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  1. The Heal, 5k more HP, 2 more km in torps, 2 more secondaries, a bit better concealment (thanks to the module, stock is 200 m less stealthy than the Fiji) and actually pretty good AA if you have manual AA (wich I do) I think there are not enough difference to do a ship like the Fiji face the T10 monsters.
  2. I have never been deleted in mine, but she just does not have the same carry potential as the Fiji does at T7, and she has very minor changes and doesn't stand out as others T8 criuisers.
  3. She is just an uptiered Fiji that can face the DM, Moskva, and the T10 battleships... Is not that the ship is bad, but I feel that she has 0 carry potential, in terms of damage and XP is very similar to my other cruisers, but on wr she is below to the rest. Granted, I haven't played all T8 cruisers, only 4 of them, but they have something that makes them fun or have good carry potential... or in the case of the Mogami I think I was pretty lucky... Take a look: As I said, XP is similar and the damage is actually higher than the others, but the wr is the worst. You could say that I have pretty close wr on the Hipper, but I actually liked that ship a lot, it was the first taste of the Hindenburg's AP, she is fun in general, but the Edinburgh is not fun, is not like I don't enjoy the RN CLs gameplay, I loved the Leander and the Fiji. Fortunately, I need only 13k more xp to get the Neptune, I hope she is better than the Edinburgh and don't dissapoint me.
  4. I don't mean a bigger shell, I mean a bigger barrels, it would be the exact same 460mm and 1460 kg shell.
  5. Yeah, everything on the gun aside from the caliber is the same, the barrels and its equivalent rifling gets bigger. I believe there is a formula for the calculation of the penetration, the US Empirical Formula, if I remember correctly, I think its calculations would be easy (for those who understand the formula, not for me lol) just replace the old muzzlevelocity for the new, wich is what I am asking, not to calculate the penetration, just the muzzle velocity because in game that would mean, aside from more penetration, flatter arcs and easy aiming... and curiosity.
  6. I assume that it would increase the muzzle velocity, but, is that true? And if it is, is there a way to know how much would it increase? I think that it was made that way because it was impossible for the Japanese to do a larger gun, but, having a slower shell increases deck penetration, with this in mind, could it be that was decided have a slower shell because of this and not because of limitations? As far as I know, the Yamato was designed as a anti-BB BB, and the Japanese still believed in a WW1 like battle with her, then why give her better deck penetration instead of vertical armor penetration?
  7. Collisions, beeing against friendlies or against islands. Even after 5k battles I keep dying because I coliided into an island... I guess Notser teached me how to pull Notsers really well
  8. It looks great! I can't wait for WG to introduce this and the guns animation too
  9. I played a lot of cruisers, they are my most played class and I play them very often, I haven't been devastated by a BB in a long long time in them, why? Because I don't show broadside, WASD, and position well. I think that beeing deleted by a BB is always the cruiser fault, because if you are positioned right you never get lolpened, and if you take a citadel from the bow, well, it happens but you still alive, don't you? But, remember that if you were broadside you would be dead.
  10. Para CVs puede variar mucho, ya que se necesita otro CV y un equipo completo, si al pasar esos 5 minutos no entra otro CV vas a seguir esperando y al momento que otro entre tendrás tu batalla instantáneamente con lo que allá disponible. Por eso se dan batallas como esta:
  11. Or make the larger caliber fire AP just as the Japanese Battleships
  12. That would be so sad, I really enjoy them (except Kirishima for some reason ), hopefully they can fix them. In the meantime, I will be using Thea's voice.
  13. Dealing with buildings? what is that? a bastion thing?
  14. I don't think I will rank out this season, I really don't enjoy the T6 ranked... I will always say the same, T8 is the best ranked tier period