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  1. Imma have to smack some foos for letting this thread fall so far off the front page!
  2. Got my USS Black this week. Gonna be playing in the quarterfinals of King of the Sea tonight, come watch the games on twitch!
  3. Gonna rank out tonight, catch me live in 10 minutes at https://www.twitch.tv/rhino_mk_ii
  4. Looking for a mature, competitive clan

    Crucis, Team SF recently celebrated its 20th anniversary as an online gaming community. Our Warships division is a strictly 18+ group of a hundred or so active players. We've got 3 competitive teams and there are always solid players to division with in Teamspeak. Stop by and ask the folks playing warships if they want to div for a few games to see if we're a good fit. Look forward to seeing you there.
  5. As long as you believe this bullcrap, you will never improve. It's true that there are a very, very small number of games that are unwinnable, but it's a cop out excuse that people use to justify not playing to the absolute peak of their own ability in every game. Accept responsibility for your losses and always ask what you could have done differently to make the game a win, or at least closer to a win. Every game you play that way will make you a little bit better, but a game that you say "I had no chance to win" you will learn nothing from.
  6. CV Player

    x3nium, If you're looking for a competent group of players to division with, check out Team SF. We're a group of 100 or so active WOWS players with a wide range of backgrounds and skill levels, but our competitive teams are some of the best on the server. There is no pressure to be competitive, however, so if you just want to hang out in teamspeak while shooting boats with us, that's completely fine. Best way to see if we're a good fit is to visit our public teamspeak server and ask the folks playing Warships if they want to division for a few games. Look forward to seeing you there!
  7. Doing well = doing lots of damage = fun which coincidentally inflates stats.
  8. Supremacy League: Referees Wanted

    Season 5 is over; next season will likely be next spring.
  9. Help me Want to Play WoWs

    Canadatron, Check out Team SF. We're an 18+ group of solid WOWS players who enjoy teaming up for divisions, clan wars, and other community tournaments. We also have quite a few of the top DD players on the server, if you're looking for tips and advice. Swing by our public teamspeak server and ask the folks playing warships if they want to division up. Look forward to seeing you there!
  10. Kevik, how do I win games where all 3 of my team's DDs suicide in the first 5 minutes?
  11. GeoBrigade, If you're looking to step up your game, check out Team SF. We have a history of excellence in the WOWS competitive scene with 4 consecutive Supremacy League championships and currently rated 4th in this season of Clan Wars. Swing by our teamspeak server and ask the folks if they want to div up for a few games to see if we're a good fit for you. Look forward to seeing you there!
  12. How to Control your Win Rate

    BBs are intended to have lower DPM than cruisers. Why would anyone play a cruiser if the vastly more survivable class did the same or more damage? BBs get more real damage by getting close to their targets to minimize dispersion and killing them before they have time to repair up again, neither of which cruisers can really do unless the enemy screws up. But then from your comment on torpedoes it's clear you have no interest in logical arguments.