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  1. Disable torpedo wake mod in Mod Station...Thank you @ Padres_Porch
  2. Someone from another thread pointed out a fix. Disable the Torpedo wake mod in Mod Station and it fixed it for me. Thank you @ Padres_Porch
  3. ScruffyNut

    Strange wake effects

    Lots of screen shots here I can confirm this works! Thx for the info :)
  4. I have the same issue but didnt fix it. Mod station isnt the issue because my other computer works with mods and I dont have this issue. Really weir and annoying!
  5. ScruffyNut

    Wake graphical issue

    Frames are at 60 right now, runs smooth
  6. The wake looks to be squared off and not rounded. I run 4k all max settings. Anyone know a fix to this? Drivers updated already
  7. I am sick and tired of playing in a Tier7 battle and seeing Tier 9 DDs. Is there a way to make matchmaking a little more fair? Say Tiers 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 7-8, 9-10? can only be matched up?Tier7 is a death wish!
  8. ScruffyNut

    Pay WG to reduce your ships Dispersion

    That’s has nothing to do with dispersion
  9. ScruffyNut


    I thought that premiums already had permanent cammos
  10. ScruffyNut

    Pc vs PS4

    If you max out the admirals on console, they are deadly? What do you mean???
  11. ScruffyNut

    Pc vs PS4

    So commanders have a peek on the consoles but not on pc. Is the system better for consoles?
  12. ScruffyNut

    Gun Bars

    https://imgur.com/a/ww7pNUt How do I get rid of them?
  13. ScruffyNut

    WG is very nice!

    I have talked to some guys in my clan and they have received it after the 3rd role...not me though. I'm at 19 and still haven't gotten it yet. Waiting for the 4th directive to open.
  14. Hi, how do i cancel the Premium account?