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  1. Rank 1 is for ranked. Clan battles is a different story. 30 wins in typhoon league or better. And yes, perfectly average players that have real lives, jobs and families. Not unicums. Not even necessarily blue players. Your basic yellow and green players. Average players. Now... their not terribad... and they're willing to work and not gripe about things being hard... so I guess there's that. And I'm proud to work with them.
  2. You do not have to be elite, not unicum to have earned the stalingrad flags. You simply have to work at it and try. I know many "average" players that have two stalingrad flags.
  3. Heartbreaking Comeback

    Problem is... No one would shoot at you and you'd end up just killing everyone! I swear... sometimes it's like you have a cloak on heh!
  4. Heartbreaking Comeback

    Too good not to share. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Question for the Dev Team

    Oh man could you see a t10 axis only mission? That would be delightful.
  6. Aye, clan battles is like a dream. Randoms is... blegh... Clan Battles is da kewlest.
  7. Huh... And here I was so happy with Clan Wars because you don't have to be part of a unicum group. The clan I'm in, there's like 3 unicums overall? And of those three only one that's got overall unicum stats. Most of the players that play Clan Battles with us are (by the PR color coding of Wows-numbers) green or blue players. But hey, I guess we'll have to take both ot their stalingrad flags away since they're not unicum... and instead were perfectly normal players that were willing to work very hard.
  8. Exactly. They were probably familiar with what kind of damage they should expect from a single hit. And since they were seeing gaping holes open up beneath them, who cares how many shells it took to rip those two front turrets appart? "Mr. Captain sir! There's a 30 foot mangled hole where the numbers 1 and 2 turrets should be!" "Ah, well we must have been hit by those oversized tonka trucks hitting us! Tally us for one hurty spot in the logs, oh by the way, please flood the ammo compartments for those turrets so we don't turn into a copycat of the battlecruisers of Jutland. Righto, lets see... where's the next hurty spot........." many years later... "Thorough, and careful analysis without oversized tonka trucks being thrown at us has shown that there were four 16 inch shells that contributed to the destruction of the two forward turrets. Our fancy tech told us so, and we can trust it because we chose really nice weather to test in. Oh by the way... we weren't getting shot at."
  9. Aye, and the 2010 report shows 20 seperate 16 inch hits. I mean it's understandable that the crews at the actual engagement would have been confused. When one shell of that caliber leaves a thirty foot swath of devastation against armored targets... and you just put two or more inside of a thirty foot span... at night... using radar to actually aim in the first place...
  10. She was only hit 9 times? Huh... source; http://www.navweaps.com/index_lundgren/Kirishima_Damage_Analysis.pdf Apparently the Washington was so bloody accurate that many of her actual hits were misinterpreted by both crews. Many single shell hits (as seen by the crews) were in actuality multiple 16 inch shells striking supremely close together. The Japanese thought she was hit 9 times. The US thought she was hit 8 times. Analysis of the wreck proves that both were wrong.
  11. Huh... it's almost like if there are too many AA ships out... CV's stay in port until it blows over...
  12. What's that about 5 seasons of clan battle rewards? Did I hear someone mention USS Alaska? Oh... Wishful thinking...
  13. Debate: Which is the best T4 BB?

    What's that about the zucchini? Something about how the Ark was lost in a flood? A FLOOD OF ZUCCHINI FIRES??? :)
  14. Torpedoes are what's best for killing dd's. Killing dd's wins games. Torpedoes win.