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  1. Hey there, thanks for all the work you do garfield, been using your icons for a long time. Just wondering if the Chinese icon for Jianwei was supposed to be something else, as the hanzi doesn't seem to match. The flag .... is a touchy topic but as the rest of the ROC/PRC flags seem to be correct, this one should be PRC should it not? Never mind, I'm wrong about which flag it's supposed to be flying, rip Merry Christmas and thanks for the giveaway!
  2. kancolle fairies captains link appears to be dead?
  3. 104 seconds = 60 + 44 seconds = 1 minutes and 44 seconds = 1:44 in the game display Now how many times will we have to repeat this math to you before you get it, OP?
  4. Not sure if we need more weebs or we need more sane people
  5. Just wanted to say that after copying the files over, the missions panel stops working (doesn't appear when I click on it and I can't exit the 'blank mission panel'). Disabling dock.xml in unbound alleviated this particular issue so that should be where the problem is.
  6. OP, have you perhaps not realised that "dispersion at max range" means at max range. 293m at 23.3km.227m at 19.9km. You do not compare 293m to 227m in this situation, and tell me that NC is much less accurate than Amagi.
  7. Opt out option for CV's

    Can I have an opt-out option for idiot battleship players who think they should be invulnerable?
  8. meh I mean according to people who are gobbling up this information and putting leakers up on a pedestal like they're the messiah, WG might as well start giving free-of-charge inside tours of their St. Petersburg offices to anyone who asks. Show people around, display blueprints and planning documents, give out guest accounts to the LAN server and all the in-development game files. Sounds like you guys would be perfectly ok with that. Gotta have that year 2016 transparency, eh? Otherwise let's bring out the Snowden-esque censorship accusations. It's perfectly ok to accept, condone and endorse any information whatsoever about World of Warships, because "hey it's just a game right? Who cares if someone leaks stuff? It's just a game." alright.
  9. Add plane kills to the XP pool

    AS loadouts aren't supposed to be rewarding. AS loadouts are inherently passive and do not help your team win the game, you just help your team not lose it. You are basically reliant on your own ships to win the game for you, rather than actually doing anything productive as a CV. AS loadouts are bad, and thus the xp gain is correspondingly, bad.
  10. PSA: to all port modders

    Seems like a good handful of modding developments. Was the hud_lib thing last patch or this patch? And I'm glad that modded ports can choose to show the Arpeggio ships. The whole reason I kept on modding Yokosuka into Nagasaki every patch was because I wanted to not have to switch ports to use my weeb fog botes.
  11. Thanks for the revisions DNARK, been using it so far and haven't noticed any bugs. Haven't tried carrier though. Can you shed some light on exactly what changes you had to make? I'm curious. I was thinking they'd just added some new options and parameters for the spectator camera, but from the sound of it it was more complicated than that. Edit: Carrier camera doesn't work.
  12. Kongou is getting lines in 5.7. The .wems are there in the public test client.