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  1. Is there a list? I think not. But if you hover your mouse over each skill it tell if skill work 50% or not at all. General rule of thumb is if you can divide the effect of the skill then it work during retraining. Thing like BFT AFT can be. But PT, LS cannot be halve, so not work at all. Orlan captain likely come from Operation as mentioned. BFT and AFT will work at reduced efficiency during retraining while the others will not. <<<Right.
  2. New Year's Raid Mission 3 Task 2 bugged

    How is it bug? Any screenshot? What happen exactly?
  3. Bug https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/29807-announcement-battle-of-north-cape-mission-5-task-3/
  4. North Cape Mission 5 planning

    PSA/confirmation This is from Spotter. WG staff on ASIA server. https://forum.worldofwarships.asia/topic/29807-announcement-battle-of-north-cape-mission-5-task-3/ So..Hold on from sometime
  5. People who just Troll the Game

    Could be worst, could be shooting you, or report your position to the enemy. But rage-inducing nonetheless.
  6. Atago is Gudbote but Takao is Mehbote. Is it because Takao was lock to ARP captain thus reduce usefulness as Trainer, or you value xp and credit advantage and camo that much?
  7. Accelerate Training?

    That's free xp isn't it? No. Elite captain xp can only turn to free xp using doubloon. While captain xp are easy to obtain after you got a 19 points cap
  8. Who is at fault here?

    I think it is reasonable expectation for CV to look out so that he do not hit ally. From a guy who hit a friendly with torp bomber before.
  9. You got the New Mexico too. But got nothing from New York and below. They will not be researched.
  10. Premium Ship Review: Gremyashchy 2.0

    With stealth-fire removal, is Gremyashchy still most sought, most valuable thing? I mean, large detection range, slow but decent range torp. Slow turrets traverse. And tier 5 MM. Should I celebrate If I get one? Please don't compare her to Nikolai because I have no idea how BB work. If possible, compare to Okhotnik since I got rented once and like her enough to buy during the sale. Thanks you.
  11. Potential Detonation bug?

    I believe you. Such a shame you didn't have replay enabled. Could be interesting. Without replay there's little to do.
  12. USS Pensacola: To Buy or not to Buy?

    I would wait a few days. There's credit sale for high tier at the moment. I suspect other tier will get sale too. If you not planning to play her, why buy her before split-line-patchnote come out? You can get concrete information then.
  13. IJN CV First Impressions

    It is probably easier to kill dd because of two TBs allow cross drop. IJN Bombs are vastly inferior to USN in damage. But IJN have smaller circle so less RNGs. I'm not sure about "handle like a brick" because both nations are bad at maneuverability. But USN are really lacking behind in speed at low tier. Captain skill are fairly straightforward across the board Tier 1 ASE Tier 2 TA Tier 3 TAE Tier 4 AS Then take dog-fighting because ammo. Then boost AA (AFT, Manual AA) Or CE If you want to get close to action
  14. Totalling up all ships XP

    If you have any gold at all, you can see the total elite xp (that you can convert) in the next to bottom line In the convert screen. It say "All Warships" As you can see. My 82 doubloon are not enough to convert all my xp but I can see that my total elite xp are 37487