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  1. And don't forget, 1/4 pen and 25s reload... and even greater HE damage per shell than the 16 inch guns of the NC... yeah, balnced. Monarch seems to be the way too go to me, but I still think they need to nerf their stupid high alpha
  2. Because the Yamato often sees dispersion like this: Sigma is the chance the shells have to go away of the center of your crosshair, the higher the lest chance to dispers away.
  3. You were the Grozovoi, right? your smoke and DFAA were part of thd results, great teamwork!
  4. Then, you might want be interested in this video, is pretty nice and gives some background of the ships:
  5. Also, since my first contact with Japanese I was really surpriced of how close the pronunciation is to Spanish, except for some things, like the H sounds like our J (the Spanish H does not sound unless it is after a C or S), the Spanish R has two pronunciations depending on where it is on the word and some other rules (one of them is like the most common way Japanese says the R) ans their J sounds like our LL or Y (the Y can sound like the Spanish I or like the LL). The rest is bassically the same. For example all of these are pronunciated the exact same way:
  6. As a Spanish speaker, these names are original Spanish. Texas is supposed to be pronounced just as Mexico is pronounced Meh-hee-co, because back then the letter J didn't exist so they used the X, so is actually Te-has. Arizona is ah-ree-zo-na Colorado is ok... but the English R sound is odd to me... but I would say is more like Call-O-Rah-Do.
  7. My favorite ship right now is the Scharnhorst, but, in terms of wich one is stronger, the Hindenburg simply destroys the Scharnhorst.
  8. She can do it all, except for radar of course. Se is really tanky and hits hard... even if CV are ot around she has some amazing AA, her only bad thing is her below average speed.
  9. The difference is that, to be tanky, the Hindenburg needs to be close, the Moskva is the other way around. One has turtle-back and the other strong deck armor.
  10. I fire AP above the belt at BBs. but if I am at the range where the Hindenburg can citadel them, usually they are dead because of my torpedoes and the gunning while I get closer. Gracias compañero! I love smoke firing at Minotaurs with her, and yes, she and the DM can punish cruiser better than the others cruiser at T10.
  11. I see plenty of HSF ships, especially the Harekaze, a lot in fact... clearly they are beeing successful
  12. Aún no, pero una vez consigas a Yamamoto es posible en los Japoneses.
  13. The chat was like this at te start of the match: And in fact, I made that statement true: The other stats: I tanked almost the maximum the Hindenburg can with all her heals. I was super happy thanks to that guy and even more after the results of the battle.
  14. The problem is that they can get 4 fire, if you don't repair you die, if you repair you die... see the problem? The Yamato AP can be bounced, is not that hard I have done it even on the Atago, the Khabarovsk can bounce it... it's all about knowing how to angle not just going nose in to everything.
  15. Yeah, that is why I use the Scharnhorst, much much better MM and similar results. Well, the guy with the most games in this ship has almost 4k battles on her lol This is also the first time in like 3 months that I took her out, and yeah, when up tiered she does ok, as long as it is T9 she is great, but against T10 not so much. If that was the case, the last screenshot would show it