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  1. First of all, thank you iku! I tried the mod out but the heavily indented lines are really distracting. I wonder if you can put the shipname block after the text block, so that it appears on the right after the text? I feel that a few changes in leading should achieve this? As a rough example: ================================= [CLAN]username: text (SHIPNAME) in several lines. [CLAN]user2: one line (SHIPNAME) =================================
  2. garfield001's Mod Collection

    How did you manage to unzip the new package files? @,@
  3. [] Yet another zoom-out mod (v1.5.0d)

    Thanks iku for your work! For whoever takes over this or want to do it yourself, the maintenance after each patch can be made easier if you use a file comparison software, like Winmerge or Meld. Basically just spam the "copy line to target file" shortcut a few times.
  4. [MOD] TheSeeker's Extended Tech Tree [NA VERSION]

    Wow how did this happen?...
  5. Reporting hack

    Honest/interesting question: Has anyone tried ramming an otherwise "unsinkable" ship? If one rams at a module that has lost all HP, what would happen?
  6. My personal Torp record.

    And you don't have replay?! (And now that you probably enabled it, you'll never achieve this again XD)
  7. My personal Torp record.

    Y U so lucky! I'm guessing you took them on the torp belt?
  8. My personal Torp record.

    Any of those friendly torps? XD
  9. Carrier_Kaga's YouTube Channel

    Kaga-san, maybe you can temporarily remove the text mod when recording from the replays?
  10. Camouflage Question

    I see. Then have you tried just deleting the whole blocks about normal camo, and those that you don't like? I tried deleting the normal camo, and it's working just fine -- leaving prems untouched.
  11. Camouflage Question

    What camo do you want to be left untouched then?
  12. [Mod Request] Change Dock Lighting

    Glad I was able to help! It is possible to change that skymap as well. Look for <skydome> and find the location of those files, then you can change the setting to another map's sky. Strait is probably the closest to noon.
  13. [Mod Request] Change Dock Lighting

    You can do it yourself: (Remember to make backups and move the modified files into res_mod) Change the <Sun> section in the space.settings of the port (res/spaces/Dock_ocean/space.settings seems to be the one you are in). The <pitch> and <yaw> will change the location of the sun. Problem is, the skymap won't change its lighting, meaning that you will have that sunset-shading with your sun above the ship. It was annoying so I gave up.
  14. [][MOD][TOOL] Ship Name Selector (v0.4b)

    That K[wqaidnlkda]nigsberg looks like encoding fail though. Missing font would give solid blocks.