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  1. mag00monster

    Pink is the new WoWS...

    Appreciate your candid comments. I swear to the RNGesus that I didn't torp anyone, shoot anyone or do anything other than try to get away from the other boat. I understand your skepticism but I promise you it was me getting pushed along. FWIW, there was, regarding the crash, recognition by WG that this was a widespread problem and I received compensation. I went pink on that because I was reported as AFK. When I have to reboot my system and reload everything it takes substantively longer than a minute. I'm a cheapskate using a year old computer I guess... Happy hunting.
  2. mag00monster

    Pink is the new WoWS...

    Until it happens... Sure, call [edited] on me but I'm telling you I was stuck on that boat and I got dragged along. That's happened before too. I also lean towards DD play and have my fair share. I'm admittedly not a terribly good player (I'm an old guy) but I've never been penalized twice in one week for instances that I have zero control over. I stand by my whiney complaint. Hope it doesn't happen to you but... if it does enjoy your pink frosty covered coloring.
  3. It's been over a year since I've had to wear pink in this game. Now twice in one week I'm getting shellacked by the Pink because of [edited] penalties and situations I cannot control. First my game crashes. Three battles until I'm no longer pink. The next day WoWS gives free camo because the client is messed up and this happens to, like, everyone... Then I'm playing in a low tier match (Derzki, I'll never leave you and your ten second torp reload...) and some buffoon drags me halfway across the map AND I GET PENALIZED AND END UP PINK. What in the everloving HELL are they thinking??? Stop penalizing players that aren't [edited]. (I've checked, I'm definitely not an [edited]. Proof; My dog says so) [edited] = but whole person