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  1. Ortheki

    European Destroyers: Early Access

    It seems my suspicions were correct and the new directives are a bunch of grindy garbage. Like clockwork WG, like clockwork.
  2. We get a new french premium and it's more disappointment. Is this even remotely historical? Seems like you just took he Gascogne, upped the secondaries and replaced the primary guns.
  3. Ortheki

    The Great White Fleet - Victory!

    I was actually talking about cruisers like the Bogatyr. Plus I still don't see why we can't have the gun schema of a Pre-Dreadnought in game. Just have the battery be multi-caliber.
  4. Ortheki

    The Great White Fleet - Victory!

    Multi-caliber guns in the main battery is not a new thing anyways, other ships have it.
  5. Ortheki

    The Great White Fleet - Victory!

    We already have the Mikasa, which is best built for secondaries. The Mikasa is not very good, but it can work. WG just needs to put in the effort to balance the ships. Also the fact that only tier 5 and up ships can participate in the event is even more ridiculous considering the event is about ships that would fit in tier 2.
  6. Ortheki

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    And apparently they are removing the design-accurate hulls for the Budyonny and Shchors. Well guess both those ships are going to the garbage bin.
  7. Ortheki

    More Predreadnoughts!!!

    Yes I am aware of that ship. Still doesn't account for the Borodino from the other picture. Like I said before, cheaper ships tend to sell more, so a higher tier ship is not necessarily a better investment. It's just banking on whales. This would not be a problem if the devs actually built up lower tiers instead of neglecting them. Plus, that's not entirely true. Larger ships take longer to model than smaller ones simply because they have more details.
  8. Ortheki

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    What will the changes to the existing ships look like?
  9. Ortheki

    More Predreadnoughts!!!

    They might sell for less, but the lower price is more affordable to the general customer and more likely to get a sale than an overpriced T8 monster. The problem is that WG has completely fumbled on supporting low tiers. Speaking of which, can someone testify to the authenticy of this picture? Because if this is indeed official, that means they already have a Borodino model lying around that they are not using. The Potemkin wasn't at Tsushima though AFAIK.
  10. Ortheki

    Iwaki and Arkansas

    Fun fact, the Wyoming in game is not the Wyoming. Both Wyoming and Arkansas are modelled after the Arkansas. The Arkansas beta is Arkansas in 1912 condition, Wyoming stock hull is Arkansas in 1919 condition and the Wyoming upgraded hull is Arkansas in 1942 condition (with nerfed AA). Wargaming insists on having tech tree ships named after the first in the class, but several of them are modelled on sister ships instead.
  11. Ortheki

    ST, Soviet cruisers

    What Kirov hull will the premium variant get? The WW2 or post war one? Will it get both? And if not, when can we expect to see the other hull again?
  12. When I said removed, I meant from matchmaking. Ocean can no longer appear in lower tiers and solomon islands just does not appear, period.
  13. Not only did they not add anything, they actively removed low tier maps, like solomon islands and ocean. Yeah I would love that too, WW1-era vessels are great, but all we get are bastardized fictional refits.
  14. Ortheki

    What happened to all of the mods?

    The way I deal with this problem is that I keep a folder with all the mods I use and just move it to the new res_mods folder when the game updates. Things like expanded tech tree don't work with this until someone updates them properly, but for most things, it works fine. Remove camo is easy to do by yourself since you can just extract the camo xml file and edit it yourself. Are there any plans to fix the black parts in camos such as the one of the Prinz Eugen? Its the kind of thing that can be fixed locally but its kind of a pisser, especially since it only works clientside. Stuff like flag mods can be ported from one version to the other as long as you have a corresponding atlas file. The only problems this will cause is that newly-added flags will be invisible.
  15. Ortheki

    ST, New ships

    Or the Lexington-class battlecruisers. Shame they would probably be in a bastardized fictional refit.