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    Northern Waters Best Map For Photoshoots

    No if I remember right, it was Albert Kaiss. But well, my memory is faded due to more recent issues so sadly I don't remember all that much from my service years. But you know, I was starting to think I was the only one on these forums who had served on one of the great ships clearly I am not alone and to that extent I am happy.

    Northern Waters Best Map For Photoshoots

    Well if its any consolation we had similar thoughts about the New Jersey aboard the Mo. So no harm done heh.

    Northern Waters Best Map For Photoshoots

    Missouri, Mighty Mo! BB-63. Such a beautiful ship.
  4. Not sure where to put this post sorry admins but getting to the point. Northern Waters is the best map for photoshoots with ships, change my mind. I dare you.

    Puerto Rico And The Grind From Hell.

    Yeah the one I linked was a follow up video to that one.
  6. As we all know, much has been said about the Puerto Rico and the grind from hell. World of Warships community contributors coming out in force against these directives which from the point of view of an average player like myself are almost impossible to do. Flamu himself stating "I play this game for a living every day and I don't see myself completing this" him also being one of the more experienced players of the game holding the title of superunicum should alone speak volumes of how difficult these directive really are. Of course, there is an alternative allowing players to skip the grind. However this alternative method costs around $230 USD, iChaseGaming also speaking out about this stated "if you have any time left at the end of March the amount of money you would sink into this pixel ship is enough to get you from Toronto Canada to Miami and back, or you could get an array of triple A games including Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto V among others, or for about the same price you could get an Xbox One S on Amazon". So, enough of the rattling on about what others have said. I think that we all need to send a message to WarGaming stating that these directives and the cost of skipping them is blatantly unfair and greedy in every sense of the word. It is this kind of daylight robbery which has killed games in the past, and if they continue down this path then World of Warships will not live to see 2021 I'm 100% certain that it is because of these directives and WarGaming's golden ship figuratively and literally that World of Warships will see a sharp dip in the player numbers. It doesn't take much to know that this is a killing blow waiting to happen and if it is not rectified soon then this game will suffer the consequences of their poor decisions. This amount of greed is only bested by games publisher Electronic Arts (EA) and to see World of Warships a game that I personally am still passionate about even though I was considering quitting at the end of the year regardless going down the same road as EA is something I will not stand for, supertesters whom I will not name have even exclaimed that they will be turning in their ST contracts and quit the game based on this patch alone. I think all there is to be said on this matter has been said but WarGaming you have the tools to right this wrong, it is up to you to decide whether this game lives or dies. Flamu's Highlight: iChaseGaming's Video:

    Game Lock Ups Ryzen 5 System

    So I have now upgraded to a system that includes the following. Ryzen 5 2600 CPU with box fan. B450M Gaming motherboard Kingston Hyper X Fury 2 x 8 GB (16 GB) RAM GTX 1050Ti 4 GB Graphics Card Kingston A400 480 GB SSD. And I'm still experiencing the same problem.

    Game Lock Ups Ryzen 5 System

    See I am quite sure it could be bottlenecking I am in the process of upgrading to 16 GB of RAM and a GTX 1050 Ti but I decided to ask here in case it maybe an underlying issue.
  9. As many of you may know if you are on THE SALT MINES discord server, I recently upgraded to a brand new PC fitted with a Ryzen 5 2600 cpu with box cooler, G. Skill Ripjaws V Series (2 x 4 GB) 8 GB RAM, Kingston A400 480 GB SSD and a myriad of other features that make this thing rather fast compared to my old system which gave me a lot of problems. However when I am in game I have noticed that a lot of the time at least 3 or 4 times per battle I experience large spikes of lag which surprisingly are not the result of high ping, whilst the game is locked up in this state for roughly 15 to 20 seconds at a time even though I am not inputting any commands to my ship whether it be forward, backwards, left or right my ship takes a sudden turn in a random direction, most commonly after recovering from these spikes I find myself beached on an island or in an unfavorable position to my enemy allowing them to kill me quickly. The game whilst recovering from these lag spikes speeds up by at least 4 times normal speed to catch up to where the game is at the point of recovery in some circumstances my ship will even turn the opposite direction to where the rudder is facing. I have put a lot of money into this system, and even with my last PC I never had issues as severe as this. . . I am posting this on the forums in the hopes that someone will know what is going on before I ask for help by submitting a ticket.

    Anniversary Objectives Are Bugged

    Apparently all it took was to play another battle, but I also noticed that my wins weren't being counted nor were my ribbons, kills and credits.
  11. As this event draws near an end, I started aiming to complete what missions I could in co-op battles as it would be easier and faster for me to do so using that method, to my disappointment however I noticed that this particular battle was not counted even though it fits the requirements exactly. What is going on I am confused. . .

    Torpedo Protection Hits Are Too Common!

    Perhaps add a factor of randomness to it as well? So say as an example all shells enter through the torpedo belt some do overpen damage and some fail to arm and don't damage the target.

    Torpedo Protection Hits Are Too Common!

    I wasn't aware of this. So exactly why did they reject it? Because now I'm curious.

    Torpedo Protection Hits Are Too Common!

    Well given that ships in this game can turn on a dime like a sports car and slow down or speed up just as fast I wouldn't be surprised if that is what is happening. And well, I never said "I should score citadels with every shot I fire" because that is frankly a stupid thing to say, now this conversation all stemmed from me saying "Torpedo Protection Hits occur too frequently" but everyone has lost their minds and completely changed the subject, I mean if a 460mm shell impacts a 26mm plate should it retain enough penetration to pass through the armored plating behind it? Same goes for 406mm guns, at close range a shell will retain a higher velocity than at it's maximum range, and so if a shell of 406mm is fired at close range should it not have the ability to damage a target even in the slightest? I believe that if a 406mm shell is armed by the torpedo protection plating then it should cause damage equal to an overpenetration. Because regardless of if the shell hit the torpedo bulge if it arms and explodes in a confined space you are causing damage! And that's what I'm mad about, I know this isn't a simulator but we could at least make it so players of these particular type of ship don't feel as if their efforts are not being rewarded, even if it is minimal damage just something would be nice! Because I don't like firing my guns, hitting my target, dealing no damage and having to wait 30 seconds or more only for it to happen again. That is all I am saying, is that not a fair argument?

    Torpedo Protection Hits Are Too Common!

    I think everyone is missing the point here, all I'm trying to say is torpedo protection hits happen far too often! If I played for a week, 5 battles a day for 7 days, I could expect that a majority of my shells over 1,500 shots will be torpedo protection hits. And like a member said above me this also happens to the Yamato which is known for having very high penetration, hell it even happens with the Kremlin and it's sci-fi shells that fly 800 m/s it's ridiculous and quite stupid. And the reason I'm complaining about it is because some players get away with the absolute worst plays such as sailing broadside within the kill zone of a very accurate BB, because their torpedo protection bulge regardless of the ship itself being flat broadside in some cases was just thick enough to arm the shell but if that's the case and the shell arms before it penetrates through the armor belt wouldn't it be causing damage of some sort!?