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  1. Spartias

    Post rework CV refunds

  2. Spartias

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

  3. Spartias

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

  4. Spartias

    USN DD's needs BUFFS

    I agree, however minor correction. Daring gets a heal too.
  5. Spartias

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Yeah but you cannot ever count on players, even in a division to follow you in a charge. You have to confirm it, either through chat or voice comms. Even a 50% meh player can hit awesome shots. If you position well, you can create awesome opportunities for any teammates, or use their positioning to instead create opportunities for yourself. You can use my earlier bb dual example with rando's as well. The difference is it all relies on you be aware of what they are doing, what the smart thing is for them to do, and what is likely they'll actually do. Yes, it's easier to do that when you can just ask out loud, but better players are simply that aware of what's going on that talking isn't really that necessary. Heck, on my UI I have my minimap so flippin huge it annoys even me. Number pad + sign for the win. Quote from Generaldort's stream like 10 seconds ago "ships that are hyper aware annoy me because they're harder to kill." The whole time they're laughing, joking, and just messin around. They communicate sure, but it's not serious. Because of the awareness factor. Don't get me wrong, I'm not really disagreeing with you per say. I just disagree that the HE meta is the actual meta. HE is just a very powerful tool that works against players that don't understand the real meta. The real meta is that of the positioning skills.
  6. Spartias

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Nah that happens in divs too. People bail on their team when they cannot sustain the position any longer. The difference is that in a unicum division you can count on your division mates to either communicate that they're starting to kite out, or to be paying enough attention to be where they need to be. If you have to kite out, you can focus on what you're doing and rely on them to play intelligently too. Half of the time when I'm in a division I don't even go with my division mates. A lot of the time I end up going as far away from them as I can for a couple of reasons. Either we need to make sure that there are competent players on both sides of the map, or we didn't bring a completely complimentary division. If we brought say, two bb's, those best compliment each other when they're spread apart. The reds have to choose which to angle against, unable to angle against both. In such a situation we can be as aggressive as the rando's surrounding us. However normally there's always an opening somewhere. One flank will need to kite with the other side will find the opening and push. Plays like that require individual competency and awareness, just like queing up all alone. Although they have exponentially greater effect upon the chances of victory, they require the players executing them to play as if they were all alone.
  7. Spartias

    WG going do something about HE cheese?

    Pay attention to unicum divisions. They're not hiding from the HE spam. They're right up nice and close, blapping and winning. But there is a caveat. Positioning skills are what defeat HE spam. Positioning skills are what lead to big hits. Positioning skills are what lead to influencing your team towards victory. Knowing how to get in close, maintaining firing los, refusing los to ships that counter your objectives, and when to reposition... that is the real meta. When, where, and how to position.
  8. Spartias

    The Ring.... Meh?

    When I explain what Monarchy/Dictatorship, Democracy, Communist, Socialist, and Republics are (without calling them what they are by name), I let students choose which one they like and explain why. Republic is almost always the winner. Democracy is usually close to last.
  9. Spartias

    Your outlook on stats?

    It depends on what you want out of the game. Are you looking for pretty digital explosions, possibly some giggles doing some dumb stuff? Why should stats matter? Does victory define your sense of fun? Do you enjoy being at the top of your team? Does a simple roll of the dice not quite cut it when it comes to why you won or lost? You'll be heavily invested in stats.
  10. I don't do commentaries on ship replays. It's just not really what I do. But Mkatx5 sent me a replay and simply commanded that it happen. Said the match was too good not to have one. So here we go! Is Mkatx5 a superhero? Can he salvage this match?
  11. Spartias

    Regular Clan Battles Long Overdue

    NA Server Season 1 - 723 clans participated Season 2 - 790 clans participated Season 3 - 797 clans participated EU Server Season 1 - 1426 clans participated Season 2 - 1526 clans participated Season 3 - 1376 clans participated ASIA Server Season 1 - 584 clans participated Season 2 - 537 clans participated Season 3 - 587 clans participated Source
  12. Spartias

    Regular Clan Battles Long Overdue

    This, very much this.
  13. Spartias

    Beginner Captain blues

    I brought up a singular captain per line as I leveled. I ended up with a single high point captain per line. A buddy of mine made a new captain for every ship. It took him forever to finally have decent captains on most of his ships. In the end however, after many thousands of battles, we both have high point captains on almost all of our ships. My advice? Level up a single 19 point captain. Captain xp earned on a 19 point captain may be used freely on any other captian. But it's really just as effective to just level them all individually. Basically, do you want to mow your lawn around the perimeter working inward, or in rows? In the end the yard still gets mowed
  14. Spartias

    Dev Blog Changes - Japanese Cruisers

    Harekaze was awesome when she could stealth fire her AA. Once that went away, her low hp meant that her hybrid existence brought little to the table that other dd's couldn't do better.