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  1. You can get 3 per day: 1 from 2000 Base XP (Not Co-op) 1 from winning and placing in top 5 in Gallant 1 from winning and placing in top 5 in any Tier 5+ ship (Not Co-Op)
  2. It's probably a 1-3% chance.
  3. But, Niko is already the forum mascot.....
  4. It's designed that way to make it easier to roll mines/depth charges off the back.
  5. (Not an actual entry, just felt like writing something) I'm currently sitting at 79 ships in my port, with 52 being premiums (several being freebies either from CBT (Ark Beta) or from in-game events (Mikasa, Kamikaze R, etc), 8 being ARP ships (Didn't bother with the Dragon Ships), and the rest being ships I've either kept or am currently grinding. Only Tier 10 I own that I actually like is the Khab, even though I am well aware that at some point it's going to get hit with a sledgehammer (probably). Not a big fan of my Zao or Hindenburg. Was planning at one point to get the Yamato, but after playing it on the Test Server decided it wasn't really my cup of tea; similar story with the Montana. Got to the Fubuki (back when it was a Tier 8) and decided I wasn't a fan of the IJN DDs anymore, but still love my Benson. To this day, Cleveland probably remains the ship I have bought and sold the most, partially due to my disgust at the "Light a bunch of fires" mission for the original set of ARP missions. Admittedly, I do have a couple of keeper low tier ships, although they're mostly there for when friends in Supertest can division with new low tier stuff they're testing. Steven Seagal is perpetually confined to my St. Louis just so I don't have to hear his lackluster voice lines frequently. Outside of the game, I did used to do ship models as a kid, although I never actually painted of them, thus I have a 1:350 Missouri in my parent's house with no paint and no gun shields on the 20mm mounts since I couldn't be bothered as an 11 year old to glue them all on. I did pick up the WoWS Atago kit last year with decidedly mixed results (warped plastic, missing parts). Despite living near Wilmington, NC for most of my life, never went to the USS North Carolina, though I did spend a weekend on the Yorktown in South Carolina as part of a Boy Scout trip (yes, it was a little creepy).
  6. Complete the Collection. Only thing you get from 5 Starring the Dunkirk operation is a 10 point French Captain, 1 day premium, and some flags.
  7. That's how it's always worked. Also part of the reason why repeating Operations after you've 5-Starred them is kinda pointless.
  8. Tweaked the Gallant Dunkirk missions
  9. You do get more upvotes and downvotes for high karma
  10. It's only 2 quad 12.7s
  11. Superintendant for Anthony for sure since her job is to be AA picket.
  12. No idea if this is actually going to work or not 20170719_172047_PBSD506-Gallant_s05_Dunkirk.wowsreplay 20170719_165442_PBSD605-Anthony-Event_s05_Dunkirk.wowsreplay
  13. Mods and Hacks/Cheats are two completely different things
  14. Nope. They get removed in the next patch. Destroyers HMS Anthony, Cyclone and their Commanders are added to your account at the start of Operation Dynamo, and are removed when it ends.