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  1. If they listen then please HMS Conqueror does not need to be another Montana please remove the 419mm and keep the 457mm so it has a different play style... @Whoeverisawgdev
  2. well in every game I've played the beta test values always become the final in game values so no I no longer trust the "they are subject to changes any time" any more
  3. but can they remove the 419mm like almost every battleship at tier 10 is a Montana now it would be nice to have a battleship with a different play style and not another 12 gun ship that can spam those shells
  4. Err according to some guys there's no difference between 406 and 420 but a huge one between 419 and 457
  5. What Minotuar Super Heal? and why the same Guns I only want those 457 ones -_-
  6. why do people complain about Montana broadside only? Grober Kurfurst also has 12 guns not only that its guns are also 420mm But yeah I would hate for another ship to be a Montana its so boring
  7. HMS Montana xd But I hope they remove the 12 419mm it isn't fun or unique for every max battleship to be another Montana plus Montana already has Kurfurst now its Yamatos turn for a companion ship BUT, I would love it if it got 12 457mm in the final release xd it would be OP
  8. Ah, thanks :) I was confused until you said that diameter was used in place of mass, since if mass was used the 457mm would penetrate (or "overmatch"? Whatever its called) the 30mm of Bow Armour even better than the 460mm as the shells of the 457 is surprisingly heavier than those of the 460
  9. Nuu I want a 12 457mm that's good at both shells :(
  11. I wished this was true but sadly those 4x3 Guns are 419mm. The 457mm comes in 2x4 Turrets, although if the Conqueror truly had 12 457mm it would be amazing but sadly it dosent
  12. Don't yell at me if this is a dumb question since I'm fairly new but why would a gun that's 457mm in diameter have trouble with just 32mm of armour? Even a 50mm Tank Gun from a Panzer III can punch through that, so I don't see why a British Ship Gun that's twice as large as the largest field artillery (T92 Howitzer) will have any trouble with that...
  13. 4x3 x 457mm = ?
  14. O damn imagine Conqueror with 4x3 457mm with no more gun upgrades that would be amazing its firepower would be the most powerful of any ship in game
  15. 1000 damage more? I'm not sure