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  1. schizrade

    Smaland missiles & rockets

    I know... i can dream right? lol
  2. schizrade

    Smaland missiles & rockets

    Didnt have the FXP in time... I really hope they bring it back at some point.
  3. schizrade

    Brawl CVs

    I only had one brawl with a CV, I rushed him in my Massachusetts and won.
  4. schizrade

    wth?!?! 1v1 brawl????

    1v1 is back??? I might jump in tonight...
  5. schizrade

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

    Try 1987, but yes, it came out for MacOS first.
  6. schizrade

    Discontinuation of MacOS Support

  7. If they banned people for "bad play", most of use would be banned. They probably banned the guy for griefing, cause i see a ton of that in randoms.
  8. schizrade

    If you struggle with addiction READ THIS

    ^Excellent post and message.
  9. I have never bought any containers, cause the odds suck frankly. But I had a few extra Dubs, did the 250dub chain and bought a few BF Prem containers. I got 4 ships and ended up with more dubs than I started with. LOL. Should have bought some lotto tickets today.
  10. schizrade

    United States Coast Guard

    Yeah, while USCG ships *can* fight, they are not warships. They are designed to police coastal waters and assist any local maritime efforts.
  11. schizrade

    Code from todays stream

    dang... missed it
  12. schizrade

    I bought the Des Moines. Where's the radar?

    Dang... OP, did you FXP from Omaha to DM?
  13. schizrade

    How to deal with active trolling?

    I am more of the opinion that being shot at by your teammate or being the target of harassment in chat is more trolling than having to go AFK.
  14. schizrade

    WOWS Yamato model.

    I have build Tamiya 1/350 models of Yamato, Missouri, Bismark and Musashi. Loved every minute of it.
  15. This is true, not all BBs can push in the same way. Push an Iowa/Monty into an early game brawl... gonna have a short game. Sit in the back and snipe with your GKF... not helping anyone. They all have their use cases. That being said, a Yamato standing still hugging an island and "biding his time" is just fodder to get burned and sunk.