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  1. thus you need to make the aa system more skilled based version random numbers you do that and then you fix the problem. But the biggest issue is while people [edited] about aa they really dont want it to change. Or more importantly they dont want to deal with aa at all. The anti cv crowd want the aa to be a simple i put aa on now no planes should touch me while i go shoot this ship. But the people who want real change no you have to find a middle ground and Automated system will never work. Changing numbers on a automated system will swing things to far in the diffrent spectrem of either too strong or too weak. So if they where to impliment a more skilled bases system a players skill now is braught in and then you can balance things better. But anti cv crowd dont want that, they just want the cv removed. And then once cvs are removed then the forum we go back to screaming there heads of between dds and radars
  2. usspaul3

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    well if your in a dd you keep your aa off and sail towards the planes and only turn your aa on using your priorty sector when the planes are just over you to get that boost then as they fly away from you going past your aa detect ratio you turn aa off again and turn towards them again so they cant get a good line up on you. i do it all the time in my dd and take very little damage . most cv players after they try to peg you 3 or 4 times decided to go after an eaiser target.
  3. usspaul3

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    funny cause all those things you are talking about came about because carriers where no longer being played by the player base and you would see battles with 5 bb 5dds and 2 cl in a match where the bbs would be torped to death by the dds and the lone cruisers where being cit to death by the bbs. A lot of complaning from both bb and cruiser players started the great dd nerfs specially torwards the torp forcus ones. So hydro first came, but that wasnt good enough so then radar came. But still the dds where still high in numbers so captain skills to help cruiser caps came to be with the one that tells you when your targeted then the ones that stack with hydro came. then rpf came around to help the poor masses know where the dd is when the radars where off all of these where implimented because cvs where not being played to the lvl to keep dds in check yeah so
  4. usspaul3

    Sick of endless carrier spam...

    Same thing was said about DDs when the CV population died during the RTS days. Infact i remember nothing but people complaining about dd players making the game not fun for all the other ships. To the point that the dd class had to get several big nerfs to cull there numbers. Now that cvs are back and counter dds better then any other classes now everyone screaming bloody murder over them yeah
  5. oh wow mr big guy here. i get told im clueless about dds when thats the class i play and you go and give me this crap [edited] you [edited]hole i dont care if this post gets modded you just attacked me. I never said my point of view was gospel. but at the same time neither is everyone else who complains about this [edited]issue because no one actually wants to take the time to try the damn cv class to find the working of it to make changes to how they play there [edited]perfered class. But no on the best [edited]thing for all the [edited] head on this [edited]crapgame is to scream about cvs specially from the dd class who have bitched about everything from the games inception. So no i could care less how much they nerf dds ill play them find a way to make them work and wont complain like the constant people on this damn bored do. Im sick of hearing the crying for dd players about elfing cvs. CVs hit like wet noodles compaired to how they did in the past and i perfer the cvs now then i did back in the rts days. if you dont want to try to cv class for yourself to better you in understanding how they attack then those people can go [edited] off and infact with all the controversy i say cvs should be buffed more take all there nerfs away . Infact ii think cvs should get back there alpha damage they once held keep there regernation. Yeah thats what should happen make so cvs purge all you whinny [edited]
  6. i know a whole lot more of dd play then you might think since dds are the ship i play the most. As a dd player i see this game constantly cater to dd players with reducing effeciance to most other ships against them. I am also among the people who dont have any issues with cvs being in the game cause they dont affect me when i play my dd. But most other dd player actually when you think about it dd players have been the whinest group of people in this game whining about everything all the time. Why cause they do want to be immune to every one else. Listen i played BBs first as a main then dabbled into cruisers but stopped playing cruisers because there was to many bbs then i went to dds to see why they keep crying all the damn time. Guess what i find dds to be the easest class to play. You might always bring home big numbers but the ability disengage and reingage to another location is the easist done. Most times when i was in a bb if i took on a flank that had no one there well im pretty much commited to that spot because by the time i get to the other side where most the action is well its already finished. But in a dd if things get to hairy you go dark pop smoke and move to another location where you can better influence the map.
  7. well like ive said several times i have no issue with cvs i dont think there op nor do i think there up either. Do cvs screw me over from time to time in a match sure but i can say that for any of the other classes. Sometimes you win some and sometimes you lose em. To me i dont think cvs need any real change would there be things i like better with aa sure. I for one have wanted to manually control my aa guns at the very least my long range aa like i can countrol my main guns. Also i think if wg was to do that then they could better balance aa better. Because how i see it right now the pendulum is slightly in favor of the cv. But it has to be because the CV ordnance can be shot out of the sky and have a long cool down. If they try to change aa in favor of surface ships then cvs would get no damage at all. So they are in a rock and hard place with doing things by Automated .
  8. yeah right now its all in to scream there heads off over cvs. but once wg decides to nerf them so hard that they are no longer around . the same group of people scream so hard to get cvs nerfed will go back to screaming over radar as the hot topic that will be every thread. You know dd players want to be immune to any kind of damage and only suppost to be seen if the dd player wants too. Cause you know its ok to stealth torp all day long killing everyone, and using smoke to burn down other ships and run away before the smoke goes away. Because dd players feel they need to be entitled.
  9. usspaul3

    Friesland AA is strong?

    i play akizuki a lot and i dont have much issue with cvs myself either. in most instances a cv might try to kill me for 8 minutes and then just leave me alone and let me do my thing to the rest of the team lol without loosing sept for maybe 1/4 of my health lol
  10. usspaul3

    Multiple Games No DD's

    i only play akizuki and only alkizuki yet i didnt have any issue with cvs i played 7 games and alost had 2 kill death ratio for the 7 games also i was killing a lot of planes yet still had good games i wonder why maybe because people just dont understand how to work around cvs just like they have to against radar
  11. no aa wasnt close to being balanced when they nerfed aa it was because you had the aa swayed too much in the ships direction meaning attacks with planes where meaningless and all you did was spot. But again you cant balance an automated system because it will always be inherted too strong or too weak. What you need is more player control of the aa mechanic then you can balance around that. but most people here feel there too simple minded to be able to handle running there aa guns. when other games have this function and work just fine. So the problem is wg and a lot of these people on the forum thinking people are just too stupid to be able have control of there aa. that it would be too hard but it really wouldnt. hell you could even go a step further. you can have automated aa which would be as bad is now and if you have time you can then switch to your aa guns and have better accuracy and better put the dpm to where you want vs the automated version we have now
  12. yeah that is true during that time i didnt even have to use the sector thing to kill all squads of planes in my akizuki. But what happens now is the pendulum is swong alittle on the cv side of things. But that cant be help with the way wg wants to have the game played i guess. As long as AA remains automated you cant have a balanced system. That is why i say we need the player to be able to control are aa guns. This then puts skill involved into the equation. So people would be able to have more control of there survial then they have now. Granted i understand the need to have some automation in the aa mechanic for when your bussy in a gun fight. So i think AA should work like this. You get aa like now with it being automated and maybe even worse accuracy for some ships who are too accurate right now. Then you have control of your AA more importantly this would mostly be for your long range aa guns with higher accuracy and be aimed by you. This way people cant predict the flak burst trajectory. This would help with alot of the issue with surface ships and cvs. BUt so many people think they cant handle that and so will always be subjected to this argument that cvs cant be balance so must removed.
  13. usspaul3

    A different take on CVs

    then again as ive said over and over give the ability to control my AA guns so i have more control instead of the auto AI [edited] we have now. You cant make the AI stronger otherwise you wont be able to get any attacks in because now everything is automated. WE need to have the option to control or AA. Give that option and you will see better performance with aa. But no thats too much for the people of the simple minded morons that seem populate this game cause having control of your aa is just too elfing challenging when it really isnt . Also to your whole during the RTS days dd were so over powered. Actually they where. The whole reason they keep getting nerfs after nerfs was because they were too powerful killing a lot of ships. There was a reason Radar hydro was introduced. Because CVS were so low in population that they could not control the numbers on dds. DDs were killing there counters Cruisers regularly and was massively op to bbs. The cv was what was controling the dds influence on matches but since people again complained about CVs they got nerfed so hard that there was hardly anyone playing them. Then dd population skyrocked and the all the social platforms agreed something needed to be done., So came all the nerfed dds got to get there op nature more in check.
  14. no the mm on this game is so a$$ backwards where it likes to constantally up tier you and piss off its players to force them to quit. Just about all the people i used to play with have stopped playing the game because of mm. As for me i keep taken 2 to 4 month breaks because the mm pisses me off and it seems each time the time between coming back is longer and longer. right now i only play for akizuki and that is it
  15. usspaul3

    Where Do You Stand?

    well im proud to be in the 20% win rate area. As i am NA servers biggest potato who can barely get any damage with an op ship like akizuki. Actually i probably bring down her states big time considering my average damage in her is 3k damage lol. but thats what happens when your a potato player with nearly 4k battles with her