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  1. What will happen with those that used the code before this change and haven't reached T6 yet? Will they get the Texas or the Warspite?
  2. Murakumo_96

    Why everyone should play Clan Battles

    I would suggest you to find another small clan and merge into a single one, you caould make a clan big enough to play Blan Battles. Well, to win you have first to play, right? Good Luck this season!
  3. Is pretty simple the rewards are very nice, and I don't mean just the steel, flags and premium time, but the rewards for each win. A 2500 base XP for avery battle makes any multiplier you have a lot of the 2 next point especially: 1.- Commander XP. You can make a crazy amount of Commander XP with the new flag added, I don't have a result example for this because I built for other type of XP wich is my next point. 2.- Free XP. Are you short in Free XP? Do you want the Kronshtadt/Musashi before they are removed? Do you want to skip the Izumo!? PLAY SOME CLAN BATTLE! Seriusly, in a very succesful night you can make 100k Free XP, easy. Here is an example in one of my battles: As you can see, you don't have to do 300k damage or cap 4 bases alone, you just have to win! Don't let people discourage you to play Clan Battles, they give a ton of rewards and you learn a lot of the game. Even if you lose, you can see what positions the enemy team took and learn from them, you learn how to counter ships you tought to be OP, you can test ships you don't have with the rentals. There are a ton of benefits playing Clan Battles, don't let them go!
  4. Murakumo_96

    Reasons to love Clan Battles

    Oh yeah, is amazing how much you can grind Free XP and Elite Captain XP in Clan Battles just by thowing some flags and a camo:
  5. I had this match, I did all I could for my team to win, yet we couldn't win. This is my highest damage record ever and, just like my previus record, it was a defeat It would have been a over 3k base XP if we had managed to win.
  6. Murakumo_96

    Update 0.7.8 - General Feedback

    I can't update, the logs say that it cannot extract update
  7. Murakumo_96

    2 DDs inside smoke, what can go wrong?

    It has happend to me as well, is been a long time since then... but with RN Cruisers, even with hydro I still get torped
  8. Murakumo_96

    2 DDs inside smoke, what can go wrong?

    Yeah, this particular clip happend at like 2 am, my parents were asleep and I started laughing pretty loud My favorite ship to do this is by far the Shiratsuyu, 16 torps in the water are pretty hard to dodge.
  9. Murakumo_96

    2 DDs inside smoke, what can go wrong?

    Pretty funny when it happens, isn't it?
  10. Murakumo_96

    2 DDs inside smoke, what can go wrong?

    Indeed, DDs are super fun to play, the Shiratsuyu is a very fun dd without smoke, I got the Akizuki in like 12 battles because she is so good (I had a lot of camos and great games, but my stats kinda droped yesterday, I had some questionable games). I just don't plaay DDs enough, because I love Cruisers so much. Well, if you see a DD enters a cap and instantly smokes, then she is asking to get torped if said cap is contested. If the ship has some time spamming from that smoke then is a no torp for me, I better rush and wait for it to fade and gun her down. If another ship is close to that smoke you can topr him with a chance of also hitting the DD. There are many situations, and as the DD torping the smoke you need to read in order to succeed with the salvo, otherwise, as you said, is a wasted consumable.
  11. Murakumo_96

    2 DDs inside smoke, what can go wrong?

    Sorry for the super late reply (I forgot to follow the post and didn't get notification, tought no one had comented). We won, easly, even if my team was focusing on A. Yeah, I absolutely hate when DDs enter a cap and pop smoke immediately even if he is not detected, even worst, when the cap is not even contested...
  12. How does a hydro DD get hit by torps right after he gets inside the smoke in a obviously contested cap?
  13. Murakumo_96

    "Free" Overwhatch

  14. I guess that is poor situational awareness.
  15. Is funny that it wasn't a wide spread, torpedoes already have tendency to make massive BB sized gaps why would someone use wide spread? And yeah, that Cruiser should have easly dodged all those torps.