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  1. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    No, I can't. The one in need of a good clan is the one that needs to do the research.
  2. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    The remaining players could abandon the dead clan and join a larger, thriving clan together.
  3. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    Maybe look for another clan in the same position and have a merger?
  4. My basic opposition to +/- 1? It removes a lot of interesting ship engagements. I have a lot of fond memories of taking on t8's as a t6 and winning etc. T8 in a t10 match? Yasssssss so much more xp on the table. I've never understood the desire to +/-1. It's just another dumbing down of the game.
  5. Spartias

    NTC should award Steel not level 10 Buffs

    It's already crazy easy to have an insane amount of steel. Just playing CB's alone has left me with more than I know what to do with. If they do more stuff like snowflakes, they'll oversaturate the steel market and they likely know that. They can't create enough good steel ships to compensate without people rioting over inaccessibility. Catch 22.
  6. Good players can consistently rack up 15-20k xp games. This is going to be a massive skill gap increase. Players that have to actually treat this as a real grind will be left in the dust (unless I'm misunderstanding something).
  7. Spartias

    Regional replay question

    Yeah it worked for me.
  8. Spartias

    Regional replay question

    EU gets their patch a tad bit later than us sometimes. It might not be the same from the same game patch if they played that game yesterday.
  9. Spartias

    Open challenge, CVs.

  10. Spartias

    Best PR thus far

    Excellent work! American dd's have been a mainstay in competitive. Keep it up and I hope you enjoy the line. It's always good to see players reaching for new heights.
  11. Spartias

    CV 8.4 versus CV RTS-Alpha Strike

    No manual attacks and no strafe would be the most boring easymode thing ever. RTS CV was fun because it was difficult and stressful. Plus if it was RTS and easymode then the population would skyrocket. RTS as it was had a very low population. WG hated that, but the general player population loved it.
  12. It's "illegal" to discharge a weapon inside the city limits down here in Texas. But if you happen to kill a hog, all is forgiven. (Heck you're likely to get a gold star for good behavior!)
  13. True, I've seen a few of those. However true examples of that are quite literally the rarest category of player I've run across. A lot of players think they fall into this category, but fail to perform at a high level of competition once the pressure is on. Most need to be micromanaged too much.
  14. Mmm, there's a diminishing return on that. After a certian point, too many good players in a div hurts the others chances at doing well. It can help the win rate, but hurts the rest. My alt has a bunch of relatively recent solo games on it. I treat that alt like garbage. I yolo rush, I afk without a care, and it still has a 67% solo win rate on it. Plus, after recruiting as much as I have over the years for clan battles, kots, and supremacy, I've learned that if you want to tell if a player will likely work well in a team environment, you need to check their divisioned and solo win rates. I've seen a lot of solo monster players come through that just couldn't hack it in a team environment.