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  1. Murakumo_96

    Need help please i hate cvs

    Hate the class not the player. CVs do not have much counter play, but going after the CV player in chat is not going to solve anything. I enjoy playing CVs every now and then, it's fun to be able to do what they do, my suggestion is playing them, because while they might have very little "counter play", knowing how they work can help you out.
  2. He decidido dejar de transmitir por la plataforma de Facebook, ya que a pesar de mis esfuerzos se ha estancado y considero que Twitch es la mejor opción para este tipo de hobbies, entonces decidí moverme a Twitch. Actualmente cuento con solo 35 seguidores, me encantaría que me ayudaran a llegar a los 50! https://www.twitch.tv/murakumo_96 De antemano les agradezco y espero verlos en un futuro en Twitch!
  3. Murakumo_96

    big CV balans

    Nailed my friend, no matter what you do the CV ALWAYS holds a massive advantage over any DD, if you try his so called "Anti-CV tactics" you are just giving up map control, so matter what you do the CV will always win. I can outplay ANY other class in the game and come out in top, and while I can certainly outplay an enemy CV damage, he still won that "interaction" because he ultimately spotted me, maybe ruined my torp run, ruined the position I managed to get after 5 minutes and perhaps even hit me for 2k damage which can make such a difference in DD vs DD fight... so at the end he still come out on top. This is not a problem only to DDs, BBs and CA/CLs have the same issue, pushing and flanking is almost impossible when a CV is present, island positions are bad position. CVs can also easily and without any risk finish off a low HP ship that managed to go unspotted... I could go on, but as you said, everything that needs to be said has already been said, CVs are just unfair and broken. Watching KoTS without CVs ruining everything was so refreshing and great, It showed againg how great the game is without them in battle, we all have had battles without CVs and had a ton of fun with real strategy and agressive positions, now watching that to the highest of levels was amazing!
  4. So, we come back to what we always say, the only real counter play to CVs is to HOPE the enemy CV is bad. I can do many thing to the enemy DD that is denyig to take positions, if I am in another DD I can spot him and his torps, a cruiser might have radar or hydro, BB are a bit more vulnerable but that is supposed to happen in a BB vs DD situation and he can still do something... its called counter play, something that CV lack.
  5. I have not seen the replay, but I want to ask you, where is the fun on all that? It sounds like he was hampered by the CVs because he was forced to not takethe positions he liked... It sounds like a similar situation that I had last month, and I can tell you, it wasn't fun for most of the battle and I am pretty sure that the Normandie at the end had had no fun at all at the end, being totally hopeless to survive or win even though he tried his best and actually survived for a bit, but that is not fun at all.
  6. Es difícil pero no imposible! Como se muestra en el video, si disparas a este ángulo a la primer o última torreta puedes evitar el Turtle back de los BBs alemanes!
  7. Murakumo_96

    Trickshot to citadel German BBs.

    It is indeed quite hard, however, I've done it before, it is not impossible to do, just hard.
  8. There is a way to citadel German BBs at close range reliably, while certainly situational it can help a lot. As shown in the video, you can bypass the turtle back by hitting below the front or back turret at this angle. Even of you miss the citadel you might still get some good pen damage.
  9. Aquí les dejo un highlight de mi primer partida con el Massachusetts. Les agradecería se suscribieran al canal, he decidido subir por lo menos subir un video por semana :D También les dejo el link a la página de FB donde hago stream: https://www.facebook.com/Kyo-San-538065716292317
  10. Murakumo_96

    Batallando por mi Kraken!

    Con los 2 CVs tratando de hundir al último enemigo y quedó a 2 de vida en un momento xD
  11. Murakumo_96

    Clutch Double Strike!

    Thanks guys!
  12. Murakumo_96

    Clutch Double Strike!

    At least for the 1st and 3rd shot its because I wanted to hit the upper part, Enterprise's belt is quite large, so all I had gotten would have been bounces. That is what caused the 3 torpedo protection hits at the 3rd shot.
  13. Murakumo_96

    Clutch Double Strike!

    I don't think he expected us to actually push them with a Tirpitz there.
  14. Murakumo_96

    Clutch Double Strike!

    I had to do something after we lost the caps and almost all ships, I put myself in a pretty bad spot but I managed to get a win. You can skip to around 1:40 to see the shot, but I like the context the full clip gives.
  15. Murakumo_96

    Remember when AP secondaries were a thing?

    To me, this was the real issue, cruisers had to respect your secondaries, they had to angle, making torp runs a lot harder and dangerous. But a DD would just laugh at you secondaries bouncing and overpenning them. Overall, HE secodaries are much better, they are way more consistent.