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  1. While I personally wouldn't recommend Marblehead, she's the only real option that isn't Tier 7+ or Tier 2/3. I'd probably just wait until you're comfortable in Tier 7 and get Boise instead or buy Charleston in the Arsenal.
  2. Goose21891

    Will there be another High School Fleet Event?

    I think the production company went bankrupt, so it's very unlikely.
  3. They were originally given out via bonus codes if you bought certain computer parts in 2015/2016. I think my Graphics card had a Diana Lima code, for example.
  4. Goose21891

    Why don't they preserve the Enterprise?

    Short Answer: Reactor has to be removed for safety and environmental reasons. Removal of reactor requires the ship to be cut up.
  5. Goose21891

    Japanese battleships turret number 4

    IIRC, it's because the IJN used Hydraulics for most of their turrets
  6. Goose21891

    IJN Nagara--Kuma premium--why not?

    I'd rather have Isuzu since she ended up being much different from her sisters in the class, being given an AA/ASW refit in 1944 that increased her AA suite and replaced her 14cm guns with twin 12.7cm DP mounts.
  7. Goose21891

    Azur Lane discussion thread!

    CBT ends Friday, so *Shrug*
  8. Goose21891

    The Autograph Thread

    Just some minor league players who I asked to sign their rookie cards
  9. Goose21891

    Futuristic Friday - The Next Ship

    Ersatz-Yorck L-20 Ersatz-Monarch Tegetthoff Yudachi California West Virginia (or new Colorado Hull) Yavuz Vanguard Agincourt Any of the Brazilian or Argentinean Battleships Trenton or Zara-class Suffren class Jean D'Arc (1930)
  10. Goose21891

    Queen Elizabeth Upgrade Advice

    I think mine is Fully AA-Spec, albeit I only really play mine in Operations.
  11. Goose21891

    Konig Albert available again?

    Konig Albert wasn't pulled globally, just regionally.
  12. Goose21891

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    But have you given one to Chieftain?
  13. Goose21891

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    Technically you only need to complete part 5 "Other" of the Yamamoto collection, not the campaign
  14. Goose21891

    The Coo of Boom Flag

    What if we buy you a pizza?