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  1. Hindenburg with AFT and AA range mod does well even without defensive AA. 7.2km on the 5.5cm
  2. Paravane. Used for mine clearing IRL.
  3. Last time I went out on the ocean I got seasick.
  4. 2xfree XP from Yamamoto Stage 1. Bought Nelson with it.
  5. Had to get a few crates as well. No Shinonome, German DD, or IJN sub branch DD.
  6. Concealment IMO
  7. I think it was only available on NA through personal offers and maybe the Christmas Crates.
  8. I thought your favorite part was "Beep Boop. I am a human. I like oxygen" when asked if you're a bot?
  9. About the only one I can think of off the top of my head would be Furious/Glourious/Courageous.
  10. They said on the Facebook Stream an official announcement will come out later today.
  11. Leander and Perth is only 4.5km.
  12. 125 Battles, 58% Wins. Survived 16 times as Captain Corgi 19. Got asked if I was a bot 3 or 4 times. Only had salt thrown at me once. Overall a very fun experience.