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  1. Love the styles, Mouse. And love how Flamu find tier 3 lackluster and tier 4 very good. Completely opposite of you. Guess I need to find out myself.
  2. Eh Eh. I don't think WG will ruin Enterprise's uniqueness that way. I believe they plan to give her 2*6 and justify it with low tier planes, much like Kaga. Unless it's yet another new pattern. This is pretty much my reaction to increasingly different pattern to Torp drop
  3. Unless it was said before and I missed the memo. I think this is very "interesting" lol. (I don't have her nor have to play against her so anything is fine really)
  4. In incapacitate mission during santa convoy. I often end the game with more incapacitate count (toward mission) than incapacitate ribbon. So I conclude AA and secondaries count for incapacitate mission. Correct me if i'm wrong. I meant Incapacitate or destroy 15 enemy modules over any number of battles. Mission 7 task 4
  5. Haven't try it. But I plan to take RDF on my US and USSR DD. Now I don't have plan to bring them into random ever and I might not take CE My plan to use them is 1 At the start of battle. I use it to choose which flank I will go. Co-op games are rather short. Choose a wrong flank mean you don't get anything to kill=low xp. Other will kill all bots before I get there. 2 When I'm in smoke and no one spot for me. Bot charge me. I will know which way to point gun in prepare. Or shoot blind torps. (Did you saw flamu blind torps and succeed, granted a 15 torps Shimakaze. Aeeroon also done that in the game with Notser) 3 Lastly at the end of the game. Mostly CV. But sometime bot stuck u know where and this will help. On the other hand. I think CE is very questionable in Co-op. Again, bots charge you. There's no "battle line" where people keep distance and drop of detection time and again. CE will help me get first shot off, and that's it. I can stay at range, stealth fire. But in no time I will be at the edge of the map while my teammate got all the xp because they are close thus better at shooting.
  6. The new 1 point captain will take his place in the ship, old one will be send to reserve. Don't forget the port slot. you got one too You got full price compensation if you have the ship, so ofc don't sell them
  7. I have not look into the matter too closely and didn't read thoroughly (sorry!) but I have my rough estimated. I beleive I spend 7 minutes in co-op and 15 in pvp (basically half). Which is quite close to your number. My xp for pvp is 150% of co-op. So in my case, pvp gain higher. But then again I did not timed myself properly, just estimate. A point to consider is camo and flags are use per game. Mean pvp yield more return per "money" spend. If you equally conformable in both mode. I say it's not too bad to play pve even when the goal is exp. An option is to play pvp till you spend first win of the day, then move to co-op. To maximize xp.
  8. 10 torps hit also can be done with carrier. For those for play this class, you should done it in less than 12 games just for 6 pin. I saw requirement and I "Oh I won't be able to do xp mission to catch up with that."
  9. Ehh. Hatsuharu tie with Shiratsuyu. Fubuki's also better that Akatsuki's Oh you mean tier 7 only. Else you mention Mutsuki which is also 6.2
  10. On the topic of premium CV making a return. Funnily enough, on SEA which Saipan missing from the shop and the tech tree since forever, now make a return. Which the final chance of kamikaze
  11. I've seen "rumor" that the premium kamikaze will not be sold again follow the ijn dd change. yet to find any confirmation until... http://forum.worldofwarships.asia/index.php?/topic/21672-regarding-the-kamikaze-jp-destroyer/page__p__279231#entry279231 If this is already stated on NA I'm sorry for redundancy.
  12. Patience. A new dd line was released recently. Eventually this will die down.
  13. Papa = 300% Newyear camo =200% 50%xp flag, because freexp calculate from xp. first win bonus, sometime more than 50% depend on occasion. Chose highest tier , or best ship. Or just skip it, cause you can redo other tasks to complete campaign. Err. Co-op earn less xp than random, why would you go there for the mission that need certain amount of xp in one game?