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  1. Unexpectedly Fun Ships

    I am a bit surprised no one has mentioned the Emile Bertin. So fast most people shooting at you dont give you proper lead. Great turret rotation High rate of fire and decent range torps. ** Fuso get an honorable mention too just for the crazy range of the guns **
  2. kutuzov and free xp

    Any one notice that for a premium ship the kutuzov makes very little free xp?
  3. US Army Retired 81 to 01, Pershing Missiles until the INF Treaty then MLRS till retirement.
  4. Lone Wolves recruting solo players

    Hello There Im up to tier 8 with a few ships would like to join whichever appropriate open clan slot you may have.
  5. Very Funny putting two of the same collection item in the same container. This happen to any of you before?
  6. 1 dubloon commander skill reset?

    Scroll down just a bit on the link from the first post. Command skill resets: 1 gold That lead to my confusion.
  7. 1 dubloon commander skill reset?

    oh didnt notice the correlation to the skill points used. That certainly is very misleading if you look at the link I put in the first post. The 20 gold rewards will barely cover two skill resets.
  8. Am I confused? Seems the cost to reset commander skills isnt the 1 gold advertised as shown on this page https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/masteryourcommanders/. Now I havent actully rest any commanders skills yet as the cost at the bottom shows more than 1 gold.
  9. Anyone not been getting rewards today? Had Kraken unleashed and confederate so far with no rewards. First time I played today so its not a case of repeating them. Bah disregard, just a 20 minute delay before they showed up, which in itself is a bit abnormal
  10. Just finished a match where a Bismark's secondary fire continued while I was in a smoke screen. I am not saying continued for a few seconds I am saying continued for many seconds to the point is destroyed my ship that was nearly at half health. There were no cruisers around for hydro and no aircraft, my ship was completely undetected.
  11. Says destroy at least 50% of the enemy aircraft and at least 30. The enemy only had one ranger I would say 44 planes is most likely more than half, its nearly all his planes.
  12. Ok just had a 44 aircraft destroyed mission, and was the only one on my team to kill any enemy aircraft. No award.
  13. There is also a clear skies issue. I just had a match with 44 aircraft destroyed, other team members 30 combined. The tool tip says over 50% aircraft destroyed and total over 30. I met both criteria but no award.
  14. Upgrades

    Thanks was worried I messed up the process.