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  1. LL_JuneBug

    Battleship Concept: USS Nevada Tier VII Event Ship

    So, I messed up and made it an edit thinking It was a new reply. I see they ran with my idea to take a Hipper and put 12 - 150mm guns on her. I had come up with this idea about 5 years ago when I was writing my book about the Plan Z ships. It made sense to me that it would have been easier for the Germans to build an oversized light cruiser this way because the M class, and the Modified M class, or Q class designs were having to be enlarged to be able to handle the design tasks, and they were running up the budget to where they would cost almost as much as a Hipper would have cost anyway. Good Job War Gamming, now Build an Andria Doria, a USS Nevada, 1943, and or a Soldati class Italian DD., Or give a lil love to a M class light cruiser that could be T6, or 5 anyway.
  2. LL_JuneBug

    Black Armada

    I am actually somewhat disappointed in the Black fleet/ship concept. I think it is just a money plot by WOWS to make money on a copy and paste basis. What are they going to do next? A white fleet/ships for Memorial day. I would like it much better if they would put out different ships, like for instance The Deutschland cruiser which is similar to Graf Spee, but has a different lay out. Also there is quite a few ships that either were designed and not built, or ships like USS Nevada/Oklahoma/California/Tennessee that people would love to get in game. So again I think instead of just throwing a black paint job on ships that are already in the game, they could put out some new ones, and or let us put different names on ships that are basically identical in class. The Iowa's are so similar that we could have New Jersey and Wisconsin, or if WOWS wants to milk it, then take the Iowa/Missouri model and slightly alter them so they can sell 2 more premiums that aren't a Black Missouri.
  3. LL_JuneBug

    Italian Cruisers: Part 2

    I dont know how to feel about this personally. I will say that it shows great effort on WOWS part and looks like a lot of fun and or work depending on your current view of the game. I have participated in all the events and plan to participate in this one. I am just getting a little burned out on this game, and it isn't their fault. I have and tend to get this way with games. I tend to play games at times that dont have daily's and are self contained, like Total War. I get tired of racing and Grinding for cookies on the MMO's although I see why they need to set it up that way. I have rather enjoyed getting the RN Italian ships, but I think they could have thrown in the couple of DDs that they were working on (even as [edited] as they were reputed as), and or 1 or 2 more Italian BBs. I have personally modeled a 1928 design (23,000 ton Battlecruiser with 6 - 381mm main guns) - (Dante Alighieri) that could be used against Alaska and or maybe like The Scharnhorst sisters. Then there is Aquilla. (Eagle). The Italians had her around 85 to 90% complete. I would love to see her in the game. Maybe in the future. I guess we will see. I just need to get on for a while and get my 2000 points, eat my one cookie and do other things for a while. The Honey Moon is over.
  4. LL_JuneBug

    Italian Cruisers: Branch Review

    I mostly only play Co-op, so I can see where you are all coming from on some of these issues, however I am a caveman tactic kind of alpha male style player so I usually get whacked fairly quickly and or if ignored I kick [edited]. Personally I have enjoyed the hell out of all of the Italian ships. I have stomped DD's, and Cruisers alike, and helped kill BBs, and CVs. I do agree that they cant take hits some what like Atlanta, and I think that yea, the smoke could last just a tad longer, and or if need to be used on the run, could operate even 10 sec longer. I do agree that it is not suppose to be used as a sit and spin style smoke. You use it on the fly as you are shooting at enemy Cruisers. Against DDs, Eh yea, but in all fairness I have a hard time against DDs in almost any cruiser that I have played in Except Atlanta. Compared to other ships you have to lead DD shots so far to the extremes IE like 15 on the aim gage at a full side shot. I have also usually had a difficult time against DD's in DD's. This game being a sandbox/20 min battle limit game set up tends to make it to where the ships get damaged quickly. Other games (ahem) Brand X for one sets up the damage model different so you usually dont experience getting whacked in a few min as much as in this game. Anyway, I have enjoyed playing the Italian Cruiser line. I have them all except the T-8. I usually and mostly play the Kriegsmarine but it was nice to eat some spaghetti instead of potato's and Cabbage for a change.
  5. LL_JuneBug

    Italian Destroyers.

    n/Ship:Leone https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Paolo_Emilio They've been working on the Leone for a long time, and I'm wondering what's up with her. Yeah, they won't tell us. But as I remember the early reviews from the CCs, the Leone was ridiculously bad for tier 6, and might have been pretty lame at tier 5 as well. Her guns were super floaty and she had the same molasses slow 12 km torps as the premium Italian cruisers (and not many of them, to boot). Oh yea, I forgot about that. TY. At least they are coming out with Heavy British Cruisers soon.
  6. LL_JuneBug

    Italian Destroyers.

    LOL, You are probably right. I have a nice little Italian BB for them.
  7. LL_JuneBug

    ST, British heavy cruisers

    Thank You. I was wondering if this would come about. I know that Great Briton relied a lot on their light cruisers, and I was exstatic when you brought out Exeter. I was so hoping that you would come out with ships like the county class. Big thumbs up from a 3D modeler. I have been working on a Italian Battleship design from 1928 if you are interested. Dante Alighieri 23,000 tons. 6 - 15 inch (381mm) main guns.
  8. LL_JuneBug

    Take Your Game and,,,

    The Roma is in that class, so yea, they have 4 other names to choose for the tree. The slight problem though for them is that Italy didn't have a bunch of succession BBS, and or a bunch of modern designs after Littorio's so they are going to have to make quite a few up. The 3D model above was derived from a 1928 design for a 23,000 ton ship with 6 - 15in (381mm) guns. They decided to upgrade the Andrea Doria's and the other 2 instead of developing this ship.
  9. LL_JuneBug

    Take Your Game and,,,

    I hope so. I have modeled several Italian ships that I would give them, if they would put them in, LOL. A destroyer and 2 BBS for Italy, and the Deutschand/Lutzow for German. USS Nevada for America.
  10. LL_JuneBug

    Take Your Game and,,,

    LOL, and I have been told repeatedly by the Mellinnial's that people are not upset with Communism any longer. Communism has become way more subversive ever since it has become funded by capitolist gamers. I want Andrea Doria in the game.
  11. LL_JuneBug

    Italian Destroyers.

    Poland has one Ship in the game. A destroyer. This is understandable. Italy at least has had the privilege of getting 4 premium ships, in an early playable sense. Wright, Wrong, or indifferent, thats the way it came down. I was a tad peeved though that [edited], (AKA Brand X) was going to introduce an Italian Destroyer way before World of Warships has even seemed to consider it. The Soldati. This class of destroyer was pretty much the backbone of the WW2 Italian Regia Marina's destroyer forces. There were 19 ships built in this class up to 1943, along with along with 11 other classes and the fact that there were 2 batches of this ship class that had minor differences. I know that WOWS needs time to work on the various nations ships, and trees, and that some nations can only, and will be represented by one or a few ships. I commend them on ships like Exeter, and Yahagi finding their way into the game. I do hope though that they are considering Italian Destroyers in the near future also. They have done a lot of content over 4 years, and have contributed a lot on community things. I don't wish to come across as ungreatful. I just hope that ships like this are on the horizon.
  12. [edited]. Dem [edited]'s have had them modeled and have been playing with them for over a year now. They are not real ships in a real navy. How long do they need to test the damn things. Its about sponging money. Its yet just another vile communist plot thought up by THE MAN to keep a Brutha down!
  13. I can relate. I seem to get to the point (especially on games) where I am so sick and tired of bull s, that I am just pissed at myself for spending time and money on them. I have walked away from World of Warcraft, [edited] and I am at the point with WOWS that I play for a couple missions a day and put it up. You grind, spend money, and mentality. These games turn into relationships. Sometimes you need to get a divorce and get on with your life. I still play the old Disciples 2 turn based rpg, and Napoleon Total War, because I can play it for 4 hours, and or 1 and save it. A week later if I turn it back on its right where I left it and the computer isn't mad because I didn't play it for a week. If I want to start a new game the Computer isn't mad about that either. I have been studying Game Development, and C# programing, and 3D modeling instead of grinding on games. I still want to play a little on games but I dont want to grind the hell out of them no more. That makes them a Job. I already have a job and if I do 2 then I want real money and not a cartoon ship for payment. Also I imagine with your computer/game server / internet issue, you are about at the point that you want to shoot the computer, the internet company and War Gaming, LOL. That would be enough to piss in anybody's Cheerio's. I hope you get it resolved, and figure out weather you really want to continue your love affair with the game, and or the mater of should it be a game, or a second job. Good luck and I hope it gets better for you. A fellow Gamer. Hatatio Fales.
  14. LL_JuneBug

    Submarines are Coming

    I actually do like that they seemed to copy the idea from the old Battle Station games. It kind of worked in there.