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  1. Is the Rasputin Battleship a Remodelled Version of a Tier 8 Battleship pushed to Tier 4? Dealing 10000 damage to it only makes its Health Bar dip a little, it looks it has 100000HP or more and It also one shots Jackals as well sometimes which is really annoying...
  2. Battleships and citadels.

    Easiest: Japan USA Germany Hardest: Britain (Underwater Citadel [edited])
  3. Battleships might just slightly be OP

    I got Torpedoed for the first time in a Battleship by a Destroyer from nearly 7km away lmbo usually i never get Torpedoed because i always start to turn whenever i see a Destroyer sailing parallel to me and is not further than 9km but this time the Torping Destroyer never showed up and i never got the chance to turn
  4. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Wheres the option located?
  5. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Enable that and the planes wont look like they were animated by a 5 year old? That all i have to do?
  6. wth Happened To Carrier Planes!?

    Before the 0.6.10 Update a Squadron was 5-7 Proper Planes flying in a neat file and they flew properly, why tf is 1 Squadron represented by 1 Gigantic Plane instead of the 5-7 Planes it used to be!? There ARE still 5 Planes or more in the Squadron but if you look at it its 1 Gigantic Plane. And why do they look like they want to Allahu Akbar the Carrier when they come to land?
  7. Insta Kill Glitch?

    Um pretty sure that Destroyer at full health was on 10000+ HP and Caledon only does 2000 Per Citadel And come to think of it i do remember the name of the guy i killed come popping up with an achievement but i was too focused to bother seeing what it was
  8. Conqueror 419 vs 457mm guns

    This is why you buff the 457 and remove the 419 lmbo
  9. Insta Kill Glitch?

    Im talking about if it happens in real life what would possibly happen... EDIT: didnt see how you werent talking about real life xd Also AP has to stop in the Magazine and explode inside the thing just to set it of!? So if it goes straight through and leaves a gigantic hole in the Shells stored in the Magazines the Explosives are gonna leak out of the Shells in the Destroyed Magazines and thats it!? What are they even thinking???
  10. Insta Kill Glitch?

    Some things like internal fires and crew members DO have to get left out due to the fact that they would be so damn game breaking in WOWS Torpedoes hitting the Magazines? Never heard of that and sounds unlikely since the Torpedo is under the fukcing water and the fires from the Torpedo is gonna get extinguished but ok ill take that AP dosent fukc up the magazines!? How!? Ok sure they may ricochet or overpenetrate and not explode, but tell me, a Shell overpenetrating straight through the Magazine and coming out the other side is pretty much gonna Detonate it anyways... the Shell wont even have to explode to set off the Ammunition inside the Magazine... Bombs do set off the Magazines, the Speed of the Bomb coupled by its Weight and Explosion can Smash the Deck Armour apart where the Magazine is, and the Fire from the Bomb finishes the job Im not very sure about HE Shells hitting Main Gun Magazines, my guess is that if it hits the Deck Armour instead of the Belt, it may cause it to Detonate, though i highly doubt that Splash Damage well help it most likely has to be a Direct Hit Torpedoes can be Detonated like Shells!? Why didnt anyone tell me that?
  11. Insta Kill Glitch?

    From what i see anything that can happen in the real world to Warships is generally a valid mechanic :P Logically speaking AP should have a better chance then, as it explodes after penetration and that would mean exploding next to the rack where the Shells are stored, and overpenetrating through the magazine if it dosent explode would have quite adverse effects too... a ricochet wouldnt do so much while HE exploding and getting to the Magazine would kinda Detonate it instantly... i dunno...
  12. Now that makes me want to hunt Destroyers in an Orion for some reason (Never got Torpedoed by a Destroyer once only by a Cruiser)
  13. The only time i died from Torps was when a Cruiser launched them (didnt know non Destroyer Ships also had Torps) i usually go bow on and when Torpedo Bombers come the Bellerophon is fast enough to turn bow on to them and the Carrier eventually gets so fed up trying to Torp meh that he goes to another ship
  14. Insta Kill Glitch?

    oooo damn... The place where the Shells for the Guns are stored get hit... That really must have hurt Well where are these Magazines located? Me want to 1 shot full Health Ships :)