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  1. Good Morning, Afternoon, Evening Fellow captains We are the Rage Quitting Losers (RQL), and we are looking to expand our community. with some more competitive players for the upcoming season. We are willing to give anybody a chance to play a few games, so at least we can get a feel if your a good mix for our line up or so we know how to place you, that includes both people who want to find a permanent community or just want to get in on some competitive matches. If you are interested please post a line up of your ships below or follow the discord link below and message me. -Requirements (1) 18+ with a some what open minded attitude (2) At least 1,000 battles preferable (may be waived) (3) Must have at least 1 competitive tier 8 ship (4) Be able to play at least 2 times a week (5) A mic (we can work around it if you dont) (6) Discord (download it.... ITS FREE) Contacts (please don't hesitate) https://discord.gg/9nCaKVM -Redavenger6 (Fearless leader) -aditya510 (4Trident4 on twitch) - (Fearless Streamer) -Goliath654 (Daily dose of motivation) -Roachgod (name says it all) If you have any further questions feel free to hit up the comments below, or our discord we are very approachable.
  2. This is completely ridiculous and it shouldn't have gone this far at all or required a dev to make a comment on the forums about this, all the individual was pointing out was that there is armor that possibly changes in thickness as it goes down from the top of the cit to below the waterline like many other ships in the game. whether it works or not or is historically accurate to a high degree as Octavian posted is irrelevant instead a few of you had to go and insult a good portion of the player base in your contradictory arguments. And with all due respect to all the contradictory people that say is you must take something to give something " NERF FOR A BUFF" or oh "HISTORY NERDS" are trying to control the game or for that matter "P2W" or that is par for the course because it's USN line, its just insane. -Well lets touch on the "history nerd" thing real quick, myself like many others play this game because of its historical aspect, by saying that alone your insulting a lot of people that play this game and that alone makes your arguments invalid because those people are not gonna listen to you... go be a second grade back yard bully if you wanna do that crap, I wont personally listen to your points from this point on. (even if you feel justified by Octavian's post) -The Nerf for a Buff argument will not be entertained considering what happened to the British cruiser Line. no HE but annoying AP (lol) -As for the P2W argument...... some people buy premiums to learn basic concepts because they have some sort of "gimmick" like angling or how to get used to not using your back guns all the time, I had a lot of problems with this particularly, and when I decided to throw my wallet at the screen I bought the dunk which quickly became my favorite ship (575 games in it alone) and basically used that as my trainer ship for the NC class and above... but of course there are some ships that have problems in regards to balancing, but you know what?! a CO's shells will blow a Belfast and a Scharn outta the water if she gets them in the wrong position. -USN line, does it have problems?... yea! but you know what I've worked around its so have many others, as I said above a CO will still spank any one at the right place and the right time. by the way just to throw this out there the META thing is [edited]I brawl in USN BB's..... so whats your excuse? I say get in there and close with and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver. Overall if you don't like it don't get it, if you thinks its OP freaking focus it down and get on with the game...... Don't irritate people over this a slight degree of historical accuracy is ok its still fun Semper Fi and don't panic it will all be ok Because Ill be there for the LUCKY A no matter her state WILL YOU?
  3. Yea once you get to 8+ the rules change a bit, while battleships at 7 and below are forgiving because of the ships that are around you. The higher tiers create unforgiving circumstances...... LIKE THE FRIGGIN ZAO
  4. yea its a roll of the dice sometimes at low to mid tier american BB's but you just got to hold out and get past the CO. once you do that your home free the NC (accurate but slow trajectory), Iowa (Lazer pointer with right mods), MO (its a freaking MO), and the Monty ( heaviest broadside in the game) they all have great gun handling and are quick ships the only true down side is the are extremely easy to Critadel,
  5. Just wanted to point out a bug I've noticed seems to only happen with the german ships Specifically the tier 9 Freidrich Der Grobe, and that is that the number 3 turret will on occasion make a full turn through the superstructure (clipping through it) even when i'm locked onto a target and all the turrets have rotated on to the target. this is really strange and annoying especially when i'm coming broadside at point blank range. I can recreate this and have a few replays that I can get screen shots of it.
  6. the mighty dunk will never be denied.... and when in doubt the dunk makes an excellent 1 time torp.
  7. 8/8 this is a friggin genius idea
  8. Interesting idea but not always fair...... lets say the enemy lemming train happens and they get wiped in 5min before your side can get over to contribute (it does happen sometimes) then you just royally got screwed no matter how fast you are. In the end your not gonna change the play style unless some one sees a benefit to do it.... for example my only tier X is the Monty and I consider my self hyper aggressive with her because I spec her for secondaries. but when I see a yammy that will lol pen me form the front or a Grober that I can in no way shape or form brawl with oh and lets not even mention the freaking invisi Flame thrower hell cannon that I cant see even though I'm within spitting distance then my incentive will be severely decreased and ill want to move away so I don't go back to port early, which is not what you want. So I see and understand why people don't want to get in there and fight in the way your system would hurt/reward players but in the end a system like that would hurt everyone no matter what the situation dictates at one time or another.... so 8/10 Freedom and puppies do not approve.
  9. You will only build a secondary specialized MO!!!!! and then you will proceed to brawl and prove to the masses that Americans can do it right too by crushing those pesky FRITZ's beneath your bow!!!!. because if there is one thing in this world that is certain is that FREEDOM!!!! is like...... puppies so enjoy -edit- In other words you will not put concealment expert on my MIGHTY MO which is the only thing that gives me a taste of home..... if you do and i see you in game ill make like Liam Neeson and come after you (maybe)
  10. if you can while your doing this can you do a tonnage/HP record im doing my own experiment
  11. somebody needs to counsel the Leningrad
  12. huh?.... what was that? I cant hear you!? one too many explosions... lol yea i think the only way to fix that is lower your main SFX settings
  13. sounds like your minds made up then enjoy oh and forewarning its still got new ship focus smell so be wary
  14. I have her and yes she prints MOney..... but what you gotta ask your self did you like the Iowa, because if the answer is yes shes a steal!!! however I think you'd be better off going to the Yammy you got time to get the MO later if need be.
  15. Don't listen to these people get the ISHIZUCHI shes excellent ship in the right hands, she's gotta be the 3rd or 4th most fun ship I've ever used