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    Charge Event Dobloons Missing?

    So last week I got an email that said Ready for a deal? Make any Premium Shop purchases from Oct. 5 through Oct. 8 and get a bonus Doubloon payout based on the USD amount of all your purchases! So I figured 'why not' and went ahead and bought the Admiral's Bounty, which gave me 13,500 dobloons. Added to the 6,250 or so I had it should give me 19750 or so, which was the total I had when I logged in. However the bonus dobloon payment was missing. I figured maybe the payout would happen after the countdown timer ended (also support ticket was not working at that time) so I waited until the email counter showed 00 00 00. However I just logged in and found myself still with 19k dobloons. and again support ticket is not working. The question is, where or when do I get my dobloons or what did I do wrong lol, or is the payout not done yet?