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  1. Spartias

    Invulnerable Smoke

    Everytime you shot, your visibility bloomed. If you had simply not shot at all you might (depending if you were spotted by a dd or not) have been able to break vision.
  2. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    Bad example, I'm exactly that WoW player and I'm loving classic.
  3. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    I've been effectively taking a break for months, only playing some competitive. I researched everything I possibly could about the game early on. I knew practically everything there was to know back then. I can't enjoy a game without being good at it, and knowledge is required for that. The game just isn't the same anymore.
  4. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    I guess it's the extremes. Tiny pop gun dd's that can pen 32 mm. BB's that have too much armor. CV's relegated to a single squadron. Maps that are too symmetrical, instead of being different yet dynamically balanced. Idk... it just doesnt feel like the game I used to sink hours and hours into.
  5. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    Mmm aye
  6. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    It isn't about the Worcester, it's about loving the state of the game pre-Worcester release. That's the last time I can remember truly loving the game.
  7. Spartias

    I Miss the Game

    I miss the game pre-Worcester. I miss the game pre-CV rework. I miss the game, but I miss it from when it still had charm.
  8. Spartias

    Tell Tale Signs of Good Player

    Mentality of a Randoms Player - "I need a ton of experience to use this ship." Mentality of a Competitive Player - "If I understand the meta, I can use any ship that proves to be the appropriate tool."
  9. The competitive clans all talk. Heck... I have two NA alts. One is just for giggles and the other has three t10's and is ready to go for alt sub-clan battles. Oh wait there's also my EU account. But I only have like three or four tier 8's over there though.
  10. It's almost like the Moskva is more useful than the Stalingrad at Hurricane levels of Clan Battles and those that have experience there know this. And those that have no experience in Hurricane just parrot old invalidated talking points.
  11. Spartias

    Ohio versus Montana

    This deserves more than just a mere thumbs up.
  12. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    No, I can't. The one in need of a good clan is the one that needs to do the research.
  13. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    The remaining players could abandon the dead clan and join a larger, thriving clan together.
  14. Spartias

    Great logic, WG..... Smh

    Maybe look for another clan in the same position and have a merger?
  15. My basic opposition to +/- 1? It removes a lot of interesting ship engagements. I have a lot of fond memories of taking on t8's as a t6 and winning etc. T8 in a t10 match? Yasssssss so much more xp on the table. I've never understood the desire to +/-1. It's just another dumbing down of the game.