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    Chest opening system needs a tweak

    It's on players section? This guys logistics are terrible. Anyway, thanks for the tip. I don't think I should duplicate the post there now but at least I know that for another occasion.
  2. Hi. I've noticed you've added an option to open all the chests which is cool if you have a lot of chests but I also noticed there is a lacking option regarding the opening of chests and it is the option to open the chests WE want instead of this stepped system you seem to like too much TBH. For instance, I've chests that give premium and I don't want to use those yet cause I can't play long sessions every day so I still have to open chests one by one to not open one of those by accident. Furthermore, we can't even open chests from our inventory cause the chest don't even appear there. So, I have to let some chests unopen until the day I can play a long session to take advantage of that prmeium time just because the chest opening system is archaic. Don't get me wrong, it has stepped up since the adittion of opening all chests but it still lacks deeper tweaks because it's still flawed. PS: I'm not sure if it's even worth to write this here since the forum don't even have a suggestions section but I don't lose anything and hope is the last thing we have to lose, right?