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  1. Torque64

    Anyone still playing Kleb?

    I've seen the odd match where they do well but mostly they get marginalized after taking damage and get banished to the outskirts by ships like the Smo and CV's. Nothing like the consistent threat they use to be.
  2. Torque64

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    Doesn't look like it... so let me make it easier for you to comprehend. It's about a DD --> Destroyer and not a CA --> Cruiser... does that clear it up am i read right Doctor Phil?
  3. Torque64

    Beginning to understand

    Some of it may have to do with the Barney purple dinosaur syndrome.
  4. Torque64

    time for assist kills ribbon?

    Just play more it will even out.
  5. Torque64

    How to unlock the british commander?

    Gee thx you know what it's like to expel Pepsi via ones nostrils....
  6. Torque64

    Explosive lag on a $3,000 dollar computer

    I think my puter retails now for a pack of smarties and a snickers bar....
  7. Torque64

    If you could buff just one ship...

    Damn you beat me to it.....
  8. Torque64

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    Do i have to repeat myself... like what is your point other than spewing nonsense?
  9. Torque64

    Smolensk or Jean Bart

    If you want to experience the most delicious and flavorful BB whine get the Smo... and it's only a one trick pony if you're lacking as i open fire on BB's all the time and watch them hissy fit on chat when they can't hit me.
  10. Torque64

    Is there a USN bias in this game

    Bias shows when you have IJN and not IUSN...
  11. Torque64

    Is there Russian Bias by War Gaming?

    Pretty much eh... they're so use to it in every facet of the globe and when it's not shewed in their favour they'll whine and always play the victim card.
  12. Torque64

    PSA: Free Loot !! w0ot!

    Better than the 100 ramming flags i just got in my last SC....
  13. Torque64

    Kleber is STILL a joke ....

    Yeah thanks Doctor Phil... <cough> And it's about DD's and not CA's but thanks for play'n and don't forget your complimentary gift at the door.
  14. Torque64

    Lag Spikes

    Yeah me as well so i got the WGCheck tool and it shows the packet lose. https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19498/
  15. Torque64

    Is it possible to earn Smolensk before it's removed?

    Kick scratch misappropriated funds whatever it takes because it's worth it....