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  1. I got mine unlocked earlier today. It has the Standard Tier 6 Bonuses
  2. Why not also make an FAQ page for the commonly asked questions about what various items/features/etc on ships are considering how many "What are these" [Paravanes] threads we get.
  3. Public Test ended at 6am/9am this morning.
  4. IFHE for 5" DD guns a good idea?

    21mm versus 28mm
  5. Symbols? Squirrel?

    Rocky and Bullwinkle?
  6. Which premium ship to buy?

    I suggest giving these a read:
  7. IJN perma camo Q

    The collection items show up randomly in your daily crates after you unlock the collection.
  8. IJN perma camo Q

    The collection only unlocks once you complete the Yamamoto Campaign or if you buy 1 or more Yamamoto Container from the store.
  9. New Russian Premiums

    I think that back in December at Wargaming Fest, they said Varyag would be available for free from in-game activities.
  10. The other sister to Yamato

    From what I understand she was the original IJN Tier 10 CV in Alpha, but was removed and later replaced.
  11. The short version is so they could mount a lot of searchlights and night optics so they could fight better at night. No one else really used them because they deemed them too top-heavy and because Radar made them reduntant
  12. The US stopped putting torpedoes on cruisers due to safety hazards. Pensacola-class had them removed in 1941. Northamptons also had them removed as I recall.
  13. Have to read the fine print for the achievement. It's based on % of total planes killed, not a flat number, and it includes scout planes and float fighters.
  14. Dolphin Aircraft Carriers

    April Fool's Event