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  1. 8-17-2017 - Updated to my newest version of the sheet. All it really did was clean up some stuff and add the composition rules. It will now tell you if you've made a team composition that is against the rules. It's not smart enough to know if you have the module equipped or not... so it simply assumes that if it can... it is equipped.
  2. Are you able to name the only player that was present during all of those matches during said losing streak?
  3. ***Cough cough*** Saipan... ***Runs and hides***
  4. I've never shown my stern in my Alabama. I'm too terrified to do so. I'm obsessive about my positioning in her because of that glaring weakness. True... I haven't played her much. I've been on a CV kick as of late.
  5. Thou shalt never show thy stern wilst within thy Alabama for lo, thy stern citadel protection be unto thy enemies a surity of great damage.
  6. In a sense yes... sort of. Both make dramatic trades. They both trade copious amounts of their primary damage dealing ability for copious amounts of AA.
  7. Yeah I got that. I left the functionality for it in simply because I really like it. It'll make for some interesting internal clan scrim nights. Heck... we'll be able to say... declare a 50 point max for the night and see what happens. (Personally I think it could be fixed with a simple rule that says you have to bring at least two of every ship type save for CV's while still maintaining the point rule, but I digress.)
  8. It is if the Kii comes with the worst in tier turret traverse as well as a 35 second reload. If she's going to be able to put the fewest shells on target then what is sent down range needs to be very reliable.
  9. As long as they don't completely butcher her main battery performance then she's going to awesome. At the end of the day she'll be a gun platform. She needs to reflect that.
  10. Either give her a decent reload or a 1.9/2.0 sigma. Horrible reload and horrible accuracy means a no buy for me.
  11. If I don't win, it's not a successful game. The only exceptions to that are when I get a Kraken on a loss or break 200k or so. Basically damage and kills have to be exorbitantly high for me to call any loss successful.
  12. I've brought the sheet back now as a more general purpose tool. I hope it helps someone out there!
  13. Always play off of the mini-map. That way you won't be caught playing the written strategy, so that you can play for the effective one. The plus and minus keys on the number pad make the mini-map bigger and smaller. Max that sucker out.