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  1. Good Morning, Afternoon, or Evening Hello everyone and congratulations on surviving this season of clan battles! With the ranked season and summer coming upon us RQL is looking to bring in some new players for the next series of upcoming competitive matches. Who we are, RQL is one of the oldest clans active on the NA server and actively participates in every competitive match and scrimmage that we can get our hands on, this does not mean we are a super uptight and stringent as we operate fairly relaxed and enjoyable environment to the best of our abilities. While we primarily play warships we also love to play other games with members of our community to avoid burn out and continue to strengthen the bonds of our clan mates. We have a long history of bringing out the best in our players and have through time and determination brought them to levels they have never reached before. What we are looking for, -Active interest in competitive matches. -General understanding of a ship classes. -Ability to communicate effectively via discord. -Someone who is ready and willing to improve. -Active at least once every 9 days. -At least one tier X -Honesty with yourself and others. What we are not looking for, -Players who want a stepping stone for another clan. -Those that have a generally have a bad attitude. -I am right and only I am right mentality. -Nonconstructive criticizers. -Just warm bodies. RQL has spent years building upon its self through trial and error and have had a strong community backbone through our time with warships and would love to have you join us in continuing us through the foreseeable future. We want you to be more than a warm body in RQL we want to mold you and bring out your full potential that you may or may not have not been given the opportunity to show. https://discord.gg/dwZaeYj If we sound like a good fit for you please do not hesitate to click on that discord link and contact any of our section leaders to set up an interview, or you can PM me through Discord or the forums and I will get in touch with you as soon as I can.
  2. Is anybody else not able to drop into clan battles?
  3. Goliath654

    Minor resolution problem

    I am bout give or take the same distance as before, as for the UI I have that scaled appropriately or as close as I'm gonna get it for the time being. as for the aim thing when I changed monitors in the past I had to re-learn my aiming point but it wasn't this extreme especially with DD's I literally dont have them in view in some cases to hit them, the only way I can think to fix this is use that dynamic crosshairs and that for me is gonna be a completely different problem. I know if I change the resolution manually it fixes the aiming problem pretty quickly it just makes the game look like pixilated garbage.
  4. Goliath654

    Minor resolution problem

    says im pulling 60hertz.
  5. Goliath654

    Minor resolution problem

    I dont have an issue with jerkyness or anything my FPS is still solid at over 60. Its like if you use the static crosshairs my typical aimpoint on a cruiser is 10 but with this new monitor I have to now aim with the 17, and when I'm moving around I dont feel like I'm doing 43knts I feel like I'm doing 20knts.
  6. Soooo I got this nice 43" 4k monitor and it makes the game look super good when im rolling it stock, however it messes with my aim in world of warships and actually makes everything feel like its going in slow motion. So my question is, do any of yall know how to fix that without messing with the resolution and making the game look like pixilated garbage. Thanks.