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  1. LL_JuneBug

    Wargaming, what on earth is this? - Yorck

    Its been a while since I have been on this post. I have been working on some 3D models of several ships that I have posted in other areas of the forum. This is the Julius Caesar in the gam and I took the center aa guns from the Roma and altered the main guns from Abruzi to start converting her into the Andrea Doria. I still need to change the masting around and some of the centerline superstructure. This is Dante Alighieri. A 1928 Battleship design that Italy was contemplating. They could have built 3 of these and been within the Washington treaty limits. They decided to put the money into modernizing the four old Battleships instead. This design was interesting in that It was armed with 6-381mm (15 inch) guns but, the displacement was 23,000 tons. So it fit more into the Battle Cruiser category. I think in the game it would be like a T7 cruiser. kind of like a double size Graf Spee. Here I am taking Graf Spee and converting it into Deutschland/Lutzow. The last two ships were almost identical, but Deutschland was different in the superstructer layout, and its hull shape was slightly different. The guns were not in the same exact location either although they were close. The spotter plane was in front of the funnel instead of the aft . This one ended up being more difficult than I imagined it would be. I bought a book with its blue prints, and 3D illustrations so I could see how it was set up behind the bridge as there are not a lot of photographs that show this area. This one is way more difficult. I have hull sections of the Yorck, and the Nuremberg that I am altering and splicing together to make a hull for the M class Light Cruiser Munich. The ship was laid down in 1938 along with a second sister ship keel. the ships never made it to far into construction and ended up being scraped for the steel later. The first ship was most likely to be named Munich with the second as Hessen. I have a good 2D illustration that I made for Wikipedia of this ship. Ok so this is the Arizona, but with the Nevada gun set up. The hull was shortened, but it is still to large in the width and I did this to get an Idea of what the ship might look like. The hull for the Texas is actually much closer to the dimensions, and I will probably have to make most of the superstructure from scratch. I can borrow a few things like the secondary guns and some of the equipment but with some work I can model Oklahoma in Pearl Harbor condition. I plan to make Nevada in the 1943 refit configuration. Note also that Arizona had 4 propulsion screws, where Nevada had 2. Nevada and Oklahoma were the last 2 Battleships that America had built with 2 screws. this was also a slight problem with modernizing these ships as they couldn't really get any more speed from them.
  2. LL_JuneBug

    Deutschland The Cruiser that shocked the World.

    TY, I will. I need to get back on her. I ordered a book about Deutschland/Lutzow in 3D drawings and blueprints from Amazon. She was laid out quite different than the here other 2 sisters, except for the main and secondary guns, and even then they weren't in the exact same locations, but close. I needed to see pictures of the aft area right behind the bridge, as most pictures dont show this area. Lastly I hope WG will consider putting her in the game, even though she would be another Graf Spee give or take.
  3. LL_JuneBug

    Future Plans for Aircraft Carriers

    Quatas Sinilias:
  4. LL_JuneBug

    CV in CB

  5. LL_JuneBug

    Carrier play Reworked.

    So I have made video's some year back with this basic idea. I think in an edit mode battle, and or if WG would work on making a battle editor for players to set up custom Battles in the game it could be more dynamic with the game play. So this is a simulation idea about Carrier play.
  6. Good going, I hope they heed your advise, and or information to better model the ships.
  7. I have wanted to talk to the developers, and or modelers for WOWs for quite some time now. I dont know if they would consider any of the model work as of any help to them, but I would gladly help them, and or submit my ship models and kit bash ships for them to implement into the game, if they found any value to them. Model of Julius Caesar next to Roma by Maxromash. I use the JC to strip the upper deck guns, and alter the superstructure to be like that of the Andrea Doria. The hulls are very similar and the dimensions are easily adjusted. I use the aa and secondary guns from Roma to create Andrea Doria. I have moved the guns to reflect Andrea Doria. I still need to alter the center section of the superstructure on the ship. I have a book on order to hopefully get better pictures of the architecture right behind the main bridge structure. The line drawings, and most photographs online do not show this well. Converting Graf Spee to Deutschland, and or Lutzow as she was renamed. The ships hulls were almost identical. The bridge and layout were not. the guns, and aft torpedo launchers are not in the same locations. The upper deck length is slightly different and around 7 meters shorter. The main bridge and deckhouse is a totally different design. The Arado scout plane and catapult are just aft of the main bridge area, in front of the funnel. On Graf Spee, and Scheer they are aft of the funnel. I didn't think that it would be very difficult to bash this ship, but I was wrong. I had to alter the main turrets range finders as they are further back on the Spee, and Scheer. I paid about 32 dollars for this book for more reference about Deutschland/Lutzow. It shows the 1942 configuration. These books are invaluable. I wish there was one for Andria Doria, but no such luck at the moment. I might have to buy Blue Prints of her if I can find them. This is Dante Alighieri. Based on the 1928, 23,000 ton proposed Battleship design that Italy was considering before it decided to use the money to upgrade the 4 - WW1 Battleships instead. This ship would have had 6 - 15 inch (381mm) guns. Somewhat like the Scharnhorst sisters were suppose to, but the guns were a 1916 design, and not as modern as the longer and newer ones that were used on Roma. Here I am attempting to splice the aft section of Nuremberg to the hull of Yorck, and alter the dimensions to match the M class light cruiser design for Plan Z. 2 of the ships keels were laid down in 1938, but later after being canceled the steel was used for tanks, and submarines. On a different visual level in the Blender program, I lay out the main 15cm guns and the 88mm large AA guns along with the catapult and a few smaller guns/deck boats. I stared modeling the funnel sponson nests. Here is the Arizona with the hull shortened by 12 meters and the main gun set up for Nevada's main battery. The hull of the Texas is actually more dimensionally correct to Nevada, so I will use that one to alter later. I wanted to see, and or get a rough idea of Nevada's Set up. I might be able to use parts from Wyoming to New Mexico but a lot of Nevada will have to be modeled in totality, so I think this will be a large project after Dante Alighieri. Nice close up bow deck shot to showcase the main 14" gun turret set up that was on Nevada, and Oklahoma.
  8. They don't mention the armor in the video, but yea they have changed it slightly with updated information. Dante Alighieri, the T9 Italian Battle Cruiser. 6 x 381mm (15" main guns) to deal with Alaska, and Azuma.
  9. LL_JuneBug

    Italian battleship Dante Alighieri

    I reworked the front of the bow as I had the inset to short. I my float plane model on it in scale to see what it would look like.
  10. LL_JuneBug

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    Oh, Yes. Yea I'm a bit tired with 3D modeling the ships all day. Yes Beatrice would be a good name for an anime ship lady though. I'm picturing someone like:
  11. LL_JuneBug

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    Which one is Beatrice. I'm picturing Black hair and like Olive Greek/Italian beauty.
  12. LL_JuneBug

    Rejoice all, for Azur Lane returns!

    I need an Italian gal for Dante Alighieri.
  13. LL_JuneBug

    Soviet T10 BB Problem

    LOL, I hope T9 Dante Alighieri is powerful enough to deal with Alaska, and Azuma. 23,000 ton, 1928 design. 6 x 15" main guns. 8 x 152mm secondary guns.
  14. LL_JuneBug

    Italian battleship Dante Alighieri

    More work on the railing, and the torpedo bulkheads.
  15. LL_JuneBug

    Italian battleship Dante Alighieri

    I added the upper bridge, and re modeled it to where I like it. and worked on the torpedo tube area.