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  1. Rusty_Bucket__

    Update of commander skills: questions and answers

    I am fed up with all these commander skill changes. I have over 200 ships and don't have the time to adjust them all. In the past, the time allowed to make changes was a week or so. In addition, I don't have the time or interest to research all the changes.
  2. Rusty_Bucket__

    Research Bureau Ships in CO-OP

    Thanks, I see that 3 month notice there. I'm regrinding the US cruiser line. I got on with the double research credits then. I am going to be out of town for a week and wanted to make sure that I didn't miss the next one. Thanks again for the heads up.
  3. Rusty_Bucket__

    Research Bureau Ships in CO-OP

    Does anyone know when the next double "Research Credit" will come up? I just finished running the Russian BB line at double points and am in the process of running the American light Cruiser line. I'll need one more to have enough for any ship there.
  4. Rusty_Bucket__

    Izmail. Worse ship ever. Skip it with free XP

    I love that ship!
  5. Rusty_Bucket__

    Problems on the PT Server

    After playing multiple successful games on public test, my gun click on my mouse stopped working. Somehow in the process, the games file was wiped from my PC. I have no idea what the F happened.
  6. Rusty_Bucket__

    Atlanta IFHE or DE

    Captains can be moved onto a premium ship without retraining? I thought premium ships were good training vessels for none premium captains.
  7. Rusty_Bucket__

    Atlanta IFHE or DE

    Yep, you are right. That being the case, IFHE looks to be the better choice.
  8. Rusty_Bucket__

    Atlanta IFHE or DE

    Should I use IFHE or DE on my Atlanta. I noticed that IFHE has a 3% reduction in the chance of fire. Recently I obtained the Kidd. I moved my Atlanta captain over to it. I moved a 17 commander skill captain over to the Atlanta. I can put the DE on, but need an additional commander skill to add IFHE. I'd appreciate advice. Is the IFHE the best choice for an Atlanta? Thanks in advance.
  9. Rusty_Bucket__

    Arsenal Ships for Coal

    I've got the Musahi and Charleston, but thanks. I guess I'll just keep my powder dry on exchanging my coal.
  10. Rusty_Bucket__

    Arsenal Ships for Coal

    I expect to see a new Arsenal ship available for steel. Are new coal exchange ships also expected?
  11. Rusty_Bucket__

    Arsenal Ships for Coal

    Yes, I have all T10 ships on tech tree expect Pan-Asian. Excluding CVs. I'm not a regular CV player.
  12. Rusty_Bucket__

    Arsenal Ships for Coal

    I've saved up enough coal to trade coal for a ship. I have the Musahi. I'm eyeing the Jean Bart and the Salem, with the Jean Bart being my preference. I'd appreciate feedback. Should I go ahead with one of those two, or wait for a future Arsenal ship?
  13. Rusty_Bucket__

    Belle Epoque containers

    What did you get in your Santa container with completion of this? I don't recall getting one, even though it says it was issued.
  14. Rusty_Bucket__

    XP for Tier 10 Ships

    Yes, good advice. Commander XP for 19 point generates Elite XP.
  15. Rusty_Bucket__

    XP for Tier 10 Ships

    When playing a tier 10 ship with a 19 point captain, is it worth it using flags and camo that generate anything other than free XP? What would additional XP or Commander XP do for me? I find I'm saving flags and camo for lower tier ships and lower point captains. What are your thoughts on the matter?