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  1. Poppa_IKE


    In the middle of the grind now with this nightmare and it's just pure hell. I sure hope reaching the grand prize level 10 is worth surviving this colossal barge of garbage.
  2. Thanks for posting this. I just got the ship and it certainly feels different than the Queen.
  3. Is it possible to 'not' use your Free XP and selectively use 'ship XP' only to unlock a next tier ship? -thanks.
  4. Poppa_IKE

    Oktyabrskaya Revolutsiya

    I just recently won her with a 10pt Cpt from a Super Container, thanks WoWs! Only a few battles so far, but I can see you need to be patient because she is slow as heck. But if you line up your targets right, the hits she gives are huge. Also seems to take on a ton of damage without blinking an eye.
  5. Poppa_IKE

    Espana class tier 3 premium

    I agree, would love to see it. There's actually a few possible options for naval ships from Spain. Not enough for a whole line though unfortunately.
  6. Poppa_IKE

    Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    Reply back after you run her through a handful of battles and let us know what you think. I don't have her yet, but judging from the comments, it can be an awesome ship.
  7. Have looked around some, but no luck. Trying to find a translation list of the crew sayings for each line. Particularly interested in the French, but would like to have them all. I think it adds a great touch when playing ships of the different nations. Anyone have this by chance? -Thanks.