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  1. Queen Elizabeth Upgrade Advice

    I think mine is Fully AA-Spec, albeit I only really play mine in Operations.
  2. Konig Albert available again?

    Konig Albert wasn't pulled globally, just regionally.
  3. Pensacola 4 point Capt Skill

    IFHE on 203s is pretty pointless
  4. I think only NA pulled KA from sale. She was available on EU and RU for a long time after NA removed her.
  5. Models: Ollies in Charleston SC

    Anything made by Lindbergh isn't worth buying since they're usually decades old kits in new boxes.
  6. "The US frenzy is by no means over at this point as next we’ll be launching the first part of a marathon of combat missions with the ultimate reward being the Tier VII Premium cruiser Indianapolis. More details about the conditions of the marathon will be available in an article on June combat missions." https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/common/american-cruisers/
  7. Tachibana L

    Tachibana Lima was originally an ASUS promo code along with Diana Lima and Marblehead Lima.
  8. Lyon Captain Specs?

  9. Tier 3-4...your favorite cruiser?

    Probably Bogatyr and Kuma
  10. You're limited to 6? reactions per day.
  11. where'd openbucks go?

    Can't buy bundles with it.
  12. I got mine unlocked earlier today. It has the Standard Tier 6 Bonuses
  13. Why not also make an FAQ page for the commonly asked questions about what various items/features/etc on ships are considering how many "What are these" [Paravanes] threads we get.
  14. Public Test ended at 6am/9am this morning.