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  1. The original purpose of the Furutaka in the line was probably to bridge the gap between the single-gun turret ships and multi-gun turret ships that make up the rest of the line, but that doesn't work when you can only have one mesh per ship. Same, though I am a bit more upset at the upgraded Bayern hull not retaining all the casemate guns, something the Normandie is also guilty of.
  2. Well, that's because all three hulls used unique meshes. This update seems mostly to be based around culling meshes throughout ships, so that each ship has a single mesh, regardless of modules. That's why a lot of ships that already had only 2 hulls were in the changelist; they removed the unique mesh for the first hull and kept the second one. Which is why Emile Bertin was so weird; that ship already had only one mesh. However, there's an unused 1943 EB mesh in the game files, so I guess they are just removing that.
  3. Alright, I can give some details now. The changes are purely to hull modules, no propulsion, fcs or gun modules have been altered: Mogami A was removed. B is now stock hull, 155 guns remain. Furutaka lost A hull, B is now stock hull, 200 guns remain. Myoko lost A hull, B is now stock hull. Izumo lost A and C hulls, both hulls are now based on B hull. Omaha lost C hull, both remaining hull models are based on A. New York and New Mexico had their stock hull models replaced with those of the upgraded hulls. AA configuration remains the same. The same thing for russian destroyers, Ranger, Fletcher and Ryujo. Emile Bertin retains both hulls, dunno what's going on there. Bayern A hull is now based on B hull mesh with old A hull aa configuration. Same for Colorado and NC.
  4. Ortheki

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    It's nice that they are extending to tiers 6 and 7, but below tier 6 is what we really need more of.
  5. They only recently began adding more mid tier stuff and even then it's not much. I'm not talking about tier 7 ships here, as nice as the additions we got there were, I'm talking about everything tier 6 and below. Especially the below part. Removing hulls for existing ships which, in several cases, are the historical ones.
  6. Ortheki

    ST 0.10.3, new ships

    Honestly they could just put it, and all the removed historical/old hulls in lower tiers, but they barely care about anything below tier 8.
  7. WG does not care either. Players don't care that much because there isn't that much content in mid tiers, which is because WG doesn't put it there and keeps shafting content that does exist.
  8. Great, more historical hulls being removed. I hope at least they have the decency to bring them back as premiums. Also why remove the Emile Bertin A hull when that's the only correct one? Same is true for Bayern but at least with Bayern they put some effort into the fake one, the B hull of EB is terrible. Well I guess at least I will get some money when I inevitably sell those ships.
  9. Don't know if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone have the old space.settings and space.ubersettings files for sarushima base? I hate how the update port looks and would much prefer the original lighting.
  10. Ortheki

    ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships.

    That's not that different either, we had (and have) ships where the bow shape and other stuff gets changed. What we perhaps didn't have is a ship that combines all of those. Also the pyramid config Furutaka is still in game.
  11. I got the flag for anchorage after finishing the construction, check your flags again.
  12. Hizen costs more than twice the price of the Anchorage, so that's not very appealing. I don't know why you guys are excited for it, but suit yourselves. Also no tier 6s this year? Only tier 5s? Really? I was looking forward to getting the Weser and Andrea Doria this way but apparently I get jack crap.
  13. Ortheki

    ST 0.9.11 - 0.9.12, new ships.

    It should be noted however, that originally, ships that completely changed from one hull to another used to exist in the game, Such as the old Nicholas A-hull having 1 extra main battery gun, the Nurnberg C-Hull having 2 less torpedo launchers and the Kirov B-Hull having no aircraft catapult. It seems like WG has been distancing themselves from this as the years have gone by. AS for that Marco Polo thing, is that really UP41? It doesn't resemble the design at all. UP41 didn't have the miniturrets that thing has.
  14. Ortheki

    ST 0.9.10, Italian Battleships

    Not really, originally ships had the correct names, they changed the names to be generic class names later on. This is particularly obvious if you look at the early alpha/beta models, including the not implement 1920s hull for the Saratoga, which clearly has "SARA" written on the back instead of "LEX".