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  1. Safetybunny

    Newer Player Tutorial Videos & Gameplay

    Corrected. Thanks @shinytrashcan and no problem Gaelic (I didn't take it as a negative, glad WoWs did that!)
  2. Safetybunny

    Newer Player Tutorial Videos & Gameplay

    Here's USSR Cruiser example (Stalingrad) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7m0MGT2LSX8
  3. Safetybunny

    Newer Player Tutorial Videos & Gameplay

    Agreed, and this by no means was meant to serve as a replacement for that level of tutorial...simply some real gameplay and matches and trying to share thought process and decision making. Watching a lot of new players, very often I find positioning to be something that people struggle with. But thank you for the feedback @Gaelic_knight
  4. I noticed an increasing number of newer players in the game (or so it appears). That's great to see! I also found a lot of players that are not too familiar with the higher level gameplay or standard tactics in random battles...so I decided to start making and sharing videos with commentary of decent games, my thought process and positioning, etc. I'll preface it all by saying I'm only a semi-competitive player (typically Storm league in CBs), and the target audience for these is newer players. The games themselves are good and entertaining, but nothing insane. Each one will feature the game, comments, and a quick review of the ship and captain used. Hope it helps! And let me know if you have suggestions or requests for future videos/games. Here's the first one, U.S. BBs (Montana game) Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAQY22u3qqY&t=2s
  5. Safetybunny

    Update 0.8.9 - Bugs Report just installed. Immediately unable to open/launch the game when clicking "Play" in the WG launcher. Critical Error notice with message: No resource paths are loaded from the command line or paths.xml...The application must exit Crash dump files are being saved to by crash folder in the game directory Have attempted reboot, but not complete uninstall/reinstall. Running Windows 10. EDIT: The Check/Repair feature in launcher under Game Settings appears to have rectified this issue.
  6. Safetybunny

    Error with Replays

    Finding similar issues...Replay file will open WOWS, but then gets stuck in loading cycle like a login...