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  1. Never underestimate Hindenburg torps
  2. I got reserve slots for the captains.
  3. Any clue on how the flag looks? seems like quite the heavy price jump (although it does have dobloons and stuff).
  4. Each shell, carefully handcrafted with Communist symbols, so they are guided by the blessed hand of Stalin himself.
  5. By this time, however, WG decided they couldn't let WT's Work go to waste, and bought their assets, implementing them in game as well.
  6. Behind the door, There was the drunk head of WG, with the "Hunt for Red October" book in hand. "Put in Subs" he said. (there, < 25 words )
  7. This caused them to conclude that all the Russian ships are severely underpowered, and must be remade from scratch, adding a couple extra zeroes on their armor and guns.
  8. ...The Russian roulette and dartboards they use to balance ships and equipment broke! They were in such a pinch, that they....
  9. Not sure, but I think there is some sort of mistake, getting an offer for 0 seconds of premium time or something, from what I can understand.
  10. Hello there, sorta returning from not playing since like forever. My PC could barely run the game at min settings, and more often than not froze or crashed lol. Now that I have a job/actual money, I managed to purchase a gaming notebook, and reinstalled the game. Unfortunately the people I played with (more like, those who tolerated my abysmal performance) are no longer around. Playing alone is a bit boring, so I'm looking to join a group to play with. While I read the forums, I don't tend to post in them ( I think my only posts have been bug reports back from Beta tests), so don't have many contacts. Currently playing from +9 GMT, so my gaming hours might be a bit weird. Thanks!