic that takes away my core identity and makes me be MORE VISIBLE then a sunny day on open water?
  9. Existing IJN Destroyer Changes

    Thank you LWM for this summary. As a IJN DD main, I'm excited to have some new ships to try out. Since 5.12 I've played over 250 games in the Mutsuki B hull with the expectation that the new IJN DDs would all be Mutsuki-like. Sounds like they will be significantly better! Also - RIP Mutsuki B hull - I don't use guns often, but when I do, I want to have at least 4 of them.
  10. Open Letter to WG

    Roger this - RN Cruisers are super frustrating for me. Tier 5 Emerald against Tier 7 Atlanta's with Radar? Not very fun. I find DDs less frustrating, but in general, this game has great RAGE! potential. I'm on my third keyboard.....
  11. Known issue - happens to me after to many games in a row. Acts like a memory leak and you will crash out of game if the GUI flickering does not get you killed.
  12. Every domination splash screen has this information. It is incorrect. You get NO points for capturing, only after it is fully captured. Does not matter if the CAP is grey or enemies, you don't get points DURING capture.
  13. Non-responsive controls

    Try this. Hold any WASD key and then try to smoke (hit "T"). Does not work for me except when no other key is held down. Is that how it is supposed to be? This seems new and not the same bug as the "I'm holding down W or S but NOT TURNING!!" bug.
  14. Only available on Hatsuharu and Kangaro, not Fubuki or Shimakaze