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  1. Yeah lol we weren't the destroyer team.
  2. So we figured out if it would work or not! Well... they were the enemy team that is. Clan Battles sure has been a lot of fun!
  3. Bwahahahaha!
  4. They could charge 8k for a Gorgon one... And I wouldn't be able to throw my money hard enough at the screen.
  5. In the api it would be under... Warships - Statistics of player ships - - Use of the prefix "oper" for the field of statistical search. Basically I figure that's the only place you're going to find it influencing your stats... where all of the other operations stats are. *edit* It may not even be there due to it being a seasonal holiday thing.
  6. You haven't been gaming long have you?
  7. Stealth AA is definitely a thing. It isn't a problem for any competent CV player... But it does make sense that if you fire AA guns... the planes you're shooting at would likely have seen you first at a minimum.
  8. I'm not a Yammy fan for the meta, just saying there are reasons to bring it.
  9. Montana has stupid accurate guns and is an amazing cruiser killer. Yammy has godlike torpedo protection in what promises to be a torpedo soup.
  10. Not really. It's not for sure this time. If you count the ships that are alive in that picture you'll find 11. There's only one enemy ship that's dead and it's a destroyer in their cap, surrounded by green ships. There's an afk Battleship as well. This looks more like simple cowardice to me. The red team noticed that they are a battleship down on their eastern flank. The support ships didn't want to make a stand on that flank being down a heavy so they follow the remaining heavies to the west. A single destroyer pushes a bit out in the mid to try and defeat the defeatist attitude and gets punished by a very confident and aggressive set of cruisers and destroyers. This looks more like the red team used a long term suicidal strategy in order to preserve their survival in the short term.
  11. I have friends that are still at lower tiers, so I div with them. I have clan mates that are alpha and beta testers that simply don't like mid/high tiers and only play low tiers. I don't really run with them, but it doesn't have much to do with the tier as it is the player. I just have different objectives in the game than they do. They like the simplicity of the lower tiers. They like the Jutland era more than the WWII era. It's just a matter of taste. A lot of the "sealclubbers" aren't there to pad stats. They're there because they like the meta down at those tiers more or they have a fascination with the ships of those tiers. This is a warship game. People are going to be drawn to different aspects of warship design. It's not all about stat padding. In fact... I would wager that most of it isn't
  12. Or his team could have grown some balls and broken into two AA sets, thus freeing up operational space for their CV and their DD.
  13. It could be the CV. It could also be simple cowardice. I've beaten CV players that I knew outclassed me simply because my team had an AA advantage and weren't scared to use it. I've also have the exact opposite happen. A lot of what defines the capabilities of a CV player in a specific match are the players that matchmaker sets them up with.
  14. Were they scared of your CV player? I've had teams curse me out and ball up like that before.