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  1. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Hope you all enjoyed Ranked. Toughest season yet :( We are pairing up for the Sprint series. Holler if you need a team for that or the next Clan Battles season (T8's!)
  2. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Take a peek! One of our Twitch Streamers!
  3. Safetybunny

    Error with Replays

    Finding similar issues...Replay file will open WOWS, but then gets stuck in loading cycle like a login...
  4. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    How goes the Clan Battles grind? Do you have a team?
  5. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Clan Season is upon us! Good luck all!
  6. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Did you rank yet? Tough, but good season!
  7. You know, I have to say I wasn't expecting much this season. I figured it would play out like many of the past seasons in that I'd see the same patterns, same frustrations, and end up around the same level (I would usually give up around Ranks 4-8). This one did surprise me. I think the format was refreshing (Arm's Race) and that hands down changed the way the game itself was played. I definitely preferred it, and enjoyed it. I also had the luxury of starting at Rank 9 given my finish last season (4), so I didn't have as much of a mountain to climb. I enjoyed the boats at that tier. I played Jutland and Krohnstadt and ranked out in 100 games exactly with a combined win rate of 66%. Here's what hasn't changed: - Assume each and every battle you need to play and try carry your team. I don't mean that to be spiteful or sassy, I mean it in that if I could play what I considered a "good" game (sinking at least 1 boat, doing 100K dmg or more), we typically won. I played Jutland a lot (71 battles), so it was as much about spotting as it was about damage, but the point is I tried hard to be the best. Often that still meant I was the top on my losing team. Other times it didn't matter. But I never hoped or expected others to carry me. - You will find unpleasant players. They will Karma bomb you into oblivion and pepper you with so many comments about how bad the team is, how bad you are, etc. Funny thing is, these are usually the guys that died first. And usually it's because they made a mistake or just aren't good enough to be playing at that level. Don't let that get to you. I've heard and seen it all. The funniest one was a guy in a Jean Bart telling us at Rank 5 "I know what I'm doing, I've played 500 games in ranked now"...I could tell that one was going to be a loss. Brush it off, and move on. - The Grind. Oh the grind. I was lucky enough to steadily progress, but it still came with heartaches. I was stuck at 5 for a long time. I made it to 1 star away from Rank 1, and then based on mistakes of my team and I, lost the next 4. My rule of thumb was if I lose 3 in a row, I'm punching out to go play another game mode, or playing a different title entirely. That helped me not get resentful every time I loaded in with total strangers. - You will be rewarded. This is a numbers game. Assume your standard W/L rate if you want to calculate your potential finish and how many stars and ranks you can plan on picking up. Yes, losses suck. But those happen in Randoms as well. So if you go into expecting "I'll lose some, but win more overall" that's a good mind set. One piece of feedback I'd have for developers...the matchmaker did a decent job with team compositions most games. And it looked like it also factored in current ranks (i.e. one Rank 2 on each team, two Rank 5's, etc.), but what was a problem was I could usually tell on the loading screen how a match was going to play out based on the clan tags. I've been around long enough to recognize the top clans and players, so when I saw two or more on one team against another team of squall league players...well you can imagine what a seal clubbing festival that turns into (regardless of the boats played). That proves the point it's more about the player than some OP boats. But at the same time that's something we've got to try figure out and better address with a player rating or value incorporated into the matching if it's possible. Think about the old days as kids and picking teams one person at a time. It usually meant some semblance of even teams and abilities. Don't get me wrong, I played with many Hurricane players that made mistakes, under performed, or were just generally weaker than expected...but it was a pattern and trend I noticed.
  8. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Hope everyone is enjoying ranked. If you need some help/tips, drop us a note
  9. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Clan Battles Season is coming to a close. Congrats to all those teams that participated. Catch you in Ranked soon.
  10. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Merry Christmas All!
  11. Safetybunny

    SKADOOSH - We're Those Guys (Your Mom Warned You About)

    Good luck with Clan Battles all! Season is underway. Do you have a team?
  12. Greetings Ladies and Gentlemen of WOWS! We are a group that formed after a successful push in Season 1 of Clan Battles and reformed as a new independent clan. We are Skadoosh Inc. and are actively recruiting new players to join in our escapades. Our Core Priorities are: Teamwork - we care about the results of the game vs. your individual stats at the finish. Do your job, and work together. That’s us in a tactical nutshell. Development & Goals - we can all get better, regardless of skill level. It’s fulfilling to watch people grow and improve. You might not be playing in our most competitive matches and games to start with in our ranks, but you will get better, have a few laughs with this group and earn your place among the best. Environment - this is a place of foul-mouthed (guys and girls) that game for the relaxation and enjoyment of it. While we love winning, we care more about interacting and having a good time with each other week in and week out. All of us founding members have been playing warships as early as release, some even since cbt and alpha! We are looking for other like-minded players who are mature, posses a good attitude and sportsmanship, and have a great sense of humor. Competitive play (i.e. Clan Battles, Ranked, etc.) is our primary objective, but that comes with a lot fun and ridiculousness while smashing citadels across the map! We run on TeamSpeak3 and having it is MANDATORY for acceptance! Listed below will be the general requirements for acceptance, however we will review applications on a case-by-case basis and may accept members who are enthusiastic about learning and working to improve. Our TS3 address is Skadoosh-inc.teamspeak3.com so feel free to stop by and ask any questions you may have or message anyone who is a recruiter or higher in-game. We partner with another clan (The Deadly Abyss) for social events/training so make sure to specify you are looking for us! For those who meet requirements but need help installing TS3 we will be happy to assist you as well! [SKDSH] General Requirements For Admittance 18+ with a working mic (TeamSpeak is our default comm program. Can’t work together if we can’t talk!) Our current players have: Played at least 2k random battles 35k average damage per battle or higher Minimum win rate of 49.5% Frags per Battle "F/B" of .60 or higher Diversity of ships/playstyles Primarily based in EST/CST timezones Be available for participation in clan battles or group play 3 nights a week or whenever possible. Real life comes first so we use that as a guideline for how often you can expect to see others! Tier X ships are a requirement for participation in our competitive games with a generally statistically good performance record Ready and willing to be a "team player" rather than a "solo warrior" Even if you don’t meet all the requirements stated above, don’t let that stop you. We are looking for personality and potential above and beyond stats! Happy sailing, and may Dasha and the RNG Gods guide your shells/torps to the citadels of the enemy!
  13. Safetybunny

    [SKDSH] Skadoosh Inc. Open Recruitment

    Happy October all, Halloween events dropping soon. Do you have a group to play with?
  14. Safetybunny

    [SKDSH] Skadoosh Inc. Open Recruitment

    Welcome to our newest members that joined this past month! In other news, good luck to all the clans closing out current season of Clan Battles. That was a tough one!