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  1. BBs are intended to have lower DPM than cruisers. Why would anyone play a cruiser if the vastly more survivable class did the same or more damage? BBs get more real damage by getting close to their targets to minimize dispersion and killing them before they have time to repair up again, neither of which cruisers can really do unless the enemy screws up. But then from your comment on torpedoes it's clear you have no interest in logical arguments.
  2. More contests that reward skill would be nice. Something like "highest average damage with ship X over a week with at least 10 games"
  3. 11 is the best I've done. For 12 I think the optimal setup is a map like two brothers with a top tier BB on each side trying to KS as well as a CV finishing up the stragglers.
  4. [-K-] and [MIA] have a lot of cool dudes.
  5. lmbo. The reason they removed CVs is because 10k plane HP squadrons can effectively permaspot a DD that's doing anything other than sitting in a blob of capital ships and smoking for them. If I had to pick between dealing with being permaspotted (and my torpedoes spotted too) by planes or spotted for 30 seconds by radar, I'd pick radar every time.
  6. GG dude, was hoping you would push the other side of the island for the flank and had some torps waiting for you :D Somehow your team lost despite your strike lex deleting our AS lex because pressing DFAA is apparently hard.
  7. Hard, but not impossible. Best things you can do to improve solo rate besides just getting better personally are 1) Play high impact ships such as CV or capping DDs 2) Read the map and understand the game flow and 3) Communicate with your team what they need to do to win the game on a strategic level (avoid trying to micro other players)
  8. Benson is my main in comp, Langley I used to play one game every time my team autolost because our CV was worse, Murmansk I've had since beta and was my first credit farmer, and New Mexico was my go to ship for driving at the enemy and watching them all run or die.
  9. Not understanding intermediate level game mechanics doesn't make the game rigged against you.
  10. Best: Sims, excellent ship for the 2 T7 ranked seasons I played in her. Worst: Texas, solid ship but boring AF to play and now that low tier CVs are neutered theres no need for AA. Also I bought her in a bundle that was overpriced, so more $$ down the drain there. Also T5 MM sucks and I rarely play below T7 as it is.
  11. Sims in division with a strike Ranger. Enemy fighters come for our bombers, he pulls them over my dinky little DD, all the fighters die and enemy CV wonders wth just happened.
  12. Atlanta is a cute ship, but as is typically the counter to gimmicky boats, the best way to deal with one is to just go f***ing kill him.
  13. Battleships - Frank Klepacki Destroyers - Big Giant Circles Cruisers - Feint Weaboats - Tutti Sound
  14. That's called being a below average player.
  15. So you find it easier to complain than improve. Fair enough, but don't be surprised when you get ignored.