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  1. HighestMetal

    IFHE for Secondaries?

    I use my Atlanta Capt on my Massachusetts which has IFHE. It has single handled become my most fun ship to play and one that I get the most damage with as I melt ships 11.3km away with great accuracy.
  2. HighestMetal

    Arsenal selection

    I used up all my coal on Musashi before she disappears and becomes unobtainable except for loot boxes and those $500+ premium ship bundles that wargaimng sometimes does. If I do get enough coal for it, I'll get the Salem for the main reason that I have visited her IRL ship
  3. HighestMetal

    Did my best but no hope for the Eagles

    I would say reward them with which team they have the most loyalty points towards, If they have more loyalty over the sharks team they get the compensation awards
  4. HighestMetal

    Did my best but no hope for the Eagles

    I kinda hope they give some sort of of compensation for eagles players like a few extra tokens before the event is removed from the arsenal. Other wise its was all for nothing.
  5. HighestMetal

    So is the Courbet even more OP than the Orion?

    The AP on the Orion is very good as well especially if you get the broad side of an enemy ship since British BB AP is less likely to get you over pens. This makes it extremely good against cruisers and BBs that angle a bit as the shell will detonate before it can bounce out of the ship. Even then the HE is powerful enough that I cant even tell you how many Tenryu's and other lightly armored cruisers that I have devastating striked only using HE with citadel hits. This is also helped by the fact that British HE seems extremely damaging even with out the fire against other BBs. The French on the other hand is a different story. while yes the guns are very accurate they only seem to do well against broadside ships. If you are going against an angled BB the low caliber guns will struggle and you lack the HE fire chance to set them on fire consistently like other nations. The other issue I have is that the French can not tank, every shell that hits you is going to pen even when angled unlike the other nations where you can at least hope to bounce the majority of shells fired at you while angled.That being said the french are very good against cruisers thanks to the fast shell travel times and accuracy. This is my personal experience with them.