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    Perhaps A New Store Section

    I would like to think, that's what would happen. But I don't really know how to answer that, though I'm assuming that if this ever was to become a thing then yes it would. Either that or like premium ships that you may have sold the XP stays on the ship until it is converted.
  2. I'm not entirely sure if this post goes here or not. But I was thinking that perhaps the premium store could do with another section to their storefront page, I've noticed that some ships have been offered as rentals and this got me thinking. What if the premium shop had a rentals section? Every ship that is available at the time would be listed here under 7 day rental bundles, this way people in the market for a new premium ship don't have to take gambles, sure there are reviews and wiki pages and lots of information surrounding premium ships that you can use to your benefit when looking to buy one, but none of these types of information really tell you what it would feel like for you. Basing your purchases off of other experiences from other players can still be a huge gamble and when it doesn't pay off it not only leaves you dissatisfied with your purchase but it also leaves you with little to no money to buy another ship (unless you're well off) and so I feel as if having a rentals section which offers all of the latest ships to be released onto the storefront at a cheaper price say $8 for 1 week would really add to customer satisfaction. Because instead of taking risks and potentially losing $50-$100 for a premium ship that leaves you disappointed it would instead encourage people to try the ships before they buy them so they know for sure that they are going to like the ship that they are buying. Now this does raise the question what about the exploitation's that may come of this I.E completing ship specific missions? There is but a simple solution for that problem, if a ship in your port has a rental timer then it will stop all progress on these ship specific missions from being made until you actually purchase the ship from one of the available full priced bundles. Of course there may be other problems as well associated with this and I'm sure given time these issues will be rectified but for now that is all I have to go with. Let me know what you think of this idea! Please keep negative, hateful comments off of this post.

    My thoughts...

    I feel as if this game is coming to an abrupt end, I don't find it fun anymore and while that may not be the case for you. It certainly is for me, ever since this CV rework and possibly even before that I've felt as if the game has become incresingly less fun and engaging I mean I had roughly 4 matches just a few nights ago and I had to shut the game down because I was relentlessly farmed by the carriers in each match, and well you can't rely on your AA anymore sometimes it's OP and sometimes it's so bad you'll be lucky to shoot down 3-4 aircraft meanwhile you've done over 40,000+ damage to enemy aircraft. And no matter how much damage you do to them and regardless of how many planes you shoot down, they're just going to keep coming. I had a Worcester game, not so long ago, full AA spec, Def AA active, and I was being targeted by a Saipan and a Hakuryu I watched helplessly as they attacked me from my reinforced side my damage counter was sky rocketing but they still managed to get their torpedoes and bombs off I lost just under half of my HP with that coordinated attack. "Just Dodge" wasn't working and my AA was being practically useless. And even if I did get lucky and manage to shoot down a full squad, they would just reappear coming back to attack me again a minute or 2 later. You can't fight them, the carrier was designed to be a platform for aircraft that would be able to carry out attack orders outside the range of the largest guns, how is having something like this fair? When everyone else is fighting and dying in the hellfire of battle, shooting at one another, the carrier just sits there in the corner of the map at A-1 and they're having just as much if not more impact on the battle than you are! I don't find it fair and it's fast becoming a major turn off for players all around the world, I enjoy the realistic models, I enjoy the gameplay of ships with guns, but when everyone is huddled up together because they have no other choice, and then they just get farmed by destroyers and carriers this isn't an enjoyable game at all... I mean yeah carriers were warships too you keep saying that on your Facebook page, but you know what else are also classed as warships? Submarines... The meta just keeps switching between destroyers and carriers, and well it's getting boring. I don't know what else to say perhaps let me know what you think? Also I would appreciate it if negative and hateful comments were kept off this post thank you.

    4HEAD Has a plan!

    4HEAD is a very new clan, made early this morning the clan wishes to recruit elite members to dominate Kots and Clan Wars simply so the clan you see when presented with a map is 4HEAD. Yes this clan was designed to be somewhat trollish and just be an outright good time. The idea itself was produced by [ZR]StatikTheWarmonger and I capitalized on it and made it a reality. We look for. Reasonably high WR from around the region of 56% and above. High average damage - 70-120K average. Must own at least 3 Tier 10 ships fit for clan wars. We look for competent clan members who would like to participate in Clan Wars and Kings of The Sea. The only recruiter at the moment is myself so if you feel like you suit the requirements for the clan feel free to send me a message in game. It is a fairly tall ask to make a troll clan one of the elite clans on the NA server but anything is possible so if you want to make that a reality with me, do consider joining us.

    Finally found the Pefect BB for this Game

    Looks like something Leonardo Da Vinci himself would come up with, don't believe me look at his tank.

    Had a mixed day today.

    Well I had a pretty mixed day today. Started off bright and early in the morning hanging with TheMightyJingles himself in a few goes of Narai he'd also gone ahead and gifted me a Triad of Triumph for my birthday which was very nice of him. I invited a few of my friends to tag along and we all had a good time, no stream, no screaming fans, no cameras just divisioning up and having fun. He told me the rest of his Vodka story that he mentioned in the Not Mingles With Jingles episode this week so if you're wondering what happened, he couldn't take the bottle of Vodka with him because he had put it in his carry on bag and not his stow away bag... Heh, I bet he wont be making that mistake in a hurry again. So we puttered about having fun and laughing the day away sadly he had to still get his video done for Saturday so our time was cut short. But thanks to the Triad of Triumph he purchased for me as a gift, I was able to blast my way through the Iowa and ended up researching the Montana later on in the afternoon. So that was fun, however I could swear I was struck with the Jingles affect myself because I could not for the life of me hit the broadside of a barn with the Iowa or perhaps the Missouri I had already was just jealous that I had unlocked her sister ship and was refusing to play her instead of the Iowa. Who knows. But for the rest of the day it was as normal just sailing around in my tin tub shooting plebs and weebs, and I burnt myself out grinding out the credits to get the Montana so all in all, a pretty moderate day but one to remember nonetheless. And well I'm going to stick a bit of promotion in here, if you'd like to join us in mining salt for his gnomish overlord you can join his official discord here. https://discord.gg/hpVR2wV
  7. If you're okay with that I'd love to, is there anywhere I can meet up with you guys?
  8. I don't know if you guys will have me, I am pretty much just average but I am always looking to improve and could use some good teachers. I am on discord I run THE SALT MINES discord for TheMightyJingles and at the current moment we have just over 12,400 registered users. I would absolutely love to participate in clan battles with a competent clan, and I would feel honored to be part of the Kraken fleet even if I am just a student. I love to play in divisions, I always like learning new tricks and tips about the game, I always try to do my best and regularly play at tiers 9 and 10.
  9. This post was here... And now it's not.
  10. The GNOME clan on NA is actively recruiting again looking for new minions to join the fleet. We look for experienced players, preferably those who are able to teach other players how to be better at the game, and players who are able to lead us in clan battles. We have a discord server founded by the clan's owner GRUMPASALTY of whom we have the great pleasure of TheMightyJingles, iChaseGaming, LittleWhiteMouse, Kelorn, PhlyDaily, Flambass and many more to accompany us. So if you'd like to join and say hello feel free to. The Clan itself has been around for a while, and we're not a very big clan but we like to participate in activities in training rooms, teaching rookie players about the game, we also participate in ranked battles, and we have a goal of finally being able to participate in clan battles with an experienced commander. So if you'd like to join us and help us rule the waves! The discord invite is below and feel free to look us up in game as well under GNOME. https://discord.gg/hpVR2wV
  11. Isn't this what we have now? Edit: Hold on so, if I fire, and then sail in behind an island (breaking line of sight) my detection range goes back to normal, but what the patch wants to do is remove that and so even if I break line of sight, if I come out from behind that island before 20 seconds has elapsed I will still be spotted at my max firing range? Okay in that case if that's true then that's just stupid. Because I don't even really know where they got this mechanic from in the first place but surely the sound of a 16 inch gun firing cannot be heard from roughly 23 miles away for at least a good minute. And if you're firing from behind an island they wont be able to see the flashes from that far away, so how are they detecting you with gun fire? I mean I get that the change was meant to make it so DD's couldn't stealth fire in open water because god knows that with the Harugumo that would be freaking broken, but still I just don't get it shouldn't your detection range travel at the speed of sound? And not the speed of light...
  12. How is this even a thing? I mean if you don't have direct line of sight to the target, that means you can't see it correct? So why make it so you can still see the target even though they are hidden? Come on WarGaming, it's getting to the point that you don't even know what to do with your own game anymore.

    RUSH B clan I found your theme song

    You're welcome :D

    [GNOME] Jingles Salt Minions

    The GNOME clan on NA is recruiting active members into it's fleet. We look for battle hardened people who are active, ready, and willing to fight the battle ahead. The clan was founded by the owner of the Jingles Salt Mine discord server GRUMPASALTY https://discord.gg/hpVR2wV and was set up with the permission of The Mighty Jingles himself and although he isn't in the clan he has a role in it's creation, we aren't a very big clan but we have a long term goal to join the major leagues with branches of our own. If you wish to join us, you can find us by just searching GNOME in the clan finder, we have been established on NA, SEA and EU. You don't need anything special to join us, but just know we do look for the higher up members, so the more battles you have played, the higher your win rate, the more your average damage, and especially your activity will have and effect on whether or not you get in. The higher your numbers the quicker you'll be picked to mine salt for The Mighty Gnome Overlord Jingles! The rules are set, if you are not active for 7 days or more you will be excluded, and if you have not earned more than 100 oil in your first week, you will be excluded. Other than that, we hope to catch you on the battlefield folks! Fair Winds And A Following Sea to all.