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  1. 2. PROHIBITIONS and RESTRICTIONS 2.6 Politics, Major Religions or Religious Figures The World of Warships forums are for discussions regarding World of Warships. This is not the place for controversial topics, and the Off-Topic section shall not be used for these topics as well. Posting about social, religious, political, illegal or other controversial topics that may create offense. As well as negative portrayal of religious and political figures. This includes topics regarding elections, politicians, current world events, discussions of older politics relating to previous military actions or wars, and any topic closed my moderator as too controversial for amicable discussion. Due to the sensitive nature of current world events, even sympathy posts regarding any recent tragedies will be closed due to their potential to incite anger and cause conflict.
  2. They paint happy little trees.
  3. We didn't start the fire. It was always burning since the world's been turning.
  4. Someone needs to make Niko a Corgi used car salesman avatar
  5. But will that option also change the markings on certain ships with crests and/or aerial markings?
  6. Either you haven't researched the ships or you don't have the credits to buy them.
  8. At least the AA suite is decent aside from the DP mounts
  9. It's probably counting the 3 different test versions of Graf Zeppelin
  10. Dunkerque has two, both of which provide the same bonuses and resupply for free if you have auto-resupply enabled, : Type 10 (default camo) Fleur d'Aicer (Only obtainable for a limited time when the movie Dunkirk came out)
  11. Ark Royal doesn't have the planes (No Sea Hurricanes or Seafires) or plane capacity (72 in theory, but only 60 in practice) for Tier 8, so if anything it's a potential USN CV change, or it's nothing.
  12. Or they could just buff the Ernst Gaede.