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  1. Steam "Version" Implementation

    Yeah PayPal should work. My bank doesn’t allow WG transactions but I have it linked to PayPal and it works perfect every time.
  2. If you play AS perfectly, it is the better option, because you cancel out the other CV and do a little damage on the side. But it’s rare. I’d rather wipe the other teams DDs. And yes OP I do take the extra DB.
  3. I’m going to disagree with griefer. Go strike. Use two DBs to scout opposite ends of the map. Keep enemy DDs lit so they are scared to cap. Drop on the DDs as enemy fighters approach. Kite the enemy fighters with your empty DBs as long as you can and if possible drag them over friendly (Non DD!!!) AAA. Once you drag red fighters to a side or both sides send your remaining DB and TB to where the red fighters are not. Pick on whatever you can. If you are bottom tiered, I’d suggest focusing on any DD that is not USN AA Speced. Eliminating or hampering red DDs goes a long way to a win. Edit: I do agree with Greifer on the last three points though.
  4. Didn’t Musashi have one non working gun when she sank? That’d be a good balancing factor for T-9, plus a nice historical wink.
  5. What is your World of Warships fetish?

    Jumping a broadside cruiser or a BB with its turrets pointed the wrong way with AP in the Atlanta.
  6. Haven’t been able to play my GC too much but it feels like a T5 Dunkerque (which I like). You have to be careful, but you can use the speed to really crash into a flank when the enemy does not expect it.
  7. When ya gonna fix radar wargaming?

    To be fair, back in CBT the devs said that a destroyer is supposed to represent a group of destroyers, hence the torp reloads and no citadels. That being said: I wish radar was LOS, but if it's too taxing on the engine or just resources in general, I understand.
  8. I still think BCs should be a separate class. Give them a worse repair and dmg control but the option to mount speed boost or a new consumable. Perhaps a faster reload or increased accuracy.
  9. We Really Need to Get More CV's

    I've always wondered if reducing plane damage while increasing speed and health would help. I think having more "less-alpha" damaging strikes would make it less frustrating for CV and surface ship captains. But I'm just spitballing here.
  10. On a slightly related note, I got my first clear sky since CBT with Le Saipan vs Hiryu last night.
  11. Good post OP, and congrats on getting your winrate up. I agree that self diagnosis is super important. My own winrate would be much higher if I could stop being so aggressive, but I see a gap and can't convince myself not to charge into it. I consciously held myself back for a few weeks and my win rate did go up during that period, but I wasn't having as much fun.
  12. I looove the way NM looks with those bow lines. I am probably in the minority, but I think the low tier USN DDs are ugly as sin
  13. End of the HMS Fiji

    +1. I hope you keep doing these articles. It's nice to learn more about the demise of not so famous ships
  14. Nothing worse than kicking butt in a CV (as in winning the cap battle maybe sinking or heavily damaging a few DDs) and then watching the game go to hell because of a Cyclone.
  15. Karma is pointless, but I'm sitting in the 40s and barely talk. I usually get mine by saying something along the lines of "hey Bismarck, just FYI there are some CAs in C5 and a hunting DD in front of them". Basically don't tell people what to do, just give them information.