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  1. Spartias

    Best all-around Nation's T10 line?

    If you think the Bourgogne is weak then you are sadly and sorely mistaken.
  2. Spartias

    Let's talk: The Future

    Low tiers are protected from +2 Matchmaking. Half of the battles down there are barely more than co-op battles. Que times are longer and when a match is made, bots are inserted into randoms or teams are not fully fleshed out to 12 players per side.
  3. Spartias

    Let's talk: The Future

    The server populations aren't large enough to accommodate either of these suggestions.
  4. RTS CV anyone? Them were the days... So few CV's... and so many effective AA builds...
  5. Spartias

    What do we really need WeeGee to work on?

    Back when the Unicum population was way higher, there were almost always players on the other team as skilled or higher than myself or my buddies. Now, the Unicum population is so low, that it creates a snowball effect that only truly skilled Unicums can consistently deal with. Make the game more enticing for strategic, skill based play, and you'll start to see the holes in the dam plugged. Untill then, most Unicums will remain in ranked, Clan Battles, or simply other games. You can easily see this in the forums. There used to be so many Unicums posting in here. Now? Noes...
  6. Hi.

    I am trying to use your Clan Organizer. I am noticing that it is not pulling all the ships of a player into the dropdown list (if that was your intent) or the list is not complete. I am seeing new ships (Shikishima) but not older ships (ie. Yamato, Gearing). Any thoughts on this.

    I appreciate your effort, must have taken a lot of time. 

    1. Spartias


      I am not currently keeping my spreadsheets up to date. 

    2. Willy55_1955


      May just need to update the API. The ship lists are incomplete, older ships missing. And the Battle Type tab just has Random and Ranked, no Clan. I hope you can find some time to update it. It looks great and I wanted to share it with some other fellow clans.

    3. Spartias


      If I get the time I would love to work on them again.

  7. Spartias

    Question for Purples

    There were several times in the old RTS days that I would push a heavy AA build to center map and dominate the air for my friendly CV. Normally I did this when my CV was statistically incompetent. I'd tell them to fight over me, which was center map, and by doing so I'd kill a ton of red planes and they'd inadvertently spot for both flanks properly. You could do stuff like this to defeat a superior red CV. It was counter able. There were options even if the red CV was far better. Just... most people couldn't figure out how to do the thing where you'd actually spec for AA...
  8. Spartias

    seems cheating is back

    Sounds like a latency issue, not an fps issue.
  9. Spartias

    Question for Purples

    I miss RTS CV's...
  10. A lot of t6 and T8 ships were real fighting ships, and stood a chance of engaging each other in real life. Heck, the Texas at t5 was active in both world wars. It was entirely possible that if conditions had been right that she could have faced off against Bismarck, Tirpitz, Nagato, Myoko, even Yamato. I was so disappointed when they made it impossible for her to face off against the Bismarck. Creating those lopsided battles that never happened, but could have... is really fun. (Plus extra XP)
  11. Relegate CV spotting to the minimap only. CV damage feels pretty light to a lot of the average CV players, but to the average surface ship player it feels enormous. I'd wager a good chunk of that comes from a lot of the extra surface ship damage coming in due to the inadvertent spotting of the CV. Relegate CV spotting to the minimap, and you'll end up with CV players that don't feel nerfed, and surface ship players that receive less incoming damage, and can focus more on just defending themselves from air attack. Go ahead and show broadside, that fleet over there can't see you.
  12. Spartias

    Logic Fail Stream (moskva camo)

    Have I gotten the value out of the camo? Yes. Does it bother me that they're doing this? No. Can I empathize with those that take offense to the lack of consistency this shows? Yes. A move like this suggests a lack of value seen by WG in purchases by veterans and is seeking new dollars without enforcing the value of previously spent dollars. Have players gotten a fair bit of value from their purchase in this situation? Yeah most probably have, but it doesn't build confidence. And WG is definitely facing a veteran confidence issue, fairly earned or not.
  13. Spartias

    Wants Newer players banned from Ranked

    If you care enough to improve, why should you care if others think you should or shouldn't play? If you care enough to try and improve, you're already lightyears ahead of most.