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  1. Midway [edited]

    Yea man if I see a Moskva with out DFAA and im running AP bombs your gonna be a primary target, its just so easy to cita wreck it with those AP bombs.
  2. melting teams

    It happens man nothing can be done about it, I have solid win steaks all the time but then I seem to go into a dry spell. It may be annoying and depressing but its honestly just part of the game.
  3. Is the USS Des Moines worth buying?

    DON'T DO IT!!!!!! every CV in the game will be eternally grateful.
  4. Lets talk about Graf Zeppelin 2

    The Reason why the GZ II seems overpowered is because of 3 main reasons in my opinion, 1.It has deep water torpedoes that only strike BB's And CV's thus the main target for the GZ II is big healthy BB's, this is the main reason why it gets massive damage in a lot of games. 2.People are extremely ignorant of what the GZ II is capable of thus they basically ignore it with the flawed belief they are untouchable. 3. People dont understand the mechanics of the AP bomb. With all that being sad removing the Deep Water torpedoes then changing the fuse timer would help because the GZ II would be way more busy trying to protect the team from other threats such as DD's and CA's, causing a lower damage output over all but allowing it to support the team better. However removing the ability for a captain to use the torpedo acceleration skill is a horrible idea, instead I would counter by saying it should just be a more specific point of failure for the drop distance. When it comes to choosing AP or HE mid game, everyone has been calling for that but it still hasn't come to pass so it may never happen. Overall though I think the GZ I is the more balanced choice in my opinion.
  5. my main point is that its a waste of time and only makes me stronger/madder lol in reality was i just taught wrong?
  6. I was brought up in the CV world believing that the CV snipe is a Major no no due to multiple reasons. 1: You dont have the striking power generally to kill the other CV. 2: If you dont kill them you potentially wasted a strike that could help your team. 3: It hinders game play. I've always been taught this personally, but I've noticed that it has been happening more and more lately especially at tier VIII or less. I can see some strategic reasons to CV snipe however I've never had it work on me unless they commit the whole game to killing me. What is the consensus? Im not a CV main but this wasn't happening to me till recently, did I miss a video or something?
  7. T8 CV vs Des Moines

    CV players are optimistic, they have to be. So when they have the will they will "attempt" to find a way.

    The Crew turned into slender men
  9. If your doing randoms AP is the way to go because you get all sorts of ships that are vulnerable to it, but if you ever do any competitive matches just go ahead and bring HE it will do better in the long run.
  10. The biggest factor with american CV's is if you want to do something different from balanced like strike or AS it puts you at a major disadvantage because you lose all your fighters if you go strike and if you go AS you lose the torp bombers causing a huge drop in striking power due to just the fact of RNG from DB's, where as vice the Japanese CV's don't lose anything unless they go balanced which is suicidal for a Japanese CV. Lexington Shokaku Essex Taiho Midway Hakuryu Balanced 1-1-1 1-2-2 2-1-1 2-2-2 2-1-2 2-3-2 Strike 0-1-2 2-2-2 1-1-3 2-3-2 1-1-3 2-3-3 AS 2-0-2 3-1-2 3-0-2 3-2-2 3-0-2 4-2-2 Nobody is saying the american CV's cant be fun to play but when you look at the numbers it just does not even out at all, the biggest defense I hear is that the planes are weaker. and yes normally that is true we can use the example of a fully upgraded Shokaku and Lex without modules. ***All dmg numbers are max value*** Lexington Shokaku Fighters 169-1700-61-63 171-1660-38-70 TB 136-1710-9867 148-1720-8567 DB 140-168-10800 161-1610-4600 As you can see there is a difference however it is not enough to close the gap, if you add RNG into the mix it only gets worse for the American CV if you add the right modules to a JP CV it only gets worse for the Americans. is it impossible to overcome..... no, but the JP CV's are just more consistent and reliable. Even when I play my Midway I have to do the balanced build because its just not worth the loss of other planes, I have to pray to get a lucky strafe run on a Hakuryu's planes and get him/her on the back foot to stand a solid chance. This is could be fixed without destroying the JP CV advantage by adding just one more air group to either an american strike or AS build.
  11. Im waiting for all those brand new tier 8 Brit BB's...... its gonna be a slaughter :D
  12. One shotted by Graf Zepelin

    The maximum bomb damage with HE is 11,100 dmg if you multiply that by every plane which is 18 planes for 3 squads then you get and outstanding possible dmg output of 199,800!? now of course RNG isn't gonna let you do that every time, but when you add that you where a German BB into the mix you are increasing your chances that RNGESUS is gonna roll you snake eyes and wipe you off the map. To be honest though it isn't that hard to hit a Bismark with a manual drop even I did it my last game and hit 12 for 33k. oh and another effective way to hit with AP bombs for good damage I noticed is to make an atom symbol with your planes and manual drop them, that way if the ship turns off they are more likely then not to eat some UBER AP.
  13. A tiny request for Enterprise

    I like the Idea! any way to add more choice to the game is awsome. but lets be honest the torps are fine, because even with a manual drop you really dont get much change in arming distance due to that crazy W shape so even if you just cross auto drop on average your only gonna get 2-4 hits doing anywhere from 6k-10k dmg. Those AP bombs though, thats your money a good manual drop can net you 30k easy. you dont need HE bombs.
  14. Its good to see them do this, im not gonna ask for the refund but im really excited to see the change.
  15. I thought it was just the one ship but it has now replaced all my CV's and BB's, i'm thinking my game may have gotten corrupted in that micro patch.