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  1. Caln wars battles activity

    A lot of people don't have time, some people study and work in the weekdays. Also, fighting a higher ranked clan gives a lot more points if you win, and in an defeat you don't loose as many points. The same goes to the higher clan, but reversed, if they win they get like 9 points and if they are defeated they loose 20+ points. I think that is fair.
  2. Usaste el barco, si lo hiciste es completamente imposible que se te quite el barco, entonces, exactamente ellos no deben perder, ya que el producto fue consumido. Es como si fueras a un restaurante con alguien ese alguien dice que el pagará la cuenta, comes muy feliz y tu amigo se va y no regresa, ¿qué haces? No puedes regresar lo consumido y alguien tiene que pagar, o el que hace robo eres tú, pues pagas.
  3. I think it looks way better because of my potato laptop, I have to play almost in minimum settings to play
  4. The models even have the exact rust marks, for example, the big rust in the bow of the Iowa. The one on the web site: And the one I just took in game:
  5. Ship Horns: Stay or go?

    I want them to stay, they are fun and not annoying... and have saved me from several collision today
  6. Alright time to nerf Monty

    That is exactly what I think, if they are going to, for some reason, buff the Yamato, they should increase the turret traverse speed and maybe tighter turning circle as that was something the Yamato exceled, for a ship that size at least.
  7. Since they anounced the USN cruiser spit, I started the grind... I have never felt so guilty of killing some ships, specially because the steam realise... yeah, I am so sorry for the seal clubing

    It will eventually come, when you expected the least... Indeed, but after that I played a Shima game when I did exactly 0 damage... so the satisfaction was short I had to kill 2 ships, both were almost dead, but I had to reveal myself opening with my guns, I almost die, but it was worth it. Let's face it, she is a bit OP. That is why I think they didn't sell the Fuujin this year

    I finally got one, after more than 2 years playing this game. With this I have all the achievements possible on ramdoms And is not like I just survived, I did a lot for the team:
  10. Indeed, to have a great damage number, you have to 1v1 the Gorgon inside de filth. https://replayswows.com/replay/8253 Here you have it
  11. So far, this is my record: This event is so much much once you understand how to play it, evenry ship can do tons of damage...so, how much have you done?
  12. Really, I think Hindenburg's armor is more troll than the Zao's, at least at close range. I have gone broadside to BBs and only take 7k damage from a full broadside. Her AP is also devastating to them at close range, and you also have those amazing 8 torps per side. I think she is the best ship at close range engagements in the game, and even at long range, she is very capable of jurting everything with her fast shell, 1/4 pen HE and amazing rate of fire. Her, a small clip of the Hindenburg doing 4k to 15k damage to the broadside of some BBs while taking minimum damage: (At 0:30 the sound goes crazy for a couple of seconds, I saw the replay several time and always happend there)
  13. UK BB HE needs a nerf

    And don't forget, 1/4 pen and 25s reload... and even greater HE damage per shell than the 16 inch guns of the NC... yeah, balnced. Monarch seems to be the way too go to me, but I still think they need to nerf their stupid high alpha
  14. Because the Yamato often sees dispersion like this: Sigma is the chance the shells have to go away of the center of your crosshair, the higher the lest chance to dispers away.
  15. So close yet so far...

    You were the Grozovoi, right? your smoke and DFAA were part of thd results, great teamwork!