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  1. Nerf Saipan Now

    Oh look... the OP managed to wait what, a month this time since their last "I Hate CV" variation thread? Excellent work!
  2. It's a pointless mod anyways. It tells you nothing that decent situational awareness can't already tell you.
  3. Citadel through the bow?

    Hey... that looks familiar!
  4. Support a well calculated out, strategical push? Sure, every time! Support a suicidal player that has no concept of positioning and/or timing? See you in a later match maybe?
  5. Ships stuck at Tier 6 or 7

    Bro just play Pepsicola. I tried it for the first time tonight. I thought I was playing like complete and total garbage... turns out... 1800+ wtr after 7 games. That ship is so dirty with how much wtr farming it can manage.
  6. too***
  7. IJN CV fighters

    Idk, the Midway (I've only played a few games in her) feels really good to be honest. I'm not gonna touch the others though... too used to having at least 2-2-2-
  8. IJN CV fighters

    That's really not too bad of an idea there.
  9. Graf Zepplin - what a joke

    It doesn't have to be though. I've ran into several smart German BB players that do more than just spec for AA. They even turn off their AA in order to bait me in, and then turn it on once I'm past the point of no return. German AA is brutal if specced for. Plus... AP bombs are also wicked good against British BB's. They just don't have the reputation for it since they weren't around with the initial release of the Enterprise. Heavy strategic analysis will always be the dividing line between good players and unicum players. This just enunciates it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a fan of the German variation of AP bombs, as they're a little too universal, but the concept is just fine.
  10. Graf Zepplin - what a joke

    Hence the difference between a "Good" player and a "Unicum" player.
  11. Graf Zepplin - what a joke

    Positioning is key. The number one place that a CV wants to operate in, is the middle of the map. If a CV can dominate the middle of the map, then they have the fastest potential turnaround for their planes. This however is oftentimes an impossibility, as that's also where most heavy AA ships also like to operate. The next place is a flank. Flanks offer fewer ships operating most of the time, and a lower likelihood of seeing opposing planes as they shall be wanting to operate in the middle. Flanks also force a far longer turnaround time for planes, so unless the CV fully commits to a single flank and puts their ship on that side, they'll deviate quickly to better looking targets. Knowing this, BB's that want AA cover should watch the minimap and figure out where these most likely operating zones for the enemy CV are. They're dynamic and fluid, ever changing with the tide of the battle and said BB should avoid these zones. It's doable, but it takes forethought and heavy strategic analysis.
  12. Graf Zepplin - what a joke

    You only need one true AA ship around you. Either that or a bunch of non AA ships. If you disagree, then I'd advise you trying out high tier CV.