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  1. How do you earn XP?

    Im currently at the Queen Elizabeth, and i see people earning around 5000-8000 XP in matches while my best games clock around only 2000+ (And that only on a good day, i usually get 500 a match, and yes i play Random Battles). The King George V costs 80000+ XP and at the rate im going im going to take 2 years to get it. Im guessing that the XP value was made on the basis that at this tier you should get 3000XP a match regularly, so how do i go about doing that?
  2. Tier X French BB, France, sighted

    Oh Jesus, this would be more painful than 457mm Conqueror (Not that i hate the 457, i prefer them to the 419 and want the 419 removed outright, but as least it has 4 turrets and not 2...)
  3. French Battleships?

    Came back after a long time not playing, and heard there is an upcoming update for French Battleships. Could someone catch me up on this?
  4. Conqueror 419 vs 457mm guns

    Just remove 419mm and buff the 457mm accuracy and range, and lower the reload time a little. Done
  5. How Is XP Calculated..?

    Just got an Iron Duke, and in games where i do 60000 damage or more i only received 875 XP, but a bad High Tier game (Still used to the lower Tier Battles with Orion) with only 13000 Damage plus the Ship was destroyed by Torps halfway but i got 2007 XP..? How is this thing calculated..?
  6. Is the Rasputin Battleship a Remodelled Version of a Tier 8 Battleship pushed to Tier 4? Dealing 10000 damage to it only makes its Health Bar dip a little, it looks it has 100000HP or more and It also one shots Jackals as well sometimes which is really annoying...
  7. Battleships and citadels.

    Easiest: Japan USA Germany Hardest: Britain (Underwater Citadel [edited])
  8. Battleships might just slightly be OP

    I got Torpedoed for the first time in a Battleship by a Destroyer from nearly 7km away lmbo usually i never get Torpedoed because i always start to turn whenever i see a Destroyer sailing parallel to me and is not further than 9km but this time the Torping Destroyer never showed up and i never got the chance to turn
  9. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Wheres the option located?
  10. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Enable that and the planes wont look like they were animated by a 5 year old? That all i have to do?
  11. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Before the 0.6.10 Update a Squadron was 5-7 Proper Planes flying in a neat file and they flew properly, why tf is 1 Squadron represented by 1 Gigantic Plane instead of the 5-7 Planes it used to be!? There ARE still 5 Planes or more in the Squadron but if you look at it its 1 Gigantic Plane. And why do they look like they want to Allahu Akbar the Carrier when they come to land?
  12. Insta Kill Glitch?

    Um pretty sure that Destroyer at full health was on 10000+ HP and Caledon only does 2000 Per Citadel And come to think of it i do remember the name of the guy i killed come popping up with an achievement but i was too focused to bother seeing what it was
  13. Conqueror 419 vs 457mm guns

    This is why you buff the 457 and remove the 419 lmbo
  14. Insta Kill Glitch?

    Im talking about if it happens in real life what would possibly happen... EDIT: didnt see how you werent talking about real life xd Also AP has to stop in the Magazine and explode inside the thing just to set it of!? So if it goes straight through and leaves a gigantic hole in the Shells stored in the Magazines the Explosives are gonna leak out of the Shells in the Destroyed Magazines and thats it!? What are they even thinking???