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  1. Wo_9

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    That was pretty sad to read honestly.
  2. Wo_9

    Winning Auction Bid for Coal

    I won with this bid lol
  3. Wo_9

    Compensation for downtime

    Thanks Wargaming~
  4. I wonder if Littorio will have SAP shells.
  5. Wo_9


    Lol i thought that map got deleted from the game. I haven't played on it since early 2019 IIRC
  6. Wo_9

    DDs Can't Do Anything Against CVs!

    Just dodge Kappa
  7. Aww wish i could get Enterprise, a shame there removing her from the premium shop.
  8. Wo_9

    Jingles has Arrived

    We sank an enemy Battle.... i mean Destroyer lol
  9. Wo_9

    "There is Australian people here..."

    Welcome to NA server
  10. Wo_9

    2019, the Tirpitz is still garbage

    Yea a lot of new HE spammers got added and the addition of deep water torps doesn't really make brawling a viable option like it was back in 2016. But dont give up hope there can still be some situations where you can brawl. Just wait for the enemy destroyers and HE spammers to be taken out.
  11. NC is just a very balanced battleship. And it really feels good having speed to get into optimal positions to use your guns and not being overmatched by highier tier BB's. Though you wont be safe from Yamato obviously >.> but she's a keeper once you get uset to her shell ballistics. I would def recommend NC to anyone who plays BB's.