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  1. WeeVee-Gate

    Pssssh... Lemme turtle up nice and close... use islands to los niiice and close. Then... carefully wait for someone to show broadside... Delete. Sure you'd be easy to run down... but if the guns reward well aimed shots... I'd easily fork over the cash. I mean... you'd have to make those guns borderline cruiser accurate... but I don't think anyone would cry about that if the ship wielding them crawls at 21 knots.
  2. WeeVee-Gate

    Not gonna lie... that t8 super hyper accurate version sounds delicious. Loooooove me some accuracy.
  3. Heyo Spartias here with a (hopefully useful) logistical spreadsheet. Click For Copy Of Spreadsheet This spreadsheet allows the user to: 1) track who is in (up to 10 consolidated populations) a clan. 2) track how long they've been in the said clans 3) track how many days since they last played 4) track which of the (up to 10) sub-clans they're in 5) track their in game clan rank. Cells B4 to B13 are where users enter up to 10 different clan tags. The drop down menu in cell C1 turns the sheet on or off. The drop down menu in cell C2 allows the user to switch to a different server. The rest are the different readouts. Players are organized by alphabetical order.
  4. CV Rework Feedback

    So many comments from so many people that obviously do not know how carriers currently actually play.
  5. CV Rework Feedback

    But people could start to work on getting better at the micro management issues if the rest of it made sense. Get the balance between the lines right and start fixing the horrible issues with AA (it's either brutally too strong or borderline pointless). Then you could start thinking about dropping to a single fighter for everyone, thereby reducing the amount and complexity of strafing wars. Or removing strafe entirely. There are a bunch of different options. But the point is that we never saw Wargaming even attempt to balance things out. Every step they've taken has worsened things instead of fixing them. Every step has been something conjured up by everyone but the actual population of good CV players. People that actually know the ship type are the ones to have been listened to. But that never happened. You can't blame it on the very people that were never listened to.
  6. CV Rework Feedback

    Woah woah woah... current CV players didn't all buy the GZ. I sure didn't. Most other good CV players didn't. To make the population of "I buy everything" people that got it happy... they had to buff it to their skill level... which obviously wasn't very high.
  7. CV Rework Feedback

    But those aren't the reasons why CV's are currently having problems. There are massive balance problems between CV lines as well as plane to AA interaction. One could argue about strafe as well, even though I like it. RTS itself isn't the issue. Wargaming refusing to ever address the actual issues plaguing the system is. People constantly try it. However people keep hitting the skill wall. That wall could easily be dealt with if Wargaming would tackle the obvious issues that have been pointed out by good CV players for ages and never addressed. However Wargaming has never even tried. Now they're just ditching it all? The more I think about it, the more I think they're really only going this way so they can make the game more compatible with Console controllers schemes.
  8. It does. Greater velocities increase the variability of shell patterns within the dispersion limits. Higher sigmas counteract this to an extent, though it's still quite (frustratingly so) possible to have bad dispersion rolls.
  9. Her guns have an amazing sigma, but that isn’t the whole story. She has bad dispersion for a cruiser. She also has really high velocity. High velocity multiplies and increases dispersion problems. The high sigma basically brings her back to normal dispersion, though you still get the occasional complete garbage salvo. She cannot bow tank Yammy like Moskva. Her 27mm section is far larger and allows for a lot more incoming damage. Her HE is also bad. It’s looks good on paper, but her slow reload makes her a really bad HE spammer. She also has no hydro, which is a massive detriment when you want to push. She is fine.
  10. It’s by no means OP. One simply has to be at a certain skill level to own one at this point. As time passes and others earn her the stats will drop to account for this. It’ll take quite a long time for that due to how long it takes to earn her. But after playing a bunch of ranked in the Stalingrad I can definitely attest to her being balanced overall.
  11. CV Rework Feedback

    My apologies if I mistook you for someone else. Though, after reading the above, you're probably right. I meant you were being fatalistic about players faking their way to good CV stats. I just don't ever assume my competition is cheating. That mentality is akin to a victimhood.
  12. CV Rework Feedback

    Huh... I didn't remember you as this... fatalistic... from my NGA days. Remembered you as someone that focused on how to win instead of someone focused on how others fail.
  13. CV Rework Feedback

    It's an irrational fear. Why are you so fearful of someone who fakes their way good stats? Plus why would they? It's not like it could be done effectively in ranked or competitive in general.
  14. CV Rework Feedback

    This is the second time I've seen you mention/suggest this happening in this thread.