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  1. Torque64

    Game Login taking over 4 Minutes

    20 Secs for me... 10 secs to load game and another 10 secs to logon... on my old puter it took forever... find i play more now.
  2. Torque64

    NC camo mission is here...

    Pretty lack lustre when it comes to perks -10% +50%... whoooo hooooo.
  3. Offended by txt on a screen while playing a game that glorifies mayhem and slaughter...errrr ok.
  4. Torque64

    Premium Commanders

    Or... how about ffs they give back the two perked skills unique commanders lost on some ship classes after their Borked rework... that really pisses me off.
  5. Torque64

    You experts would know.

    What a bunch of fools... everyone knows it's where they store the Lederhosen and beer.
  6. They probably just game the stats... if they lose a few games in a row they probably just log off... the law of averages would indicate so.
  7. Torque64

    Matchmaking Fail - Thanks WG!

    Yeah whatever...
  8. Only 5 in a row... that's a good day for me...!
  9. Torque64

    8 ways to make subs better

    Sink them...
  10. Torque64

    Research Bureau Question

    Looks like... i always thought you could only stack resets within the time period... looks like you don't from what the others have said... IJN DD line is the cheapest aboot 700k Free XP to reset.
  11. Torque64

    How to Deal with One-Sided Losses

    Hash... if you live in a progressive society that is.... my WR for the last month or so has hovered around 36%... while i have 20k games and avg 53% WR. Playing now is so much fun... like chewing gravel.... Oh Lord... why do you MOCK ME!
  12. Torque64

    SUBS: I get it now!

    That's why he likes Subs duh.
  13. Torque64

    Very proud of our NA KoTS Casting Team

    The EU looked like something out of Wayne's World.... t-shirts and hoodies with the garage background... it was sad... compared to the NA with ties and great backdrops.
  14. Torque64


    Even if you do manage a good drop... it's clownage... 10 hits on one sub... i even stopped over top to make sure.... no kill.